A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI

A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI


What’s happening in the Church?

Is it corruption perhaps?

Why don’t priests get married?


Why read this book? I want a good reason for reading this book.

Dear reader,

I, Jesé Retoño, would like to explain the reason for my having written this book and what fruit there is in reading it. I would like to explain the benefits you would obtain from reading it, and I also want to give you the guarantee that what I offer is, in fact, true and guaranteed.

The reasons for which I became inclined to write this book are that: In seeing a drought of doctrinal teachings in the Catholic Church, an extremely exaggerated increase of ignorance from Catholics throughout the world, in seeing the enormous errors happening on a daily basis, but above all, the mass exodus of Catholics to other religious denominations, I went ahead and began writing so that the reality of what’s happening in Catholicism can be understood.

Throughout the world, us Catholics think we know the doctrine of the Church merely because we go to Mass on Sundays, but the majority don’t even know that the Bible exists. This deficiency and ignorance in religion causes for the leaders in Catholicism to give little importance on the harm they are about to inflict on many innocent every time they defend their status and vanities, causing Catholics to desert the Church.

In Catholicism, our priests have also set aside religious instruction, and they have devoted themselves more so to creating fame and to relishing pagan or social pleasures further. Abuse from the clergy toward the laity has incremented, and laymen—so fragile and ignorant in their doctrine—fall to the clutches of wolves covered in sheep’s clothing.

Now, having understood my motives for having written this book, dear reader, I wish to offer you a brief summary of the obtained benefits in reading this book.

In order to give a true criticism concerning what’s taking place in Catholicism, it is necessary that the criticism be based on what the reasons and foundations of Catholicism are; to the contrary, we would be merely giving a personal critique, and in the end, the result would be to create more hatred and transmit errors. Therefore, in this book I explain the following matters which will resolve many of your doubts concerning Church doctrine:

  • In the book, I explain the origins of Catholicism and who its founder is.
  • What the significance of the priesthood is and its origin.
  • I give a detailed explanation of: Why the Church still does not permit priests to get married?
  • I also explain the reasons for which the Church still cannot make decisions concerning the ordination of women to the priesthood.
  • I explain in my book: Who really is Jesus Christ?
  •  I explain, with foundations, why the deity of Jesus Christ is a verity.
  • I also explain what the duties of priests in the Church are.


In the second part of my book, A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI, I give a fundamental criticism on real things happening nowadays and which don’t agree with Church doctrine.

  • Also in this second part, I tell about a number of factual occurrences and give further examples of deficiencies in contemporary Catholicism.
  • I give examples of corruption of Church doctrine and examples of the missteps that our leaders take in contemporary Catholicism.
  • I explain why sexual abuse is occurring on the part of Catholic priests.
  • I have also dared to explain how I, Jesé Retoño, too have been admonished by Catholic priests of the highest clerical ranking. Moreover, I have been denied the prerogative of announcing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ within my very own Catholic Church.


I assure you that after having read this book, you will be convinced that I’m saying the truth and teach the doctrine of the Church with rectitude. If someone in the world wishes to know what Catholicism is like and what it stems from, this book will open the doors to the Church’s doctrine, and they will know what, in fact, is enclosed in Catholicism.

I assure you that any Catholic who reads this book will come to know their very own religion and will come to understand that it’s the only Church Christ ever formed, since I give facts and strong bases for anyone to become strengthened in Catholicism.

If you are not Catholic and wish to know what Catholicism is, this book will help you know perfectly well what the details and particulars of the Catholic Church are. Here we welcome all races and creeds. Our book is available to everyone, without exception.

The epilogue of my book is fashioned more so to the genre of poetry, where I draw the world’s attention and that of the Pope to see if there’s someone who wants to help find a solution to this bitterness that’s eating away at us and separating us from God.

Dear reader, I guarantee that what’s written in my book is truthful, and I assure you that you will resolve many of your doubts, from ecclesiastical doubts to doctrinal ones concerning Catholicism. No one before has ever written with such realism concerning the things that, today, have dragged the Church down to this degree of immorality.

I guarantee that you will be convinced that this book is truly an authentic aid and support to free anyone from doubt and reestablish one’s life in God. I guarantee you that anybody will be able to once again confide in God and reaffirm oneself in God’s salvation and his Church.

