Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Being Catholic means filling up Masses on Day of the Dead. This is the tradition, but Christ’s doctrine is about celebrating life in the risen Christ Jesus.

Catholics Are Atheists

Without a doubt, we Catholics like to party on all occasions, even when it comes to the deceased or Day of the Dead. And if in some country they have festive celebrations of witches and vampires, Catholics aren’t far behind. They celebrate the dead with all kinds of festivities and fright.

We celebrate Mass every weekend, and there’s usually a set number of Catholics who attend Mass. Sometimes only a few show up and other times a bit more, but the parish hardly ever gets packed. That’s usually how it goes. Some come today, others at another time in the distant future—as is customary in a mediocre life: Catholics by name and religion yet atheists before the world. Basically, Catholics are deceased souls celebrating Day of the Dead.

Catholics Emerging Everywhere

On Day of the Dead (All Souls Day), while at Mass, suddenly the parish gets packed, and they even come in bubbling through the windows. What’s more, they even arrive late, and those that had gotten there early and were seated on the pews already are shoved, stalked, or threatened by those who are arriving not only late but extremely late, such that the ones having arrived on time are practically kicked out of their spots and forced to move.

What’s surprising is the fact that no one’s yet had the audacity to go up on the altar and also tell the Father to move his rear a bit, so as to make room for this poor soul who can’t find a place to sit.

Catholics Jam-Pack Masses with Loud Children

Without a doubt, Catholics are not only shameless but awfully ill-mannered. And if that weren’t enough, they come laden with children incessantly crying at the top of their lungs, but what do parents care? And the specialty of Mass is always the ringing of cellphones. The most important thing, however, is that they complied with attending the Mass of obligation. Basically, Day of the Dead is turned into disarray.

Catholics Lead Pagan Lives

All of these worldly festivities have nothing to do with the Catholic Church and nothing to do with the doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ. However, being as how everyone has a deceased relative, they come to see if the good father/priest can offer the Mass for this person and if God can take pity on that soul. It’s as if everyone openly recognizes that their relatives are not in Heaven. Moreover, if they aren’t in Heaven, it’s because they led the same exact life that they themselves are leading presently: A mediocre life and full of sins! In other words…life of the deceased, and rightly named Day of the Dead.

Catholics Don’t Change Their Lives For God

Evidently, Day of the Dead reminds them that they too are going to die, but since they also don’t intend on changing their lives towards God, they are comforted in offering a Mass and attending the dominical celebration—taking advantage of and walking all over the few true and faithful Catholics. As it turns out, ninety percent of Catholics are fanatics of celebratory days only, and on those days they specialize in giving to Church collections so that the Church can pray for them and commemorate Day of the Dead—even if they are nonexistent to Christ.

The Gospel Is Not For The Dead

The doctrine of Christ doesn’t celebrate Day of the Dead, and it’s not for the deceased. Rather, it’s for the sinners of this world who wish to turn their lives around. Once the Christian or atheist has died, they can’t go to Mass and can’t do sacrifices for the salvation of their soul, since their time is up. On Day of the Dead, prayers can be said in Mass for a dead relative that may have gone to purgatory. If the dead relative didn’t make it to Purgatory, that is, they find themselves in Hell. It’s no longer possible to do anything for him or her.

Journey to Purgatory

We recommend that you read our article on the topic here at Piedrecita: Journey to Purgatory.

The doctrine of Hell and Purgatory is taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, but Day of the Dead is merely Church culture specific to each country and to stay well informed, attend Church community gatherings/meetings and become informed.

The question is:

How Can I Know If My Relative Is In Purgatory?

That’s easy, super easy to answer.

Firstly, you and your family must be practicing Catholics of the Gospel and faithful to Christ in both life and testimony. That is, no stuffing yourself with food, no binge drinking, no hypocrisies, no arrogance, no sensualities, no vanities and worldly pleasures, no malicious and perverse lies, no hating others for their social class or poverty or because of their race, etc., etc…

Catholics Must Consecrate Their Lives to God Daily

None of this…trying to be holy on Day of the Dead because it doesn’t work that way. Instead, one must be obedient to God’s law—the Commandments. Those who’ve been baptized and are the sons/daughters of the Most High, must be obedient to the presence of the Holy Spirit. The gifts of the Holy Spirit must be part of their daily life, along with the showing of mercy to others.

In the Catholic Church, Day of the Dead is not a day for crying but for praying to God and reflecting on our sins.
The life of a Christian must be a life consecrated to God and always nourished by the Sacraments of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s quite simple; the requirement is to be holy. This is the requirement that’s needed to be able to know if a relative has gone to purgatory.

And finally, in order for you to know if your relative is in purgatory, it doesn’t just have to be Day of the Dead, rather—being as how you are leading a holy life—the virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit, or Christ himself can reveal this to you or authorize the deceased relative himself to come and show you his/her personal situation so that you may know.

True Catholics Won’t Die in Christ’s Presence

Our lives must be consecrated to God daily so that we don’t have to worry about death or life at present. Whoever seeks their life will lose it, but whoever loses it for My sake shall find it, says my Lord.

Be Holy and blessings for everyone.
Happy All Saints Day and may Christ reside in everyone.

Day of the Dead in Christ and for Christ…that day is, in fact, All Saints Day for God because death doesn’t exist for God, only the saints and eternal life.

Peace from your lowly brother Jesé Retoño.
Yours Sincerely,
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.

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