Celibacy is Not Dogma

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Christ Carrying His Cross

Well let’s begin with the priesthood and start by asking ourselves if the priesthood is Dogma. Is the priesthood dogma?

Now we ask ourselves: Is it true that Christ said in his own words that being a priest isn’t dogma? Moreover, ask yourself: Could it be possible that Christ may have said that there are seven sacraments? Could it also be possible that he affirmed that a dogma is that which the Church determines to be a dogma?

And the million dollar question: Could it be that God instituted a Dogma in his having created humanity or having sent his own Son to the world? Now then—if we ask ourselves—couldn’t it be that God mistakenly created humanity and ended up sending his only Son to the world by accident?

If we say that celibacy was not instituted by Christ, then we speak truth. However, if we say that Christ was not celibate, then we lie, blaspheme, and betray the one true God. God didn’t create the world because he was obligated to do so, nor was it for establishing his orders or institutions. Christ wasn’t obligated to come to the world in order to fulfill some dogma or to create dogmas.

Christ wasn’t celibate and holy because it was instituted for Him to be that way, nor was He obligated to be Eternal Priest, and those who were called to the priesthood weren’t held at gunpoint and forced to abandon the world, their wives, and even their lives and dedicate themselves to serving the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Could it really be that Jesus Christ has come to bring salvation to humanity by obligation or because He had to follow a Dogma?! And could it really be that we’ll all be saved at gunpoint just because he decided it so?! Maybe all this seems ridiculous. However, let’s be sensible.

God doesn’t oblige nor impose means or laws of salvation counter to human volition, and no one can be saved if they don’t decide it for themselves. It is a matter of our own will whether to love him or reject him, and under no circumstance does God obligate us.

Did Jesus Christ ever say that priests had to be poor? And if this were true, shouldn’t this be a dogma as well? Or are we only going to vote for those things that we’re self-interested in?

What things did Christ say? And if Christ didn’t say: “Women cannot be priests,” then we are all going to vote to institute a new priesthood of women. Marvelous!

If Christ did not say that priests should get married, then let’s vote, and whatever the majority says, that’s what it’ll be. Marvelous! Democracy always wins! Now, not only will priests be able to get married but even the priestesses will.

It’s only a matter of time before we hear in the Sunday-Mass announcements that the Parish Priest could not come to officiate Mass because he had to take some vacations to Las Vegas with his wife and children. How truly wonderful this is! Congratulations and long live life in the fast lane.

Christ’s priesthood achieves more triumphs each and every time! It is becoming more and more characteristic of human institutions and the likes/dislikes of people each and every time. Who knows until when God our Eternal Father will tire and decide to send the punishments that he has in store for the Church and world? Who knows if our Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ are willing to keep insisting to the Father that he detain his hand from coming down on humanity and his corrupt Church of today—being has how our priests have crossed the line?

Let’s be clear about some things: Jesus Christ never instituted and said these are the sacraments of salvation, this is the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, and it’s My institution or a Dogma. He never said that priests should get married. He never said women should be priests, and he never said that the whole world must get Baptized. He never said, “this is a Dogma.” Instead, however, the Church has—over time and in relation to human institutions—been deciding and defining which things are dogmas and which aren’t. In essence, however, Jesus Christ didn’t give the Church any authority whatsoever to make changes to his priesthood.

This is how Jesus Christ teaches us the way to salvation: He sets the example. First He gets Baptized, and then He invites us all to get baptized. He forgives sins, and then He teaches his disciples how to do so. He offers his body and his blood for the world’s salvation, and then he shows his friends how they must do so. He blesses the wedding in Canaan, and his friends recognize this as a blessing and means of salvation by way of matrimony.

He heals the sick, and then he teaches his friends to do this as well, by following his example. He wanders throughout the region as a vagabond and lives in poverty, and his friends do the same, as they too leave everything behind and follow him in poverty.

He is the first priest, and then he teaches his disciples to be priests just like Him. Jesus Christ shows the strength from the heavens by He himself being a very courageous soldier of the Kingdom of the Heavens here in the world, and then he breathes on his disciples so that they could also be strong and courageous when evangelizing, yet he never once obligates them.

Jesus Christ commits himself to service in the priesthood, without getting married, and then his disciples follow him. Het sets the example, and the friends follow him—being as how they do the same. Those that are married leave their wives and children, and those that still haven’t gotten married don’t even worry about getting married.

Let us be clear on this: Jesus Christ has not instituted dogmas, nor has he come to institute human plans in his divine life. He has come to bring salvation to humanity, and He has set the way we are to follow. He is the way, but he hasn’t determined what or how the members of his Church should call or name his pathways. He has given that liberty to his people, but he has not given them the liberty to institute or make changes to his priesthood.

Jesus Christ hasn’t obligated any priests—whether current or past—to follow him against their will. If anyone wants to follow Me, says the Lord, let him take up his cross and follow me, and no one who sets his hands on the plow and looks back is worthy of Me. In other words, if you are called to the priesthood and decide to be a Priest, know full well that whoever commits himself to the priesthood is a man with guts and who’s armed and ready for battle.

The priesthood is only for those men who are resolute in being violent and resolute in giving everything for the Kingdom of the Heavens.

When we move along or act contrary to God’s example, we expose ourselves to being led astray and getting lost in human misery. God then dissociates himself from his people, and when He tires from so many sins, then both the natural and divine laws turn against our very selves for not paying attention to the simplest of things God has put in man, such as the conscience and his divine laws.

Our mission is to raise awareness, not to harass. Shouldn’t we obey God before humans?!—according to Gamaliel. When we take steps in the dark, we expose ourselves to falling in the hole, and if it’s a deep hole, the ensuing disaster will be immeasurable. There’s no doubt, the Priesthood of today has distanced itself from its Master and is at risk of losing its holiness and mission for which it was sent.

May God bless you and the peace of Christ also be with you.
Celibacy is not dogma, but it’s God’s natural law. It means being Holy just as he is Holy.

Regards from Jesé Retoño, your lowly brother.
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)