Celibacy is Not Dogma

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What is Dogma and Celibacy?

Well let’s begin with the priesthood and start by asking ourselves if the priesthood is Dogma. Is the priesthood dogma?

Now we ask ourselves: Is it true that Christ said in his own words that being a priest isn’t dogma? Moreover, ask yourself: Could it be possible that Christ may have said that there are seven sacraments? Could it also be possible that he affirmed that a dogma is that which the Church determines to be a dogma?

It’s important to know what a dogma is; dogmas are truths that the Church considers to be immutable and are the basis of our doctrine and our faith.

What is Dogma?

A dogma is an absolute, definitive, immutable, infallible, irrevocable truth, without any doubt, and once it’s proclaimed by the Church, it cannot be denied or refuted, neither by the pope himself nor by anyone else.

If we say that celibacy was not instituted by Christ, then we speak truth. However, if we say that Christ was not celibate, then we lie, blaspheme, and betray the one true God. God didn’t create the world because he was obligated to do so, nor was it for establishing his orders or institutions. Christ wasn’t obligated to come to the world in order to fulfill some dogma or to create dogmas.

Christ wasn’t celibate and holy because it was instituted for Him to be that way, nor was He obligated to be Eternal Priest, and those who were called to the priesthood weren’t held at gunpoint and forced to abandon the world, their wives, and even their lives and dedicate themselves to serving the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Could it really be that Jesus Christ has come to bring salvation to humanity by obligation or because He had to follow a Dogma?! And could it really be that we’ll all be saved at gunpoint just because he decided it so?! Maybe all this seems ridiculous. However, let’s be sensible.

God doesn’t oblige nor impose means or laws of salvation counter to human volition, and no one can be saved if they don’t decide it for themselves. It is a matter of our own will whether to love him or reject him, and under no circumstance does God obligate us.

Celibacy is Not Dogma

Did Jesus Christ ever say that priests had to be poor? And if this were true, shouldn’t this be a dogma as well? Or are we only going to vote for those things that we’re self-interested in?

It’s true that the Church instituted celibacy, but it’s not a foundation of faith, however; it’s a precept in the priesthood and a necessary virtue in all laymen to reach eternal life. Without the cross and without Christ there is no salvation.

Chastity for the laity consists of keeping oneself clean from sin and of not continuing to sin, but in the priesthood it’s called celibacy. It’s very important that our priests remain celibate or free from sin so that they can evangelize without deceiving the multitudes with respect to the Gospel.

A priest who isn’t celibate cannot serve Christ and cannot speak a single truth at the pulpit because of his life of sin.

May God bless you and the peace of Christ also be with you.
Regards from Jesé Retoño, your lowly brother.
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)