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This is my Body this is my Blood eat and drink-Editorial Piedrecita

We are Lay Catholics evangelizing and instructing on the foundations of our Holy Catholic Church and teaching the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are studied in the Dogma, Asceticism, Moral Doctrine, and Apologetics of our Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

We are learned in the History, in the Magisterium of the Church, and we are knowledgeable and experts in the correct interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

We have the mission of bringing Christ to those who have strayed from Catholicism and clarifying what really is happening today in our Church. We are laymen carrying out the salvific mission that Christ called all of us to, but that for some reason we have all forgotten our fundamental obligation to be light and salt of the earth.

We have created our own publications, but we do not wish to omit within them the errors that occur in our Church since it is right and necessary to clarify them, and it’s only right for these things to not keep happening.

The Church has let down our members and many have abandoned the Church, becoming part of other denominations, and there still isn’t an answer of love and attention on the part of the Church to those in need.

We are laymen who want to work in evangelization but without omitting the errors that our contemporaneous leaders and priests keep perpetrating on a daily basis. We believe it’s very necessary to evangelize while at the same time declaring the errors that should not keep happening, and that we should be very honest before Christ and humanity.

We have called ourselves “Piedrecita” (i.e. “Little Rock” or “Pebble”) perhaps because of the calling Christ has made to us and which has the aim of being a stele in our journey for opening our eyes perhaps, and to erase our blindness with respect to the controversy we are experiencing nowadays in the Church and in the souls of many who have been unjustly let down.

We are a roaring of the Lion from the tribe of Judah that calls out the scattered cubs from the West and that wants for all of us to be gathered in a single people, in a single God, in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have decided to be a voice that clamors in the desert, perhaps many will find Christ by different means which Christ makes available for those who have strayed.

We are a Hope and Christ, our path.

For more information about our lay-Catholic publications, see our article “Eagles Wings are Our Tool.”

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