Conspiracy Against God’s Plan

Battle in the name of Christ

The Narrow Gate

The Lord Jesus says:

How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.Matthew 7, 14

He who is called by God to exercise his Will is stalked, day and night, by all who have authority in the Church. In particular, such an individual is stalked by the Devil, who is the enemy of God’s grace. The entire world is against he who serves the Most High.

The Church is Holy because Christ is Holy

We have a saying in the holy Catholic Church: The Church is holy because Christ is holy. This is both a true and absurd saying. I, Jesé Retoño, tell you: The Church is not holy because Christ is holy. The Church is holy if all who belong to it obey the Saint of Saints. Christ himself tells his apostles or current priests:

Christ himself spoke these words to Peter and to his disciples. I assure you that not everyone in the Church does the will of God my heavenly father and, consequently, not all of us are saints.

Peter’s Betrayal

Peter, “Amen, I say to you, before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.” This constant is repeated very frequently throughout the Church, and Christ wanted, ever since the beginning, to emphasize the challenge that the priesthood would face over time.
What I present to the world and the Church today is proof that Satan has the power to create hundreds of Judas Iscariots throughout the Church and can destroy both the Church and the entire world.
He who serves the true God is stalked, threatened, alienated and insulted for simply serving God.


The mission that Christ has given me, Jesé Retoño, is a constant conspiracy against my life and against God’s plan. The psalmist says,

As dry as a potsherd is my throat; my tongue cleaves to my palate; you lay me in the dust of death. Dogs surround me; a pack of evildoers closes in on me. They have bound my hands and my feet.Psalms 22, 16-17

Satan Has Launched Himself Against the Church

This is how my life has been ever since Christ assigned me to this mission; Satan has launched himself against me to prevent all of you from knowing God’s glory. Satan has tried to shut my palate so that I don’t proclaim God’s glory, and he has tried a thousand different ways to bind my feet and hands to prevent me from reaching all of you and showing you the glory that God has reserved for those who want to follow Him.
However, it’s the will of the Most Holy that his glory be known, and that, through the lips of a mangy and dirty pup, despised by all, the grace of the Most Holy is to blossom.

Life Exists even Outside this Life

Before I begin discussing the contents of “The Battle and the Sun,” which is the title of the upcoming article in which I’m going to tell you and show you who Christ is, in all of his divinity; I want you to know about the sorrows I’ve had to encounter before all of this could be ready for the blessing of thousands throughout the Church and the world.

What I’m going to recount here are very real events. We can live in this world, as Christ did in his time, and simultaneously see, hear…and even see other beings who don’t reside in this material or physical world.
But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or don’t have life, just because our eyes can’t see them.
That’s why Christ, after having risen from the dead, told Thomas:

Thomas, “Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed”.John 20, 29

The Head of the Church is Ashamed of Christ

My mission, the one that Christ entrusted me with, is one of those that’s practically impossible to carry out. Today, even our Church leader finds it impossible to proclaim Christ as true God. I know…in the media, it’s not something very fashionable to mention Christ. If we, in the Church, are ashamed of Christ, there are thousands more who claim that Christ is not God, but merely a trivial prophet.

Christ is the Emmanuel

Hundreds of people from many different religions basically affirm that God failed in the prophecy of Isaiah 7, 11-14 or that what Isaiah tells King Ahaz is false. That is, “the Lord himself” is going to give you a sign: The young woman, pregnant and about to bear a son, shall name him “Emmanuel.”

He said “the Lord Himself,” that is, Christ Himself…not “God our heavenly father”; but Christ himself asserted he would give us a sign. Christ himself, the very Lord himself, “Emmanuel – God is with us.”
Christ is the “Emmanuel,” he’s the very God himself, and he himself has been present since the beginning of creation, throughout the history of the prophets, throughout the Old Testament, and present now in our era, year 2022 and subsequent.

