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Catechists Preside- Jesé Retoño

Catechists Preside

Part 10 of 13:

As proof of what has been said here, most parents are not even practicing Catholics, yet all children receive the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation as if they were candies handed out by Santa Clause. Evidently, our bishops are not even interested in making sure these children and their families are fervent Catholics, since the Sacraments are given out carelessly, as if pigeons being released into the air. Consequently, Catholics are later celebrating at pagan parties and end up in the temples of Protestantism, who await for them with open arms.

Many Catholics have no issue marrying people of other religions, since all of this is very normal. After all, as the saying goes, “all religions lead to God.”

Those in charge of catechism are not interested in finding out whether the children’s parents are fervent Catholics or not, and it seems to be even less of a concern to parish priests. The important thing is for parents be present at Mass with their children to obtain a signature or some other means of proof showing Mass attendance. This signature is what verifies their attendance to Mass, and everything gets approved; so everyone receives their First Communion, no matter what. It’s of no concern that, after receiving the sacrament, they will go to another religion or continue leading a pagan lifestyle. That is, the plan was merely to go through the motions and obtain the certificate of First Communion or Confirmation.

It doesn’t matter whether the children’s parents are fanatical Catholics or even atheists, but the Church complies with giving the sacraments to anyone. Under these circumstances, no one has to be faithful to Christ; it’s just a matter of filling out paperwork, paying the corresponding fee, and salvation is guaranteed.

How beautiful and fascinating are the evangelization projects in the Holy Catholic Church!

There’s no doubt, my heavenly Father and Christ, my divine brother, must be impressed!

To be continued…

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