Caressed by a Dove: Message to the Pope

Unity of the Church - Jese Retono


Celestial Secret

– The Dove and the Wolf –

The politics of the contemporary Church has generated extremely political priests, foreign to God, and Christ sends a message to Peter, the Pope.

Christ’s Mission

One of the truths, affirmed by the very lips of Christ, was that he wouldn’t leave us behind as orphans and that others wouldn’t see him, except his disciples or followers (John 14, 15-19). Jesus affirms that He would pray to his Father, so that his Spirit may be received by his disciples. It’s obvious that his disciples, at the time, didn’t understand Christ’s prophetic words and could only gather that He (Christ) was referring to only them. It was too early for the apostles, or nascent church, that is, to be able to understand Christ’s universal mission or even to grasp that it would be a mission carried out through the ages, till the end of time.

Christ’s Disciples Will Always See Him

And Jesus affirms that:

soon the world won’t see him, but his disciples will see him because “I live and you will live” too. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father and you are in me and I in you.John 14, 19-20
Jesus affirms that his disciples would see him after his resurrection and all the time; but today, even if the very Church doesn’t want to accept it, I “Jesé Retoño”, am a faithful and true witness of the very presence of Christ and that He is with me and sustains me, day and night.

Today, Piedrecita reminds us that Christ was never suggesting it had to be only the Popes, the apostles or priests or bishops, but rather his words encompass all of his Church, that is, to all those who follow him faithfully and fulfill the laws of Christ and his heavenly Father. Christ was especially referring to those who suffer rejection, persecution, and opprobrium in his holy name. Especially, he was referring to those righteous lay people and priests, who suffer hatred and rejection, whether from the corrupt Church or the human race that is far from God.

Christ Loves Me

That is to say, a layman so revolting as I, Jesé Retoño, is also a member of the Church and disciple of Christ, and being a part of Christ, I too can know him and live by his side because I love him and He loves me as well, and by the same token, I adore my Heavenly Father and I love my Mother who is the very mother of Christ. And if that weren’t enough, my heavenly Father has loved me too and has come to visit me. Indeed! He personally has come to give me a hug and to tell me that he loves me, something which I shall reveal to you later on.

Christ himself has allowed me to show you the miracle of his heavenly manifestation, so that the Church and the whole world may know that God loves his children, even if they’re repulsive, mangy persons before others and even if they don’t belong to any hierarchical rank in the Church, here in the world.

The Manifestation of the Divinely Glorious Christ

I believe this miracle will touch thousands of lives the day I present it because ever since the days of Moses and the Hebrew people at Sinai, some four thousand years ago, the all-powerful “Yahweh-The One Who Exists” had not manifested Himself, but today in these times, in broad daylight and well into the 21st century, He has presented himself to a wretched wolf, but not only that, my Mother has also come to visit me; she has always sustained me so that my faith never falters.

We at Piedrecita announce and declare that Jesus fulfills the promise of the prophets, say for example, the prophet Joel:

It shall come to pass, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even upon your male and female servants, in those days, I will pour out my spirit. I will set signs in the heavens and on the earth.Joel 3, 1-5

The Marvel

Ever since my childhood and youth I, Jesé Retoño, have lived this experience of actual visions and manifestations of Christ’s presence, and that of my Heavenly Mother and of my eternal Father. Jesus truly fulfills his promise, not only through bishops and priests but through the laity or lay persons, faithful to his will and to his laws of his holy Catholic Church, that is, lay people who lead a sacramentally legitimate life, distancing themselves from corruption…lay people who are faithful to the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. By doing so, Jesus clearly indicates that, in his Church, He loves the littlest one of all to the greatest one and doesn’t make a distinction or have any predilections.

At Piedrecita, we reject the egoistic distinctions made by leadership in the priesthood and in the large majority of ministries within the Church; for Christ loves even the littlest of ones. But, above all, because Christ rejects the dictatorial supremacy of the assimilated leadership in the Church, instead loving humility and preferring to be a simple servant, preferring to be a poor pastor of the weak and fragile.