Christ Took Upon Himself the Human Condition

Christ himself, the true Lord God, our creator, decided to become a human baby and live among us. Only God has the power to transform himself and become a part of his own creation.
Thinking as humans do, if Christ was flogged, blood-stained and crucified, then he must not have been God. If Christ isn’t God and I “Jesé Retoño” carry out a divine mission affirming that the crucified one is God, then I already know what awaits me. If Christ was crucified, what shall become of me! My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

My Biography: The Facts


I’m a Mechanic

Now that we understand how difficult it is to fulfill God’s will, I’m going to share with you what Satan has done to my life in this world.

I, Jesé Retoño, am an assiduous person in the defense of our religion. As everyone knows, I’m an air conditioning mechanic, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dedicate time to God and to religious instruction.

I Know the Church’s Doctrine

Ever since a very young age, I’ve been assiduous in apologetics, philosophy, theology, Church history, and have spent much time analyzing the authors of the original Scriptures. I’m deeply knowledgeable in all things related to the Law and the prophets. I’ve been a catechist for many years in the Church; I’ve been a Communion minister for many years; I’ve formed Catholic communities; I’ve been an evangelizer in the Church; I’ve taken the Gospel to prisoners inside jails; I’ve given conversion experience retreats, etc. , etc…I’m fully versed in all Church doctrine. I’m up to date with Christ’s Will and all avenues consistent with the Vatican.

Piedrecita is My Ministry

On April 25, 2013, I began this ministry driven by the power of the Holy Spirit. Seven years earlier, Christ had already touched me internally, and the time had come to abandon the world and dedicate myself to God’s things. My time had come; Christ was calling me to the mission that he had reserved for me ever since my childhood.

My Time is for God

As you already know, I’m a mechanic, and just about every day, I find myself at my own desk with my computer in my small office. I have a business to manage so that my children and I can survive; on top of that, I have a ministry to manage for the salvation of thousands in the name of Christ.

I spend many hours writing for you, but I’m the happiest man on earth because, although I don’t have much money, I survive by the grace of God. I write so that all of you may better know about this mission but also for the purpose of you knowing that I had already told you, when the things that God has shown me happen. Remember that the “Fatima” manifestations are a presage of what’s to come.

Purgatory Journey and Experience

Even before I experienced the journey to Purgatory, a topic which I’ve already written about to you, here at Piedrecita…even before then, I was already enduring frequent stalkings from Satan.
Many and varied are the ways in which Satan has attacked me both physically and spiritually. I’ve always seen him, and he has always hated me, not to mention the attacks from the priesthood and leadership in the Church, even attacks from my very own family, in general.

Challenge in the Church

One of the greatest challenges a prophet faces is that of being rejected by their own church community, by their homeland, and by their own family.
The Lord Jesus says, “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and in his own house” (Matthew 13, 57). This ministry is a challenge that confronts both the world and the Church. First, because the Church has always attacked me and has rejected me from its parishes or communities. Christ’s truth and his gospel are not very welcome in the Church…not anymore, not in our time.

Expelled from the Church

According to Church tradition, those who get excommunicated or separated from the Church due to adverse situations are no longer recognized by the flock. If a few go about claiming that they are Christ, the Church blacklists them as the false prophets announced in the gospel, in accordance with the Acts of the Apostles and according to the tradition of the Church.

The Antichrist

The apostle John says in his first letter to the communities, “Just as you heard that the antichrist was coming, so now many antichrists have appeared. They went out from us, but they were not really of our number; if they had been, they would have remained with us. Their desertion shows that none of them was of our number” (I John 2, 18-19).

The Church Gives Christ Capital Punishment by Stoning

In keeping with this absurd and mistaken mentality, the Church launches conspiracies and, at the same time, spreads confusion and rejection against those who are truly children of the Most High, Holy God. Logically, it’s Christ himself who is given the capital punishment by stoning from his very own Church. It sounds absurd, but this is today’s reality. It’s quite the obvious reason for why Christ is greatly offended by his very own Church.

