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The Tool That Gives Us Eagle's Wings For Reaching God

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You Have to Be Like Christ

Who doesn’t want to have a lot of money? Who doesn’t want to be famous? Who doesn’t want to make the American dream a reality? Who doesn’t want a $7,000 ticket to see the Super Bowl? Who doesn’t want to go to war and come back decorated? Who doesn’t want a million dollar house? Who doesn’t want to be a famous artist, millionaire and lauded by the multitudes? Who doesn’t prefer selling drugs and getting whatever they want, even if it’s for a minute? Who doesn’t kill their son or daughter, thinking that everything will be fine? Who doesn’t kill for a piece of bread? Who doesn’t kill themselves thinking it’s not worth living? Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire in this life, while at the same time setting an excellent example of a Christian, a child of God?

The Apostle Paul Says in His Letter to the Philippians Chapter 2, 3-11: Be Like Christ

Be like Christ, who, being of a divine condition, didn’t want to be equal to God, rather he gave himself up by making himself similar to men and appearing before humanity as just any man. He humbled himself and obeyed God until his death, a death on the Cross.

My brothers and sisters, Christ could’ve been a billionaire in this life. Christ could’ve had as much honor and glory, and more than anyone in this world. Christ could’ve abused his power in this world and done what anyone would’ve done, as thousands do today in the world and in the Church. With his power, Christ could’ve formed a Church full of corrupt and abusive priests. Christ could’ve had pleasures, wives and concubines like all the kings. Christ could’ve done whatever and continue abusing humanity forever. With such power, who wouldn’t want to have it and do whatever they please, as so many do in this world?

But no, He, being God, he divested himself of his divinity and became a man, similar to any man. He not only wanted to be an ordinary man, but he decided to obey God his Father until death, a death on a cross.

To be continued…

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)