Christ Authorizes Me to Announce His Gospel

Moments before leaving, he says to his disciples:

All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.Matthew 28, 18-20

Christ himself is the one who gives the power to all his Church to teach the Gospel, a power granted to not only priests, bishops or apostles, but to the entire Chruch at large, even to the littlest one among the laity. This, too, is the constitution of the holy Catholic Church, according to the Second Vatican Council, Chapter IV-Page 51, where the Church itself asks that a path be cleared for us throughout the world so that the Church’s salvific mission may spread in a manner according to each of our individual capabilities.

Piedrecita Evangelizes

Piedrecita is the answer to the world and the Church, concerning the duties and responsibilities that must be taken up by the laity or Catholics.

I, Jesé Retoño, having received religious education from the holy Catholic Church and having been given authorization, wisdom, and strength directly from Heaven by our Most Holy Mother, by Christ and my heavenly Father, and by the power of the Holy Spirit invested in me, I am authorized to reveal hidden secrets in Scripture and to spread the Gospel of Christ and of his Holy Catholic Chruch, without ever distorting a single truth or dogma already fortified by the Church and authorized by Heaven.

Christ Answers the Clergy

Piedrecita is God’s reply to the clergy for having disallowed and dismissed those whom the Church itself has duly instructed, thus refusing their service to the multitudes and to the very Chruch itself. Indeed! Piedrecita is the voice of Christ who, offended, severely rebukes “Peter and all his apostles,” whom, because of their ambitions and attachment to material goods, have established their throne of pride and power, abandoning Christ and his Gospel.

Piedrecita wants us to be cognizant of our religious duties, our obligation of knowing our religion, and of living the Sacramental life, as mandated by the first commandment of God’s law; for no one loves what they do not know, and to love God, you have to know him.

Evangelizing is the Duty of All Catholics

It’s the duty and obligation of all Catholics to transmit the Gospel of Christ to our own children; it’s the duty of all Catholics to live in holiness; and it’s the duty and the obligation of all Catholics, to spread the Gospel to the whole world, according to our possibilities, and “Woe to me if I do not preach it,” says the Apostle Paul.

Anyone who Transmits Gospel Errors Won’t Partake in Christ

Thus, says our Lord Jesus Christ to anyone who teaches a false Gospel and fails to fulfill the Divine Law:

Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these Commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. But whoever obeys and teaches these commandments will be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven.Matthew 5, 19

Piedrecita reminds us that it’s the duty of every Catholic to transmit sound doctrine, absent of any doctrinal errors, to anyone who wants to listen to Christ and be saved. Christ teaches us in his gospel, that everyone who teaches His gospel erroneously, here on earth, such an individual will be the least in his Kingdom here on earth and in Heaven, but whoever obeys Him, without distorting anything from His gospel or doctrine, shall be the greatest in his Kingdom, which extends unto Heaven.

The Church: A Contemporary Democratic System

In our ministry, Piedrecita, we love and honor Saint Peter (better known today as the Holy Pope), and we are laymen of the holy Catholic Church, affirming and sustaining the unity of the Church, yet not the democratic or communist system of the contemporary Church, a system which conceals the errors of the members of the Church.

This democratic system makes everyone be silent in the face of injustice and feigns mutual love among each other. This democratic system makes it seem as though everyone is united in Christ, asserting that God will bring justice when, in fact, they offend Christ. They’re only united in their human interests and in keeping silent with regard to the obligation of denouncing injustices. This political system of the Church makes everyone violate the commandments of God’s Law; thus, the Church washes her hands, as Pilate once did.

The Unity of the Church is in the Gospel

No, we at Piedrecita, defend the unity of the Church in the fulfillment of the Gospel, humility, and lowliness before God. Indeed, we defend the unity of the Church in the obedience to Christ our Lord, poor and humble. Indeed, we defend the unity of the Church, though not in pride or arrogance but in the crucified Christ. We hope someday to be accepted and approved by the Church, but while that is a remote possibility, we won’t stop denouncing the injustices that exist within our own Church. Indeed! In the meantime, we won’t stop transmitting and teaching the secrets and evangelical messages that Christ the Lord has commanded us to announce to the world and to the Church.

