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What Protestantism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Israel—my son, dearly beloved by “Yahweh”–the God of Moses, the Russian-Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and the entire world must know.


Part 3 of 6

Seeing God

This “Piedrecita” (Pebble) has been cast by Christ and He wants it to become a great rock for the salvation of many thousands. Ever since Moses’ time, Christ knew that no one could see God and continue living, according to what He told Moses. But the time has come, and Christ knew that advanced technology would exist by this time. It’s true that no one can see God, but I, Jesé Retoño, being the son of the Most High and being in his presence, he wants me to show you his Holy Will today.

All those who faithfully follow me at Piedrecita will be blessed, they won’t be disappointed by Christ, and the thousands more that will come will be called to the Almighty’s glory.

Invitation to the Head of the Holy Catholic Church

Piedrecita is a ministry belonging to everyone, and in this ministry of mine there will always be room for the “Pope” or “Head” of the holy Catholic Church. There’ll always be space for “Peter-Pope,” that is, rock or stone, established by Christ. Today, I wish to dedicate my next article to His Holiness “Pope Francis.”

Without offending anyone, I also wish to extend my invitation in a very special way to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, to Israel my beloved son of “Yahweh” the God of Moses, to the poor and those who suffer in the Orthodox Church and to many thousands who suffer because of war. I want everyone in the world to know that the true God, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob wants to invite all the boys, girls, young people, men and women of all the nations to find Him and to know Him.

Special Invitation to All the Peoples, Nations and Races of the World

My invitation goes to all the boys, girls, youth, men and women of those countries where poverty, hunger and human injustice prevail. I extend my invitation in a very special way to “Russia” and now to Ukraine as well, and to all of God’s children who suffer in these countries. My invitation is for those who are tired and overwhelmed by this life and who don’t find solace because of human slavery, illness, loneliness or misery. My mother, the Lady of Heaven, wants for many thousands to know her Son via the lips of a “mangy pup,” and for many thousands to see his salvation.

The True God, the One Who Exists, the One Who Lives, wants for many thousands to be saved. He wants for all those who wish to embrace his one holy Catholic Church and her divine mandates to be able to reach their salvation.

To Be Continued…

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