I, Jesé Retoño, don’t like making too much of this, but if I were to tell them that I’m a messenger from the Most High, Holy God, they would hate me. If I told them that I myself am written about in the Old Testament and that the New Testament bears witness to me, they’ll hate me forever. Indeed, it’s true, the Church is right, I’m crazy…I’m rambling here, and in my delirium, I say real atrocities.

I have no reason in my life for deceiving myself, deceiving God, or deceiving everyone throughout the world. If I’ve been baptized into the Church, however, and Christ and my Heavenly Father comes to me in person, in all his glory, what else can I tell you! Ever since then, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, and I also know that I can reveal the glory of the one true God to the world, just as today, I bear witness to the verse from Isaiah 7, 11-14 and to the many more things I’ll reveal during my ministry in this life.

Rejected by the Church

It’s the will of the Most High, Holy God that I show all of you the truth and that I never leave any doubt whatsoever when I explain or teach the gospel. I know that I’ve been rejected by the Church, but I’ve also been healed, sanctified, and eternally blessed by Christ and my heavenly Father.
Satan has been an obstacle in my life, but the grace of God will always prevail.
I bless you all.

Attacks from Satan

Long before the visit to Purgatory, Satan used to approach my bed when I slept. He would try taking me out of my body so that I couldn’t continue God’s plans in this life. This would happen to me many times; I had adapted to this hellish and uncomfortable battle in my life.

This would happen to me while I was in a deep sleep and my body’s energy was in complete repose; at that moment, Satan would enter and make my spirit leave the body. I myself would feel how I was slightly leaving my body, but Satan couldn’t continue because Christ wouldn’t allow it.

Dogs Barking

For many years, while working as a mechanic fixing air conditioners, I would always hear dogs barking at me on the side of the road as I drove to my service calls.
Sometimes I would hear them so close to me that they were basically at a sidewalk’s distance next to the road, right by my pickup’s window.

Supernatural Attacks in my Office

As I mentioned before, I always make time to write to you here at Piedrecta after work. For many years, while I would write my evangelical messages or teachings for Piedrecita, I would see Satan approach me, and he would always distrub me as he made his way to my office.
I could see other spiritual beings, which, by the way, weren’t very pleasant at all, and I again resorted to Christ so that he would disallow me to see them.
I had a mission to fulfill, but with so many demons to endure, I prayed to God so that he could take away this affliction from me.

Hauntings from Satan

Satan’s hauntings were never pleasant, for he harbors infinite hatred for Christ’s gospel. The situation worsened even more and God, my heavenly Father, in the name of Christ his son, freed me of this infernal tether.
In order for God’s plans to continue, God intervened and gave a blessed solution to the problem.
Since then, I’ve no longer had to endure seeing them, although it doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of, or don’t know, or can’t detect the presence of the devil.

Now I’ll move on to describing one of these instances to you.

Satan’s Attacks

In the middle of the day, while I was in my office writing the evangelical messages for Piedrecita, I saw Satan coming and he entered my office enraged; he jumped at me and began choking me around the neck.
I could perceive his power over my body, such that I couldn’t breathe and my spirit couldn’t move in any direction. My tongue was tied, and I couldn’t mention God. Both physically and spiritually, I was held down.

Satan Has Power

Satan’s power to interfere both physically and spiritually is extremely serious. Satan has power in this life to interfere within people and make them do evil. Satan has supreme power to make human beings murderous, suicidal, idolaters, hateful and even terrorists.
Satan has the power to tempt the ambitions of power in the men who rule the world, and he can ignite world wars and even defeat the Church, as he is doing so today.

Only in my mind was I able to pray to God. At that moment, I prayed to Christ asking him to free me of the enemy’s fury by way of his sacred blood. I was praying within me for a few seconds, and Satan gave up, not being able to withstand the blood of Christ, and I was released.
On this occassion, I had been freed, but a few days later, the incident was repeated.

