Catechists Preside

Catechists Preside- Editorial Piedrecita

One of the shortcomings in the faith of the Church has to do with the service of catechists in parishes and dioceses.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, before continuing with the matter at hand, I wish to let you know that what I describe here is the many years of experience of service in catechism from this servant of yours, Jesé Retoño. In what follows, I will be describing my own personal experience but also that of many other catechists who were my companions, and because we brought these injustices to light, the price we all had to pay was that of being dismissed from the Church.

I want to let you know that what I describe here hasn’t been easy to overcome. We’ve had to sustain many disappointments and shed many tears due to the many abuses committed by our diocese. The following case studies are still being repeated much too often, and many catechists are continually abandoning this church function or service, owing to the abuses of authority from Church coordinators.

Nowadays, we’re experiencing abuse such as verbal aggressions from ruthless parish priests, who dismiss multitudes of community members merely because they fancy the idea, and because they have an authority, which never was accredited or approved by Christ but, rather, by the money of the faithful or contributors or by the support of their bishops. Today, there are many faithful who are active in many ministries; they persist and stay in their communities, even if priests mistreat or insult them. They only do so because Catholics or lay people believe that priests represent Christ, even if, all the while, they’re violating the laws of God and of charity.

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, the instructors in the Church are decidedly concerned with highlighting virtues, but in our ministry Piedrecita, we have the mission of pointing out existing Church deficiencies. If we spoke nice things, the way so many leaders and evangelizers in the Church do, we would only be fueling the fire, so to speak. Christ has ordered us to be a replica of his mission in this world, and we are loyal to his plans.

I will be recounting just a few real-life case studies in this article, but actually, I’ve come up short on examples, since there are so many—too many—examples of insults and aggressions that are continually being covered up.

I present this to you because, in fact, a major obligation that we have unto Christ in the Church is that of correcting faults, rather than highlighting nonexistent virtues.

Nowadays, our contemporary Church likes to acknowledge its mistakes and is an expert at recognizing the number of faults or sins that happen daily, but it’s not able to correct even a single one of its mistakes or failures. It has become customary and a tradition to ask for forgiveness, and so we continue with the status quo.

Forgiveness is one of the Church’s favorite subjects. Practically, the Church is dedicated to announcing that you have to forgive everyone and that we must do so blindly, easy as that. The Church’s other favorite subject is that of loving one’s enemies, yet she mistreats and dismisses her own members. Nevertheless, the Church puts a lot of effort into inviting more members, never showing her two-faced ways. That’s why today we have decided to write about the deficiencies in doctrine, focusing on the service in catechism.

Catechist coordinators are a very useful element within a parish, but at the same time they represent a challenge, both for priests and volunteer catechists and the community in general. We all know how important it is to educate our children with basic catechism, in order for them to receive First Communion or Confirmation.

But one of the shortcomings of many catechist coordinators is that their religious knowledge is so meager and so elementary. Better said…very little religious preparation. In many cases, they’re individuals without sufficient maturity in the faith and true knowledge of the poor, humble, and modest Christ. Often, rather, they’re individuals with clout, having been in absolute power for many years.

Surprisingly, they are highly recommended by parish priests and leaders of very high ecclesial rank. They know Christ only by and through the authority and absolute power they have in the Church.

A vulnerable factor that a catechist leader has is her vanity. Thus, trespasses against the fifth commandment of God’s law surge. Money is the engine that drives these ministries, since in most cases they are salaried people; they’re not voluntary jobs.  That is, being a volunteer is first and then comes the pay, perfect combination. One who is a catechism coordinator is practically in a ministry of high ecclesial rank; it means being the boss of a community. This ministry of catechism coordinator is apt for presiding over others and abusing one’s authority.

Normally (although it’s not always so), a catechism coordinator has their salary and has the opportunity and dictatorial power to give speeches before others during First Communion and Confirmation events. On many occasions, they demonstrate their power, always looking for the opportunity to show off and impress their parish priest and auxiliary priests.