Christ, Standing Before Me, Has Strengthened Me to Evangelize

It’s evident that, in my case, the presence of Christ and my Eternal Father in my life, have not only given me heavenly motivation to fulfill my duty as a Catholic but also the task of announcing, reproaching, and amending what Heaven has commanded me to announce to the Church, to the priesthood, and to the world. I assure you that in this day and age it’s practically impossible for there to be a bishop, priest, or layman who can take on such a great initiative on their own.

Many apostles, at the time of the nascent church, tended to boast or feel great or superior before the other apostles. Nowadays, the contemporary Church doesn’t cease being a replica of the past. That’s why Paul reminded them like so:

“Whoever boasts, should boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who recommends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord recommends. II Cor. 10, 17-18

If a Man is Not Recommended by Christ, His Mission Will Perish

That’s why I say to you, if a person is not recommended and sent by Christ, their mission won’t be credible, and if such an individual is recommended by the Church but trespasses Christ’s laws and deceives others, they don’t belong to Christ. But I tell you, if it’s Christ who is behind that person, I assure you, heaven and earth will be shaken.

Today, the Church Doesn’t Uphold Christ

I assure you that even with the support of the Church, even so, there’s no one in this world who’s able to take the Lord’s scepter, obey Him, humble themselves, be expelled from the very Church, be repudiated by the Catholic Church, and still give up everything for Christ. Nowadays, the most obvious thing to do would be to abandon the Catholic Church and join Protestantism or have each individual forming their own Protestant sect.

Today, Piedrecita wants everyone in the world to be very realistic and understand that nowadays it’s practically impossible for anyone to continue in the holy fight and remain in the same Catholic Church, knowing of the great doctrinal errors and scorn impinged upon us by the very Catholic Church itself. For we are living in times when the world doesn’t believe in the existence of God, and the Church disobeys God continually. When the priesthood in the Church teaches a neutral gospel, in accordance with human philosophies, the possibilities of reaching Christ are practically impossible.

The Abuses of the Contemporary Church

The many abuses by the Church that I, Jesé Retoño, have received for years, ever since my youth…the years in exile that I’ve been living outside the Church…the years of frustration and impotence to which the Church has subjected me to and which continues subjecting me to, presently…the hatred and contempt from even my own relatives, and even the rejection from the ecclesial communities, have all led me to tell Christ and my heavenly Father: Yes, that yes I’ll obey his plans, and it’s for this that I’ve been called from Eternity: To do the will of Christ and my eternal Father. For Christ has revealed this to the least, and He Himself has wanted to announce and speak of this Little One, by his own lips, in the New Testament.

The Strength from on High

From the day that Christ and my Mother came to me in my adolescence, I, Jese Retoño, have since then accepted Christ in my heart and my mother in my soul, and I love them without even being able to understand it. In secret, I received strength from on High, and the power of the Holy Spirit rested in me.

A Dove Caresses Me

A Dove caresses me and is with me, ever since my childhood. To that Dove, to Christ and to Mary, I opened my being and my heart, and I cannot do anything but love God and my Mother, forever. Indeed, the words of the prophet Isaiah are fulfilled in me, literally:

Then Isaiah speaks boldly and says: ‘I was found [by] those who were not seeking me; I revealed myself to those who were not asking for me.’ But regarding Israel he says, ‘All day long I stretched out my hands to a disobedient and contentious people’.Romans 10, 20-21
Well, today I assure you, Christ is not wrong; today, the contemporary Church and its apostles throughout the world are an unbelieving and rebellious people.

The Gifts from God

My mission is not only to evangelize according to my possibilities, but above all, it’s to announce the plans of the Almighty because He has determined it so.
Piedrecita wishes us to be cognizant of how the gifts from God are divine graces; they’re true realities, and they’re the very presence of God in those who love him and obey him.

When God gives a gift of his Spirit to a member of the community, that gift may be for personal benefit or for the good of the community. In my very particular case, the gifts that God-Holy-Spirit has given me are no longer for personal benefit only but have been given to me so that the entire ecclesial community around the world, including all Christians separated from the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church in Russia, including Jews or Israelites, including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., etc., etc., all are invited or called; thus, not only is the ecclesial and religious community invited but even the entire world.

