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The Tool That Gives Us Eagle's Wings For Reaching God

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Devil spirit attacking God's plan

Conspiracy Against God’s Plan

[Part 5 of 7]

Attacks from Satan

Long before the visit to Purgatory, Satan used to approach my bed when I slept. He would try taking me out of my body so that I couldn’t continue God’s plans in this life. This would happen to me many times; I had adapted to this hellish and uncomfortable battle in my life.

This would happen to me while I was in a deep sleep and my body’s energy was in complete repose; at that moment, Satan would enter and make my spirit leave the body. I myself would feel how I was slightly leaving my body, but Satan couldn’t continue because Christ wouldn’t allow it.

For many years, while working as a mechanic fixing air conditioners, I would always hear dogs barking at me on the side of the road as I drove to my service calls.
Sometimes I would hear them so close to me that they were basically at a sidewalk’s distance next to the road, right by my pickup’s window.

As I mentioned before, I always make time to write to you here at Piedrecta after work. For many years, while I would write my evangelical messages or teachings for Piedrecita, I would see Satan approach me, and he would always distrub me as he made his way to my office.
I could see other spiritual beings, which, by the way, weren’t very pleasant at all, and I again resorted to Christ so that he would disallow me to see them.
I had a mission to fulfill, but with so many demons to endure, I prayed to God so that he could take away this affliction from me.

Satan’s visits were never pleasant, for he harbors infinite hatred for Christ’s gospel. The situation worsened even more and God, my heavenly Father, in the name of Christ his son, freed me of this infernal tether.
In order for God’s plans to continue, God intervened and gave a blessed solution to the problem.
Since then, I’ve no longer had to endure seeing them, although it doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of, or don’t know, or can’t detect the presence of the devil.

Now I’ll move on to describing one of these instances to you.
May God’s blessing be with you.

To be continued…

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)