Catechists meet up in groups and tend to be overemotional with priests. They love being introduced and presented to the community. However, if they don’t get their way, they always have priests who do everything they ask; they even snap pictures of themselves right in the middle of the altar.

Many catechists show their superiority to other catechists in other departments. Some catechists like to be recognized as better than their companions. Glory be to God!

A catechist coordinator usually will have overly extensive communication with their parish priest and many of them overstep the bounds in their relationship with priests. Some have come to engage in extremely compromising slip-ups of affiliation, as well as more inappropriate relationships with priests.

If you believe that this is a made-up story, then I, Jesé Retoño, assure you, this happens more frequently than you could imagine, and everyone understands this quite readily. Catholics easily violate the eighth commandment of God’s law, since God will judge one day…but in some distant, far-away place from here…thus washing their hands like Pilate, as always. As if God my Father and Christ my Lord don’t see this and don’t realize what leaders do. Surely, they must think that my heavenly father is already very old and my brother Jesus Christ is so far away that he can’t see anything.

If you don’t believe me, look into it yourself in your very own community; get involved in ministerial affairs; open your eyes; and you’ll see that there are thousands of Catholics who do know this. You’ll see for yourself that there are priests who do wrong, but the faithful Catholics cover up their sins and keep quiet, protecting those who do wrong instead of denouncing them. You’ll see that there’s no need to be a god to discover these faults.

As St. Francis de Sales says, “When the wolf is walking among the sheep, he must be called out.” Just as one must denounce those priests who are unfaithful to Christ, so too must a catechist or servant who disobeys God be denounced. Vanity and pride are the vestments that often robe many coordinators in the Church. The eighth commandment of God’s law commands us to say the truth at the proper time and place to avoid greater harm. The eighth commandment of God’s law commands us to not cover up sins; it applies to both priests and the entire flock alike and doesn’t exclude anyone.

The eighth commandment of God’s law must be followed to avoid having unworthy people, those of high ecclesial rank who are in charge, continuing to harm the community, and to avoid that they continue offending Christ. In effect, to prevent taking God’s name in vain.

Every time Catholics face these abuses in the Church, they prefer to keep quiet. A Catholic will give up and flee from their Gospel responsibility in a situation like this. Catholics immediately refuse to bear the Cross of the Redeemer and reject their responsibility to the suffering Christ. But nontheless, Christ is King, Aleluya!

Upon seeing these things, many Catholics prefer turning back and staying on everyone’s good side, preferring to do as Judas Iscariot did, that is, betray the Teacher with a kiss. But of course, let us pray to God for our priests! So say the Catholics…for God will do justice, and the obligation of Catholics to comply with God’s laws here on earth merely goes down the drain.

So consequently, there are no Catholics who want to bear witness to Christ, and everyone prefers covering up injustices so that there are no problems. Being positive and good in the Church is synonymous with keeping quiet, covering up, and staying on everyone’s good side. Glory be to God, brothers and sisters!

Generally, many catechist coordinators abuse their ministry, always imposing their will on everything…by everything, I mean, everything and everyone. That’s what we’ve seen over many years of experience in the Church, and I “Jesé Retoño” have carried this injustice over my shoulders for many years of my life.

Catechism coordinators have so much power over volunteer catechists, who dedicate their lives to serving Christ with so much love and with so much dedication. But upon realizing the terrible abuses that these coordinators perpetrate, they are constantly in a state of depression that crushes them and discourages them mortally in their souls. This happened to me when I was a catechist.

The catechist in charge is so presumptuous that she will dismiss any catechist who does not act in accordance to her divine will, even if she is given a full explanation and even if everything is done within the bounds of Christ’s doctrine. Normally, a coordinator always shows her power and vanity, yet all the while she is disguised as a humble little sheep and often very pretty.

Nevertheless, a coordinator always acts in the capacity of a feudal lady when addressing parents at all her events; all the while, the other assistant catechists remain hidden and can only say something at her discretion. On occasion in the community, we’ve clearly seen that the coordinating catechist has engaged in a more intimate relationship with the parish priest or with some other priest.

