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Edition № 112-EN

What Does It Mean To Forgive A Neighbor?

What Does It Mean To Forgive A Neighbor?


Forgiving, Forgiving, & Forgiving
Who is a Neighbor?
What is Mercy?


What value is there in this book?
What message or aim does this book have?

This book has been made with the sole purpose of getting to the bottom of what forgiveness and reconciliation truly are. Jesé Retoño has written it with the aim of clarifying what remorse or contrition is.

These terms have yet to be understood or comprehended. They seem to be just words used on a regular basis, terms having an association to judicial courts where punishments are sentenced and judges are gods. Human degeneracy and deterioration have reached extremes now, to the point of not recognizing or understanding the true meaning of these terms, which have their origins in God’s creation and His people.

Upper class society or the elite bureaucracy, psychiatry, politics, the sciences, etc., have changed their meanings. And the world at large doesn’t even recognize any of the moral significance behind these terms. We’ve gotten to the point of foolishly and blindly forgiving others. We neither know or understand the signs of true remorse, and we forgive whomever without any basis whatsoever. Suffice it that we are told, “I’m sorry!”… Read more


Edition № 101-EN

A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI

A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI


What’s happening in the Church?
Is it corruption perhaps?
Why don’t priests get married?


Why read this book? I want a good reason for reading this book.

Dear reader,

I, Jesé Retoño, would like to explain the reason for my having written this book and what fruit there is in reading it. I would like to explain the benefits you would obtain from reading it, and I also want to give you the guarantee that what I offer is, in fact, true and guaranteed.

The reasons for which I became inclined to write this book are that: In seeing a drought of doctrinal teachings in the Catholic Church, an extremely exaggerated increase of ignorance from Catholics throughout the world, in seeing the enormous errors happening on a daily basis, but above all, the mass exodus of Catholics to other religious denominations, I went ahead and began writing so that the reality of what’s happening in Catholicism can be understood.

Throughout the world, us Catholics think we know the doctrine of the Church merely because we go to Mass on Sundays, but the majority don’t even know that the Bible exists. This deficiency and ignorance in religion causes for the leaders in Catholicism to give little importance on the harm they are about to inflict on many innocent every time they defend their status and vanities, causing Catholics to desert the Church.

In Catholicism, our priests have also set aside religious instruction, and they have devoted themselves more so to creating fame and to relishing pagan or social pleasures further. Abuse from the clergy toward the laity has incremented, and laymen—so fragile and ignorant in their doctrine—fall to the clutches of wolves covered in sheep’s clothing.

Now, having understood my motives for having written this book, dear reader, I wish to offer you a brief summary of the obtained benefits in reading this book… Read more

Upcoming Publications

Edition № 104-EN

Conjectures & Visions of the Future

  • The end of the world & the Apocalypse.
  • Predictions of the future.


Edition № 108-EN

Virgin, Ever Virgin Mary

  • Who really is the Virgin Mary?
  • What is the true significance of Mary in Catholicism?
  • Is it true that she had more children, as many claim?
  • What is the true importance of Mary in Catholicism?


Edition № 114-EN

Nobody’s Perfect!

  • Sainthood: Myth or Hypocrisy?
  • What’s this business about being a Saint?
  • Who came up with such a silly idea?


Edition № 120-EN

Hell and Death

  • Does life after death exist?
  • Does Hell exist?


Edition № 220-EN

God Has Not Finished Creating Mankind

  • “Mini-Apocalypse”
  • Man in likeness to God is still not done being formed; the process continues.
  • The youth of the world need to read this book because it’s a superb book in a “mini Apocalypse” that will transport anyone to the Divine Plan.


Edition № 250-EN

The Bible and Its Correct Interpretation

  • In his Encyclical Spiritus Paraclitus, Pope Benedict XV makes these words of St. Jerome his own, “When I read the Gospel, I find testimony of the law and testimony of the prophets; I see only Christ.”

    The purpose of this book is to show the right way of interpreting Scripture according to the Canon of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.
    Full of wisdom from the Most High, knowledgeable in apologetics, the history of the Church, and the Bible, we answer the following questions for all men, women, and youth throughout the world:

    How did the Bible get formed? In what language was the Bible written in?
    What are its literary genres? Was the Bible written with chapters and verses?
    How many books does the Bible have? What’s the Bible’s purpose?
    What does the word bible mean? Why is the Bible sacred?

    Is it true that the Bible is the Word of God? Is Christ the word of God?
    Is it true that everything’s foretold in Scripture?
    Is it true that everyone’s future and the end of the world are foretold in the Bible?
    Is it true that the Apocalypse speaks to us about the end of the world?

    What’s the overall secret that God has given us so that we may be able to understand, without error, His message and His doctrine in the Bible?

    What’s the master secret required for being able to interpret Scripture and the Apocalypse, according to Christ’s plan? Or better said: What’s the master key or one-and-only secret given exclusively to his true Church for knowing what Scripture encloses?

    All those who possess this secret have the power to know Christ and God his Father, in person.

    We give authentic examples in accordance to Church doctrine so that one can understand, in general, how to interpret the Bible and not make mistakes. This book encloses secrets that all men and women who look for God must know in order to find Christ and discover the real message upon reading Scripture.


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