Evangelism for the WorldDear audience, spreading the Gospel or doctrine of the Church is an arduous task that requires of economic costs and also many debts in order to keep our ministry going.

Starting this ministry, for us, has been an enormous decision to make, especially when one makes a living strictly from one’s own work, without having riches or additional income. When one decides to take the truth and the Gospel to others, it isn’t because one has money but rather because the only thing one has is Christ, and our only inheritance is poverty and a great love for you and the world.

To have the sponsorship of our followers and admirers would be of great help to our cause. This would mean that our goal in both and Facebook is being reached and that possibly, with your economic support, our books could be printed with greater ease and be more economically accessible.

Surely we could invest more in promotions and the media so that Christ may reach many throughout the world.

If you, dear admirer, would like to support us with five dollars, $10, $20, $30, $50, $100, $500, $1000 or more, please mail us your donation, check, or money order for the amount you wish and made out to the order of Editorial Piedrecita, and mail it to our mail box PO BOX 1653 Ceres, CA 95307 USA.

If you wish for your name or photo to appear on our website, we only need your economic donation and your authorization to thank you for your patronage always. We hope in God and in many good-willed persons like you that we’ll find a way to keep this already-initiated project of Evangelism going.

Remember mail us your donations to the order of:

Editorial Piedrecita
PO BOX 1653


Best Regards and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
Blessings to everyone.

Jesé Retoño,
Editorial Piedrecita.

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