The intimate trust with her pastor allows her to have many privileges, which we all notice; but as always we—the inferior catechists and laymen in the Church—must always keep quiet to avoid trouble or dismissals…as if we were being paid to serve Christ!

Due to the number of children they manage, they, the catechists, are always the most popular; they’re well-known; and they’re the pride of the parishes. Parish priests always flatter them, defend them, and always bestow them with many honors.

From all the experience that many Catholics have in the Church, our priests often fail Christ when they themselves carry on with inappropriate behaviors with the catechist coordinators.

The ministry of catechist coordinators or leaders is an opportunity for them to sometimes behave pretentiously. That is, many times they’ll be dressed exotically when publicly addressing parents or the community.

If some coordinators are not vain in terms of wardrobe, others are in terms of their speech. Catechists always have the opportunity to attract attention in a multitude of ways, whether it’s with their outfits or cheesy and anti-evangelical messages. At other times, they dare fawn over their pastor or bishop; that is, since they’re guides to many children and parents, that’s reason enough for them to find favor with the bishop or pastor after the slightest discourse.

For example, I Jesé Retoño and many other church members, in one of the most recent events, dated 08/23/14 on Saturday at 5:20 pm, we witnessed the following.

During the farewell ceremony for our priests in our parish, the catechists were told the same as everyone else that time was limited and could not speak more than what was specified in the program. But as always, catechists take all the time they want and nobody reproaches them, even if everyone in the community disagrees with them. The catechists didn’t let other members give their farewell presentations to our priests because they took up twice the amount of time they were granted.

But the most astonishing thing was that they, the catechists, didn’t allow the participation of the other members who were supposed to go before them. Rather, they cut them off, pushed those people aside, and took their place, as a sign of ecclesial power or abuse of authority.

What I’m telling you here in this very writing is attested to by my children, myself, my wife, and those in charge of the event, since we were the next ones in line in the event. I myself, my wife, and children saw this and suffered through it firsthand.

Instead of keeping their speech short and sweet, they had nothing planned, nothing translated into Spanish and to top it off, at the beginning of their speeches, ten minutes were spent just on bursts of whimpers, not being able to continue with their famed speech. However, everyone else ended up paying for their excessive arrogance and authority. In short, catechists always look for ways to dominate public events, and they always have control of priests and all other ministries.

For example, in this event, they even dared to tell the parish priest publicly that one of them even wanted to take him home because of the gift or tunic that someone had given him. How wonderful!

Another big problem that many catechists have is that they rarely exhibit simplicity with everyone, but instead they’re very kind to all those who flatter them. They stay cold and distant from any person worthy of serving Christ, getting along with all those who applaud them in their great opinions or polemics instead.

One of the attitudes that catechists and other ministries have, such as those in charge of Holy Hour or worship of the Blessed Sacrament etc., is that if they see something that doesn’t line up with their ministerial task or project and they come to discover someone who didn’t do as they wish, they have the honor of notifying the parish priest first thing, telling him a lie with some version of the events.

They spread the evangelical lie in such a way that the parish priest believes every word they say, since he trusts in them; not to mention, they also have years of service and corruption at the parishes. When they denounce someone such as this, the first thing they convince the priest of or make him believe is that that person is causing the trouble. The pastor or priest then comes and tries to establish order, always correcting and threatening the innocent one. Catechist coordinators are very much inclined to lie, seeking that the parish priest may legally dismiss the innocent Catholic faithful.

Catechists and leaders of other ministries are the ones who, with treachery in mind, plan all such intentions. I, Jesé Retoño, am a personal witness to these things, having experienced and suffered because of these abuses for many years. There are also many other laymen like myself, but they don’t denounce these leaders; they prefer to keep quiet instead of serving Christ.