Satan Strikes the Second Time

The second time it happened, he came at me with even more rage. Once again, he entered my office and jumped over or through my desk and computer to squeeze my neck. I once again felt unable to breathe, and my body couldn’t move. My spirit and body were tied at the hands and feet; my lips couldn’t even pronounce God’s name.

This time I prayed internally, and this is what I asked God in my prayer:

Dear Father, in the name of Christ your beloved son, I beg you to drive away the enemy from me forever, that he be sent to wherever you choose, but far away from me, so that I can fulfill the mission you’ve assigned to me. Dear Father, in the name of Christ my Lord I ask this of you.
God heard my plea, and ever since then, Satan was banished so that he would never again bother me, so that this ministry Piedrecita, your ministry, may reach many thousands of lives and bring about their salvation.

In Order to See God, It’s Necessary to Reject the Riches of this World.

This is what’s happened to me, and with this specific example, I want everyone to know that serving God in this world means leading a life of sacrifice. We are continually exposed, in this world, to the snares of God’s enemy. We must always stay vigilant to never sin, nor allow Satan to separate us from God’s grace.

Seeing God is Not Impossible

Seeing God is not impossible, but it requires a life of utter abandonment to God. It requires one’s total surrender to obeying God above all else. It requires loving poverty more than wealth. It requires abandoning luxuries, important positions in our society, abandoning leadership, power, treasures and paying no attention to the honors bestowed upon us in this human life. It requires loving God above all things.

Invitation to the Upcoming Article: “The Battle and the Sun”

Now I wish to invite you all to prepare for the next step before moving on to “The Battle and the Sun”.
It’s both right and just for me to have specified these details to you. Perhaps if I hadn’t done so, you’d think that all of this is just some fictional tale. But the reality is that anyone wishing to carry out a ministry in the name of Christ must always remain united to Christ, fighting against the snares of the Enemy that separate us from God.

Not All Priests Do Evil

Many priests and laity in the Church, perhaps, take offense when I speak generally about the sins of Church leaders and priests. But, Christ and myself do apologize; we know that not everyone does evil and that there are many good priests and lay people. Nonetheless, it’s necessary for the truth to be said because sin is an infection that’s affecting the entire Church, and if it isn’t denounced in time, the disease will end up annihilating the whole Church.

Generalizing Means Being Guilty

Generalizing implies a general guilt, but not generalizing means that God has lied, since we’d be affirming that we’re all righteous and that Christ deceived himself in coming to bring us His salvation.

As for those good priests of the Most High, Christ says to them that he loves them and that he wants them to persevere because his glory will be eternally praised in them. I invite all priests in the Holy Catholic Church to know Christ in all of his glory.

I Love You and Christ Loves You

Now I wish to bless you all in the name of Christ. If I didn’t love those whom Christ has placed in my name, then I would be deceiving myself, but I love them and I’m going to do everything possible to bring them to Christ so that one day they can meet my heavenly Father in person, as was the case with me.

Through Me, You’ll See God in This Day and Age

If Christ is together with the Father, and if I’m also with Christ, rest assured that you’ll be also. From now on, not only will you have the doctrinal teachings of the Church leading you to Christ, but you’ll also be able to see and experience, through me, what it’s like to stand before God. I assure you that, without seeing God, you’ll be seeing Him through me, and your faith will grow.

It’s worth loving God above all things.

Don’t forget that I’m a simple mechanic, and my wages aren’t much, but if you can please help me with a financial donation, Christ and I will appreciate it. Please send your donation in dollars to Editorial Piedrecita PO BOX 1653 CERES, CA 95307.

You’re all invited to continue with the upcoming articles that’ll prepare us for “The Battle and the Sun”.
I am Jesé Retoño, a servant of the Most High.
My son, the eldest, León Jesuita sends you his regards.
This is your ministry “Piedrecita,”

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