What Does It Mean To Forgive A Neighbor?

What Does It Mean To Forgive A Neighbor?


Forgiving, Forgiving, & Forgiving

Who is a Neighbor?

What is Mercy?


What value is there in this book?
What message or aim does this book have?

This book has been made with the sole purpose of getting to the bottom of what forgiveness and reconciliation truly are. Jesé Retoño has written it with the aim of clarifying what remorse or contrition is.

These terms have yet to be understood or comprehended. They seem to be just words used on a regular basis, terms having an association to judicial courts where punishments are sentenced and judges are gods. Human degeneracy and deterioration have reached extremes now, to the point of not recognizing or understanding the true meaning of these terms, which have their origins in God’s creation and His people.

Upper class society or the elite bureaucracy, psychiatry, politics, the sciences, etc., have changed their meanings. And the world at large doesn’t even recognize any of the moral significance behind these terms. We’ve gotten to the point of foolishly and blindly forgiving others. We neither know or understand the signs of true remorse, and we forgive whomever without any basis whatsoever. Suffice it that we are told, “I’m sorry!”

We’ve gotten to the extremes of: Whoever’s in the right, or the righteous one, is the one who has to ask forgiveness to whoever offended them, that is, to the criminal who disguises him/herself as being good.
Our blindness makes us believe that anyone is good and that anyone is our neighbor, even if we know that that same person will stab us in the back as soon as we turn around and give our back.

Nowadays, we don’t know who our neighbor is, nor who we can or should forgive.
We guarantee that with this book, all these doubts which torment anyone will be resolved—doubts which not only give us major headaches but not even our priests or psychologists can help us understand.
After reading this book, you’ll be able to breathe contentedly, and you’ll be able to comprehend your own situation correctly, within the Divine Plan. This is our guarantee.

I, Jesé Retoño, guarantee you that God himself speaks through my writing, and He himself will help you; and after having read our edition number 112-EN, you’ll be able resolve your doubts or hurt.

Kind regards and peace to everyone in Christ.
Jesé Retoño—An Apocalyptic Wolf.
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.

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Libro en rústica: 57 pages
Editorial: Piedrecita
Edición №: 112-EN
Idioma: English
Dimensiones: 4.5″ x 7.0″

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  2. What does it mean to Repent?
  3. What does Mercy mean?
  4. Who is a Neighbor?



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