In this way, therefore, catechists try to discourage and expel whomever from the Church, that is, with the support of the priests. After all, Catholics sprout up from stones, so to speak: as some leave, others join. This is what they’ve done to me, Jesé Retoño, and this pattern continues being repeated decade after decade; yet the Church and priests carry on happily, elated, and carefree. Priests forge ahead untroubled as always, trusting in God and in their fabulous blessings. Priests conclude their great speeches trusting in the great faith that catechists have deposited in the catechumens, from whom one day, according to them, will bring us new holy priests.

These are but only dreams! Fairy tales! If our priests are indifferent before God, then they could care less about the ruthless actions of many catechists and other ministry managers!

Catechist coordinators and other parish ministries don’t greet or welcome anyone kindly. They’re often selfish people. Instead of loving and warmly welcoming everyone with respect, their presidency is all that can be seen as they manipulate the crowds. Indeed, if parents or lay people, in general, were individuals who were indoctrinated in the faith and morals of the Church…if they were Catholics knowledgeable of their religion and not spectators, they would be ashamed to have such catechist coordinators!

The children’s parents quite often lead a life absent of God, and the cold and inhospitable environment in catechist communities discourages just about anyone. Most of the children’s parents are not learned in Catholicism, that is, they don’t know their own religion. Rather, they’re only interested in extinguishing the responsibility, just so that their children can receive their First Communion and Confirmation certificates. In this way, therefore, they’re able to reach their goal of celebrating their children’s Quinceañeras, religious events or pagan parties, that is, after turning a certain age.

Most Catholics are only interested in a life of partying. They only come to Church as a hobby, as a cultural tradition, or as if fulfilling a sporting activity requirement. And our priests are promptly ready to comply with the Quinceañera events, as if all this were doctrine of the Church! The function of the priesthood is now Quinceañeras and the celebration of faithful Catholic revelers!

One of the biggest failures in catechism consists of the weak stance that is taken with regard to Christ’s absence in the catechumens and parents. That is, everyone receives their certificate, even if the students don’t complete their studies or even if their parents aren’t faithful, responsible Catholics. Practically, it’s not required for one to be Catholic, or that the student’s parents be married through the Church, or for one to lead a life founded on Christian faith.

It doesn’t matter if a child comes from parents who aren’t even Catholics or that the child isn’t learning and only attends class, or catechism, just to irritate others. Yet of course, everyone comes forth to receive their First Communion, simply because most of the children have been there wasting the catechists’ time. What matters is that the diocesan requirement be fulfilled, even if the love and dedication to Christ remain but a hypothesis or end up in the garbage can.

For example: When it comes to parish registrations, just about all parents of the prospective catechumens are asked to complete their child’s registration before starting catechism; they’re asked to bring their child’s Baptism or First Communion certificates, etc., etc. After having done so, they’re given the start date. As you’ll see, there are parents who fulfill everything as required by the Church; but it so happens that at the end of the course, 80% of parents still haven’t completed the registration requirements, thus causing all kinds of setbacks and an open declaration of how catechism coordinators aren’t complying with the above.

When, instead, these parents should’ve been prohibited from having their children participate in catechism. To the contrary, however, they were allowed to stay. But at the end of the course, they’re scrambling to come up with the documents last minute, and to top it all off, the inattentive children of these irresponsible parents get signed up ahead of time to receive the sacraments.

Catechism coordinators are truly a kind of lever through which thousands of anti-Catholic parents are able to obtain Church documents. There are single parents or single mothers who lead a life of fornication or adultery, etc., etc…they don’t live in God, they send their children to catechism, and there isn’t even a chance that they themselves could be good examples of holiness for their children. Nevertheless, the Church grants them certificates of First Communion and Confirmation via these “levers,” that is, the influential catechists. I, Jesé Retoño, have been a witness to this for years, as well as my entire family and many other faithful who’ve seen and suffered this first hand.

The ministry of catechism for children is a world of complete politics within the Church. Christ and His Gospel are truly a hindrance and a mere pretext for all of these multitudes.

Hooray for parties! And long live the “levers” within the Church!

