What is Apologetics?

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Student Notes:

Here are some teachings that we received in the apologetics class that was offered at my parish. The instructor and evangelist began with defining apologetics.

She mainly defined it as a defense of the Catholic faith, and that it’s also about getting to know our identity, whom is Christ. She continued by saying that when responding to Protestants it should be done humbly and without getting into illogical disputes. She said that the day a Protestant is met with a Catholic who knows how to reply aptly or correctly, that they will no longer cause any more trouble.

She also explained to us that the word Jehovah is found in the Old Testament of Protestant Bibles, but that in the Catholic Bible it’s Yahweh; however, she didn’t give any more details as to: Why?


Piedrecita Reply:

Evidently, many of our teachers in the Church are not proficient enough, and we are instructed with error upon error, but they are the ones both designated and authorized by the Church itself.

This is truly a disaster and an embarrassment before Christ.

Apologetics is a science dedicated to proving the bases and foundations of Catholicism. Its purpose is to prove the dogmas and foundations of the Church’s doctrine in a rational, scientific, historical, and veracious manner.

Its purpose is not to convince anyone in specific of a truth, but rather it’s for all those who wish to know the truths and bases of Catholicism based on reasoning, truth, and verifiable facts.

Apologetics is not for attacking anyone, nor is it geared towards preparing Catholics to defend themselves from anyone. This science is for proving, to whoever so desires it, the verity of the Church’s doctrine and has solid bases in reasoning and history.

The word “Jehovah” is certainly controversial, since it really doesn’t even exist, and it’s not a word used in the Bible, except in the Bible of whomever or in the bibles/books written by any person who so feels like it. Here, however, we are referring only to the original Scriptures.

To give a brief explanation, it suffices to recall that if “Charles Russel,” founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses, would have known what the consonants that the ancient Essenes used actually meant and what they referred to, he surely would not have made the error of interpreting and writing them in his own way, but unfortunately he made the error and thus passed it along to his congregation.

Thus, wanting to correct such a convoluted issue is easier said than done, and to continue discussing it will only give headaches.

Read our recently published edition, get educated, and be knowledgeable in the truth and foundations of Catholicism. Know the origins of the mistakes that the Church, up till the present, has kept making. Please read “A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI.”



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)