Christ Wishes to Speak: The Law of Pinole

Today, God-Christ wants to speak or address the nations of the world and wants to show his mercy through a small, mangy, and despicable pup.

The mistaken liberty that many priests, servants, or evangelizers of God’s holy Church have taken upon themselves, in terms of the open interpretation of Scripture, has caused more harm and confusion to the faithful, escalating the degree of confusion to the point of creating doctrinal doubt and also causing everyone to embrace whatever meanings they themselves see fit. Practically, the Church abides by the law of “pinole:” “pues el que tiene más saliva, come más pinole.” [Note: This is a popular Mexican proverb. When translated literally and directly, it means: For whoever has more saliva, eats more pinole. Pinole is a finely ground corn product that requires large amounts of saliva before being able to swallow it. The meaning of the proverb is paramount to saying that: He who has more, controls more.] That is, those who have more ecclesial power, may teach and dismiss whoever they please.

Piedrecita teaches us that all this has caused differences of understanding within the same Catholic religion, causing doctrinal religious division and causing those who have more authority to impose whatever they wish, teaching doctrinal errors with no regard to the fact that it’s Christ whom must be respected.

The Church is the Source of Salvation

Piedrecita would like for everyone to comprehend and understand that the entirety of the source, necessary for our salvation, resides in the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, but we haven’t understood it correctly; we haven’t used it as we should; and we haven’t been interested in acquiring it, according to the express Will of Christ my Lord. The Church, being in possession of this doctrine taught by Christ, has rather exorbitant costs or “obligatory donations” for all those who wish to receive a proper education or who wish to receive Sacraments, in spite of our Lord Jesus yielding all his gospel or celestial doctrine, completely free.

The Church Adapts to the Times, Except to the Gospel

The Church has all the foundations of our holy religion, but lately the neglect of abandoning Christ for its economic or acquisitive power and due to its lucrative leadership, the Church is running purely on authority. It has adulterated the true doctrine, or teaching, with human philosophies, consequently distorting the gospel and the will of Christ, my God and my Lord…all of this, merely for the sake of conforming to the modern era, of adapting to new generations or new ecclesial communities, thus leaving Christ and his Church behind as but helpless and confused.

In other words, because of all this, the Church is being made into a purely human organization, yielding a world where there’s only the hope of some good will…a world in which there’s only the longing for a God who resides strictly in a Heaven that’s far away, a God who satisfies our emotions and gives us wonderful peace, but He’s a God that we don’t understand. Indeed, He’s a God who resides strictly in a far-away Heaven, since here on earth, the gods of every race, of every person, of every culture, of every leader, of every priest, of every bishop, and of every Catholic abound and thrive.

The Church Doesn’t Support Its Members

I would’ve loved to have had the support of a priest or bishop, but unfortunately, when I requested this, they all turned me down. I sought the support of my priests and my bishop many times, but they flung the door at my face, turned around, and threw me out. What is more, priests are the ones who’ve hated and offended me the most in the Church and before Christ. Of this reality, I myself, my family, my children, Christ, my heavenly Mother, and my eternal Father are witnesses that I speak the truth, and I have years of proof of the abuses of the priesthood, and also that of many leaders who themselves have rebelled and continue to rebel against my persona.

Christ has anointed me, and He has prepared me so that you can know the holy Catholic religion. Christ doesn’t want the continued teaching of doctrinal errors. Moreover, Heaven also wants to reveal its plans to the world.

Christ has Authorized Me so that I, Jesé Retoño, Reveal to All of You His Divine Self

Heaven has permitted me to reveal, not only the Gospel and many secrets hidden in Scripture, but it has permitted me, according to my possibilities, to announce all my visions and heavenly manifestations so that many may believe and reaffirm their faith in Christ and in his Universal Catholic church. Heaven wants the Church to be renewed, to straighten its ways, and for the multitudes to be given proper religious education. Heaven wants everyone to get to know and love the one true God. So here, in my ministry Piedrecita, I will gradually be revealing my visions and heavenly manifestations to you.