This is our guarantee.
If you discover that this is not true, we will refund your money. All you have to do is return the book with your receipt, a brief explanation as to why you disagree, and we will reimburse you the value of the book, no questions asked.

We strive for the truth and love of God.
May the peace of Christ be with everyone.
Jesé Retoño,
Editorial Piecrecita.

More About the Book

Part I

  1. How far back does the priesthood go?
  2. Who is Christ?
  3. Jesus’ Ministry
  4. Christ Eternal Priest
  5. Jesus’ Death


Part II

Introduction to part two
  1. Analysis and criticism of the current priesthood
  2. Pastoral advice and diocesan programs
  3. Dead priesthood
  4. Priesthood and persecution

This is only an excerpt from the Preface. Please order the book to read the full version. Thank you.


Why don’t priests get married?
The Origins of the Priesthood and Catholicism
The controversy & world’s inquiry unto the Catholic Church
What is happening in the Church? Is it corruption perhaps?


This book has been written for all those who have abandoned the Catholic Church. It is an answer to all those who have been abused by the Church. It is an answer to all the men and women of all societies, men and women who believe in God, but also for those who do not believe in God and who want to hear a criticism or an answer concerning what actually goes on in the Catholic Church.

This book has also been written for all those who want to know and learn about the true foundations and origin of Catholicism. In this book, we show who the founder of Catholicism is and its origins.

This book is also an answer for all Catholics who do not believe in the righteousness of the Catholic Church and to all those Catholics who suffer incomprehension and desolation within Catholicism.

This book is the answer to the question of why Catholic priests are not able to get married.

This book is a fundamental criticism of the latest developments within Catholicism, but it is also an answer to all those Catholics who want to open their eyes to the reality.

—Here is the answer from a lay Catholic—

This is only an excerpt from the Afterword. Please order the book to read the full version. Thank you.


…Many events have been taking place within the Church, and we all want a clear answer. We have priests who have deserted the Church and priests who have violated the sexual life of many innocent people. The Church moves along a line of violence, intransigence, irresponsibility and moral disregard, and nobody has an answer.

We have wanted to clarify the position and the reason behind why Catholic priests cannot get married, unlike the pastors of many different religions and beliefs who don’t understand this.

We have also wanted to clarify the current situation of the Church today. This is the reason for having written this polemic concerning the developments and acts that are occurring within the interior of the Church itself. Many good Catholics are turned away from the Church. They are despised, alienated, and even derided by the Church itself. And these righteous Catholics don’t understand and can’t find anyone to tell them a real answer concerning what actually is happening.

Furthermore, there are many other Catholics within the Church that are struggling and being persecuted within their own religious ministries. Many of them are already on the verge of abandoning both their ministry and also the Church. The internal social pressure is forcing them to abandon their religious functions, and it’s making them susceptible to deserting the Church itself and becoming apostates.

Many of them could end up in the ranks of Protestantism, converting themselves into some schismatics and heretics, and there’s no one to give them a clear vision of what’s happening to them.

It is this great Catholic tragedy which has led us to expose the situation of what is happening today at the heart of the Church itself. We hope that in discussing these issues, some day the Church could be able to open its eyes and stop this wave of abuse to its members so that the Church could truly be the Mystical Body of Christ.

Thousands of lay Catholics in the world are mistreated merely for being true bearers of the Gospel and because they don’t accept the corruption of the Church.

The Church itself has in its nucleus corrupt bishops, parish priests, and auxiliary priests. They are liars before Christ the Lord, and because they have the authority yet not the knowledge or truth in God, they turn away the righteous.

Christ’s Church should shine by its righteous and humanitarian deeds toward its own members as well as to the whole of humanity, just as God has wanted it. The Church must be humble and understanding with its own members and with itself before wanting to help society just as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us, assuring us that the good judge starts with his own home.

Today, we lament so much harm caused to so many innocent people for so many injustices within the Church. We hope that with these words we have achieved a heightened awareness to many men and women in today’s society.

This polemic is not about politics or hatred. On the contrary, we have wanted to use these words to make the Church itself hear our voice and return to the true purpose for which Christ instituted his Church.

We present our criticism and what we are able to understand in religion so that many can come to understand the truth of the happenings. Our book is not intended to condemn or to sue anyone. We only wish that the message reaches anyone who needs it.


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