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Journey to Purgatory - Jesé Retoño

Journey to Purgatory: What is Purgatory Really?

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That morning, he asked me to find a priest for him, since he wanted to go to confession. A change had ocurred within him, and possibly, Christ had intervened. Immediately, I went in search of a confessor; and by dusk, I had managed to bring a priest, and together with some family members, including my parents, we had been paid a visit by a priest of the Holy Catholic Church.

Something had happened to my brother, whom had made quite a sudden decision, for my insistence and the will of Christ had intervened in his decision. At last, my brother had confessed; he received the viaticum, and from that moment, he was only awaiting the beginning of his departure.

After his confession, I noticed him to be more tranquil and in better disposition for the passage he had to go through. I returned to the hospital the next day in the morning and noticed that my brother was more downcast; his strength was depleted, and his voice was much weaker; his body was paralyzed and petrified from the waist down; he was crushed by the disease, and it was a matter of minutes before his departure from this world would begin.

When my brother was dying, I was next to him and only I, Jesé Retoño, accompanied him in the last moment of his life. I saw him the moment he ceased living; he closed his eyes, and life withdrew from him. I couldn’t believe it! I remember that in the little he had spoken, he told me that he wanted to be buried after passing away; he made me see his firm decision as he approached his imminent death.

Then I remembered to give him a message, since the Virgin of Guadalupe has been the queen of my life, in my soul and in my heart.

Ever since my childhood and up to the present, I’ve always loved and venerated her. I’m of Mexican descent, and like all Mexicans, I love the “Guadalupana” (Our Lady of Guadalupe). Seeing my brother in his last moment and knowing that he had already made his confession and that he had accepted Christ again, I decided to give my brother a message for him to deliver to the Virgin Mary when he had made it to Heaven.

To be continued…

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This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)