Don’t get the wrong idea that my Mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe, has been absent. No, she is the one who’s very worried and wants everyone to love her and live by her side. God, my Father, and Christ my brother and my Lord, wish not to let humanity and the Church waste away; but today, Heaven has given notice, in order that we may all make amends, before it’s too late.

The time has come. Prayer and loyalty to God from now on must be pure, upright, and sincere.

The Heavenly Manifestation: Christ In All His Glory

I want to let you know that very soon, in a few months, after having delivered certain messages to everyone in the world that the Lord God Holy Spirit has requested of me, afterwards then, and by Heavenly approval…though I can’t give you the specific date…I’ll present to the world and the Church one of my Heavenly manifestations and before presenting my heavenly message, I, Jesé Retoño, will make a very special invitation as requested by Heaven. And do note, that it’ll be a veritable manifestation, in which I myself am standing before the celestial manifestation. The manifestation I’ll show and explain is truly authentic and immensely powerful. I’ll describe all the details of that manifestation, and I’ll deliver the message that everyone in the Church and in the world must know.

I’ll strip away all doubt that many in the Church may envisage, even from the most outstanding theologians and the highest officials of the Church. The details will be unique, without giving way to tall tales. Thousands will know that I’m telling the truth because there will be no contradiction; furthermore, I have received authorization from Heaven to reveal it. Ever since the day I was witness to these manifestations, the truth of God resides in my being, and I cannot deny or omit it. Keeping quiet would be a very grave sin!

Christ Has Prepared Me For This Mission

The almighty Lord God has prepared me, ever since my childhood, for this moment, and I must deliver the message, in accordance to the will of Heaven.

If anyone’s ever heard of the visitations of “FATIMA” in Portugal about a hundred years ago, if they still remember, thus they will now see the Virgin’s promise to the entire world. If you remember how in that visitation the girl, Jacinta, saw a great light that filled the heavens, for it was God. Now you’ll understand and know the secret announced in that visitation. Now you’ll understand the messages of the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, when he speaks of the third heaven; but I don’t want to get ahead of myself; rather, I want everyone to be on the lookout and for the entire world-community to prepare by praying to the Almighty.

Christ Sends Me As a Contemporary Prophet and Faithful Witness

The Church closed its chapter on prophetism ever since the seventy-three books of the Bible were declared in the council of Hippo in the years 383-393. But Christ declared:

Therefore, behold, I send to you prophets, wise men, and scribesMatthew 23, 34-37

Christ affirmed categorically, in the New Testament, that he sends prophets and never affirmed anything to the contrary, thus reassuring us that He is God.

I’m a Prophet of the Most High and the Time Has Come

I’m called to a Heavenly mission, and I’ll fulfill the will of my Most Holy Mother, and I’ll also fulfill the will of my divine and adored brother Jesus Christ, the creator and holder of life. I thought perhaps that I would die and take this powerful secret with me to the grave, but the Lord God Holy Spirit came to me and raised me from the dust of discouragement, comforted me, notifying me to ready myself because it was my time, and now I’m here doing what I most wanted; thus God granted this to me. I’m a consecrated prophet of the Most High here in the 21st century! By divine will, I’m witness to the love and very presence of the one true God.

Christ is True God and Must be Worshiped in Spirit and Truth

Blessed be God! My heart rejoices in his presence.

Here at Piedrecita, I—Jesé Retoño—want the whole world to know that the time has come, and the true worshipers of God will worship him in spirit and in truth.

Piedrecita wants you to know that Christ assured us that the time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

But the hour is coming, and is now here, when true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth; and indeed the Father seeks such people to worship him. God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in Spirit and truth.John 4, 23-24

The Church Must Mend Itself, For Christ Is Knocking at the Door

Here at Piedrecita, despite the many errors perpetrated by Catholicism, we wish to invite you, in the name of Christ, to be part of the One Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church because it’s the Will of the divine Master that many be saved. The Church must correct itself and must show its face before Christ even with its failures, before Christ unfolds his powerful arm and his power punishes the whole of humanity. Priests, leaders, and corrupted faithful must show themselves before the judgment of God because God’s justice doesn’t exclude the corrupted Church itself.