As proof of what has been said here, most parents are not even practicing Catholics, yet all children receive the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation as if they were candies handed out by Santa Clause. Evidently, our bishops are not even interested in making sure these children and their families are fervent Catholics, since the Sacraments are given out carelessly, as if pigeons being released into the air. Consequently, Catholics are later celebrating at pagan parties and end up in the temples of Protestantism, who await for them with open arms.

Many Catholics have no issue marrying people of other religions, since all of this is very normal. After all, as the saying goes, “all religions lead to God.”

Those in charge of catechism are not interested in finding out whether the children’s parents are fervent Catholics or not, and it seems to be even less of a concern to parish priests. The important thing is for parents be present at Mass with their children to obtain a signature or some other means of proof showing Mass attendance. This signature is what verifies their attendance to Mass, and everything gets approved; so everyone receives their First Communion, no matter what. It’s of no concern that, after receiving the sacrament, they will go to another religion or continue leading a pagan lifestyle. That is, the plan was merely to go through the motions and obtain the certificate of First Communion or Confirmation.

It doesn’t matter whether the children’s parents are fanatical Catholics or even atheists, but the Church complies with giving the sacraments to anyone. Under these circumstances, no one has to be faithful to Christ; it’s just a matter of filling out paperwork, paying the corresponding fee, and salvation is guaranteed.

How beautiful and fascinating are the evangelization projects in the Holy Catholic Church!

There’s no doubt, my heavenly Father and Christ, my divine brother, must be impressed!


Before continuing with the topic “Catechists Preside,” I wish to remind you that what I’m writing here are factual events that I—Jesé Retoño—have experienced for many years and which the Church has never been interested in amending. The tragedy we’re experiencing throughout the world today won’t be able to erase the evils and sins we find ourselves in, neither in this life nor in the next, if we don’t amend them today.

There exist pandemics that kill the soul, separate us from God for all of eternity, and destroy the dignity of Christians; they’re pandemics which annihilate God’s people and every human being, but nobody wants to pay attention to those pandemics.

It’s been much easier to dismiss me, my family, and many friends of mine, something I’ve experienced for many years; and the Church has never wanted to do anything about it. Peter has not wanted to listen to us. Immersed in his fame, he forgot that he had to feed Christ’s sheep.

But I ask you, please read all my articles thoroughly and see the reality instead of continuing the self-deception and covering up faults against God and against ourselves.

Please forgive me, but it benefits us much more to see the reality instead of hiding it. I’m the first in line when it comes to wanting to speak beautifully about my Holy Catholic Church; I would like to speak most highly of it, but the reality is different, and I wholeheartedly believe that we should all understand this and make real changes in the whole Church.

Let us continue:

On another occasion, the woman in charge of the parish catechism arrived to the important event of parent orientation, but she showed up dressed inordinately exotic. She was basically dressed up to go to a nightclub, showing way too much of everything and, above all, she was wearing excessive amounts of makeup because she wanted to put up a good front for everyone at the parents’ meeting in the parish hall.

But this time, I—Jesé Retoño—couldn’t contain myself, and I had to reproach her, in front of the other catechists and certain people, for her imprudence; for I told her that her outfit was more suited for a hussy on the street, not for a catechist who serves God. Needless to say, she had to leave and didn’t return, and the aforementioned, important speech she was going to give had to be delivered by the priest due to her absence.

This catechism coordinator would tell us all that she was going to become a nun. After a short while, however, no one heard from her, and she never came back.

By the way, this priest was the one who always favored her, and the two of them were always together; that’s how we all would see them at the parish. Later, we found out that this priest was dismissed from the Church for sexual abuse of minors. Another little while later, we discovered that this same priest had already gotten married to the catechist coordinator, the one who told us she was going to become a nun. Well, I don’t know all the details, but it’s all a mess; and it doesn’t cease being a sad and unfortunate reality.

Catechist coordinators, on many occasions, use their ministry more so for teaching themselves to lead and for achieving their own personal goals. Leadership was abolished and condemned by Christ. Leadership in the Church has been deteriorating and annihilating the Church for decades, and the lack of priests in the harvest is proof of the fruits of leadership of the Catholic Church.

To be continued…