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Journey to Purgatory - Jesé Retoño

Journey to Purgatory: What is Purgatory Really?

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After having had this experience, I told my mother and family about it, but for them it was just a dream. I always kept my brother in my prayers; I always remembered him, and for a long time, I continued to worry about and pray for my brother Saul.

Visit from Purgatory

About fifteen years later, I was having a somewhat strange and unusual dream in which I saw a cheerful, very youthful and very handsome young man enter my bedroom. He was very well dressed, and I think he was wearing a new shirt, similar to one of the shirts I think I saw him wear when he lived in this world. I was amazed by how much joy he expressed. The young man was accompanied by another very friendly and clean-cut young man. They both looked to be in their twenties but with a countenance of only twelve or thirteen years old.

The young man, who knew me, came to visit me, but I didn’t recognize him instantly. The young man approached my bed, towards my side, looking very happy and smiling, although he didn’t speak to me. He was accompanied by his friend. His companion stood at the foot of my bed, always showing me respect, esteem, and admiration. Within a few seconds, I came to my senses and realized it was my brother Saul. Instantly, I understood the situation, and as I approched him, I said: Saul! They won’t allow you to communicate with me, right?!

Instantly, after saying these words to him, my brother’s face rapidly changed aspect to one full of cancer and bruises, as it looked on the day he passed away in the hospital. Within seconds, his face and body turned into death. Immediately afterwards, he vanished from my presence. Also immediately, his companion disappeared. Thereupon, I understood his agony, and I knew that he had come from Purgatory to ask me for my help.

Evidently, someone in Purgatory allowed him to come see me but had given him orders not to request anything. However, I immediately understood the situation.

Now I understand it much better: the souls in Purgatory are in need of our sacrifices, prayers…our holiness and/or loyalty to Christ.

To be continued…

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)