I Want You to Know God Personally, For Christ Wishes It So

God isn’t a figment of our imagination and much less so some kind of foolishness, as psychologists will affirm these days. I—Jesé Retoño—tell you: God is an exceedingly true and mighty reality; He’s a reality, of which, even the Devil himself is frightened of, and I can assure you that humanity itself, if ever it were to witness merely a brief indication of the very presence of the Almighty, I assure you that the heavens and the planets and even the universes would tremble; our humanity before the presence of the Eternal One is but a parched leaf in the air, so parched that it crumbles like nothing.

No One Can See God and Go On Living

I assure you that if humanity could only see the slightest presence of God, my heavenly father, it could not continue living; all of humanity would be exterminated instantaneously. The presence of God generates terror and an infinite and terrible earthquake in the presence of material things, but above all, in the presence of that which is stained with sin.

I assure you all, that is, everyone throughout the world, that you don’t know who my heavenly Father is, and no one in this world can comprehend what I’m talking about at this very moment, because no one has been allowed to see and know the Father and the Son, but rather it’s made known only to he whom the Son wishes to reveal this to. This world and these planets, these galaxies, universes and everything that’s composed of matter…before the reality of God, they’re merely but some fleeting foam of the immense ocean.

I will explain these things later, for I’m well convinced that we still don’t understand the reality of God, since there isn’t a scientist or theologian who can understand what I’m talking about, or even less so that there’s someone in the world or in the Church who knows what the true, authentic reality of God is or means. That is, God is a reality that is above all realities. And when Heaven allows me to reveal another celestially powerful secret, you’ll know that never did I make false statements before you, before Christ, or before my Heavenly Father, and neither before my Mother the Ever Virgin of Guadalupe. I now make known to you some of what my father Yahweh, The One Who Exists, wants me to emphasize: Let it be known unto you that my heavenly Father Yahweh, The One Who Exists, is looking upon these universes and all of our infinite cosmos…from the outside, since everything that surrounds us is but a tiny, paper laboratory…still, you have no clue as to what I’m talking about at this time.

I’m praying to God my Father and to Christ my God and brother, to have mercy on the world and on the Church.

I Wish to Stand Before My Heavenly Father, Once Again. I Love You So Much, Dear Father.

My soul weeps and cries out so that my eternal Father may once again show Himself before me. I cannot live without my Father, and my Father loves me more than I could ever imagine. I’m with Him all day; but I cannot stay with you in the world more than what is necessary; for my heart is set only on my eternal Father.
When my mission has been fulfilled, and my Father—The One Who Exists: Yahweh—comes unto me once again, I’ll go with Him; for Jesus—the Son of God—and I are one, and my heavenly Mother is waiting for me.

My thoughts are always immersed in my Heavenly Father. Tears come from my eyes because of his absence and my soul carries the glory of my Father; I know that I’ll go with Him, and I’ll be at His side again, for I do everything out of love for my Most Holy Father.

The Time Has Come

Christ and his Spirit are my Secret. The Dove—Spirit of God—dwells in me, and I’m “The Wolf.”
Christ and my heavenly Father have kept this veiled until the time of their revelation arrives, and today, the time has come.

Kind regards from the lowliest of your brothers: “Jesé Retoño—An Apocalyptic Wolf.”
Sincerely, Editorial Piedrecita.
Translated to English by: León Jesuita.

Author: Jesé Retoño - An Apocalyptic Wolf
Jesé is a Retoño (plant shoot). From birth he was marked by the Most High. The two stars that descended from the horizon have stayed in the soul and roots of the Retoño, and they have marked him with an indelible character. But the Kingdom of the Heavens suffers violence and the violent seize it. Jesé is a predatory Wolf. By morning he devours his prey, and by evening, he scatters remains. The son of man speaks to the multitudes; Jesè shreds and scatters everything in his way. Like a Wolf, he becomes enraged and gathers everything for his owner…Read More »

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