An Apocalyptic Wolf

Wolf I Am Jesé Retoño

The Church’s sad evangelical reality has allowed God to exert his influence through the Messenger Wolf, to whom He revealed Himself.

God the Father and God the Son Have Given Life to the Wolf

Jesé is a Retoño (plant shoot). From birth he was marked by the Most High. The two stars that descended from the horizon have stayed in the soul and roots of the Retoño, and they have marked him with an indelible character. But the Kingdom of the Heavens suffers violence and the violent seize it. Jesé is a predatory Wolf. By morning he devours his prey, and by evening, he scatters remains. The son of man speaks to the multitudes; Jesè shreds and scatters everything in his way. Like a Wolf, he becomes enraged and gathers everything for his owner.

The Wolf Is An Instrument Of The Lord

There’s nothing left in his way; the Wolf acquires everything for his owner. The son of man spills his blood on the altars, yet life sprouts from his bowels to glorify the Lord of Lords, the Eternal One, he who lives through the Ages.

The Arm of Yahweh Has Been Revealed To The Wolf

The Wolf has lost hope and no longer wishes to go back to that stubborn people, but the Wolf hears his owner’s voice. His owner’s voice sounds like enraged, gigantic cascades of water and thundering sounds of immense oceans that speak into his ear. The Wolf then turns violent so that the son of man may roar like a Lion in the jungle, so that men and women go back to being one and a single Church of the Lord.

I Am, Jesé Retoño and the Enemy of God Has Wanted To Strangle Me

Then in plain daylight, the enraged apocalyptic dragon lunges at the wolf’s neck to strangle him, wanting to exterminate him, but the white-haired elder who is seated at the throne in heaven extends his power and halts the apocalyptic dragon and decrees his sentence, for his days are limited.

I Am, Jesé Retoño and I Love My Heavenly Father

The white-haired elder is the Wolf’s Father. The Wolf howls for his Father, and there shall be no one to hold back the Wolf’s fury, for the Wolf has sworn loyalty to the Most High.

The Church must be one, says the Lord Almighty. The Lord has but one Kingdom, and only one is the Lord of all. Jesus Christ is one, the Lord of all, and he is not divided. Mankind has separated and isolated itself from the salvation brought by the son of man.

The Time Has Come

The Wolf howls and the wolf pack responds aghastly. It’s time to fight for unity, and it’s time to end segregation. Men and women must return to the only path which leads to the One True God, Christ and his Church.

I Am, Jesé Retoño and The Virgin Mother Sends Me to the Church

The Wolf’s Mother is the Church’s Mother, and the Mother has asked her son, the littlest one—the Wolf, to return to the mission that was entrusted to him and to howl for her children that still walk this world. Jesé Retoño is the Wolf and howls for those who are still looking for the Son of God.

I Am, Jesé Retoño; Both the Church and Pope Have Stricken Me

The Wolf loves his Mother and surrenders everything for her maternal protection. Only she, the wolf’s Mother, sheds tears for her children. The Wolf has been struck a number of times by the Church, and the Church has discarded him a number of times. The Wolf has turned away from his mission because of the Church’s harsh treatment, but his Mother has given him tender instruction to pick himself up and howl once again.

I Am, Jesé Retoño and I’ve Been Sent With Violence To A Corrupted Church

The Wolf has promised the Mother that he would use his claws to tear up everything in his way and to show his loyalty to Her and to her Son, the most beloved of all her Children…he who is, he who was, and he who’s to come.

I Am, Jesé Retoño; Christ and I are One

The Wolf and the Lion are solely one, and solely one is the One True God. It has been so ordered by the Lord Jesus Christ—he who lives, the existent.

Let us fight for Unity; this is the message of the Most High…let there be no division and the religions become a single one—The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

It has been so ordered by the Most High.

Blessings and peace from the Lord Jesus Christ,
And from your lowly brother,
Jesé Retoño.
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.
Image art by Javier Calvo.

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