Defects of Contemporary Priests

Defects of Contemporary Priests

Priests are mentors to God’s people; they set the example. If they’re corrupt, then the multitudes are corrupt and salvation is but only fame and money.

Our Priests Are Tainted

Our priests think that making it into the Priesthood is the same thing as having reached the epitome of Sainthood. In other words, for them it’s the same as being the superior one in the Lord’s vine. That is, it means standing out from the bunch of inferior people and becoming the distinguished one in the crowd.

This is how the world thinks; that is, one must be a grand architect or a world-class scientist in order to be recognized by their prestige. In this manner, anyone in the world wants to and dreams of being famous. Using this same guiding principal, members of the clergy also think in this very same way.

Our priests nowadays think it, live it, and make this a reality within them. However, they don’t tell us this. In order to be able to see a flaw in a contemporaneous priest, one must be very, very much relatively close to Christ. Otherwise, we’ll believe everything they tell us or teach us, just like that…blindly.

Priests Treat Us As If We’re Incompetent

That is, said another way would be: Whoever said that only those receiving the sacrament of the priesthood should be properly instructed and knowledgeable?

Who ever said that the laity can’t or shouldn’t receive instruction in the theological, historical truth and knowledge of our religion?

Since when and how is it that we the laity can’t or shouldn’t become educated in our doctrine, to the same or higher degree than any priest?

Whoever said that laymen should be ignorant and incompetent in the foundations and theology of our holy religion?

That’s the reason for which laymen, instead of noticing and declaring the injustices within the very Church, can’t see them and can never stop them.

Bishops and Their Leaders Are Arrogant and Incompetent

Unfortunately, we have priests of the highest Curia, representatives of the Diocese and even of seminarians, which come and introduce themselves before a parochial community with such arrogance, with such authority, and with so much haughtiness that they assume they indeed are a grand eminence in Church theology and doctrine. They even state their name, the rank they have, and what they represent in the Church. All this is done with an incredible absence of humility and lack of evangelical common sense that could give credit to their ministry as representatives of Christ.

Priests Are Kings

They are priests who, when celebrating Mass, make their triumphal entrance with that exclusive and accelerated stride proper of kings or feudal lords. They come in carrying all the maximal authority of the Church and give messages of support, messages of supposed understanding and comprehension towards the community. However, shinning within them is the absence of Christ…in their messages and in their lives.

It’s Not in the Church’s Interest that the Faithful be Knowledgeable

To our knowledge, dear audience, the word Priest is the same thing as being Holy except that it’s not referring to this contemporary holiness that our priests are projecting unto us nowadays. This, in fact, is what our present-day priests rely on, since the people or communities are lacking in doctrinal knowledge and understanding.

However, this holiness that our priests project is not the holiness instituted by Moses in the Old Testament and far less is it the holiness constituted by our Lord Jesus Christ in his Holy Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Priests Use the Faithful

Let us give an example nevertheless. Jesus Christ asks, “Who is greater?” That is, “Who is greater, the one at the table or the one serving? Isn’t it the one who’s at the table? Well, I am among you as the one who serves.”

The teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ couldn’t be any clearer. He is clearer than crystal clear water. Our priests should be servants and workers at the service of the faithful, not tax collectors or politicians wrapped up in economic affairs that have nothing to do with the ministry they represent.

Nevertheless, what’s occurring nowadays in our Church is a case of utmost importance and extreme necessity. It so happens that we have a lack of priests, and it’s extremely necessary for more priests to be ordained.

So then, what happens is that in every Mass we plead for the priestly vocations, and here’s the most surprising thing about our note:

Priestly Vocations Are a Disgrace

We have priests of high clerical ranking who come and talk to us about the necessity of praying very much for the vocations of the priesthood. They thoroughly discuss the matter in these speeches, yet they aren’t even able to teach or interpret the Gospel correctly.

The basic idea is that there are various kinds of vocations. That is, there’s the innate vocation of life, which we have all been born into, and consequently it’s in our nature to defend it.

There’s the vocation to matrimony in which they give such a simple explanation, so basic and well-suited for adult-babies. That is to say, there’s very little evangelical message given with respect to this.

Then we have the vocation to singlehood. In other words, according to them, being single is also a good way of life, and it’s one that we shouldn’t deny, especially if we never procured marriage. They teach us that being single is commendable and that we mustn’t be ashamed; it’s a very dignified way of life and merits all of our support.

The Unmarried Are Perfect, According to the Priesthood

What’s most surprising is the use of euphemisms to emphasize singlehood…as if fornication didn’t exist in an unmarried lifestyle…as if aberrations, partying, and the fast life were all absent in singlehood in such a way that one may find a real vocation in this way of life, one that is so worthy as to be valued by God.

It’s as if they are telling us that infidelities and all types of aberrations that offend a couple, their children, and God are nonexistent in the married life.
Of course, in such discourses there’s no room for juvenile corruption. There’s only applause and positive speech.

Hiding Flaws Makes the Church Strong

Talking about the positive side of things has always been what all the ministries and Church ministers have easily given in to. Highlighting the positive side is what’s “grandiose” and hiding the defects, is the “strength” of the Church. Obviously, one of the talking points is the vocation to the priesthood, which definitely has to be and must come from young men who are single.

Vocations of Little Animals

When they talk to us about vocations, it seems as though they are also alluding to the vocations of cats, dogs, birds, etc., as existing just the same, since even animals have been called to their own animal vocations as well. And so there it is…a grand evangelical message from our priests. That’s an example of the theological and doctrinal studies acquired in priestly seminaries, congratulations.

And by the way, paying for these studies to the diocese for the education of priests, costs us laymen a fortune!

Young People Must Be Celibate

If we touch upon the fundamental issue of celibacy in the primitive Church, we could mention the time when the Apostle Paul, wishing that the youth would prefer as he did to remain celibate and true to his Redeemer’s mission, the Apostle recommends that if the young man or young woman being called cannot fulfill their evangelical mission which the Lord our God has entrusted to them, then it is better to get married than to live in fornication.

That is, there’s no such recommendation to being unmarried youths and exposed to fornication. So then, how is it that our priests pretend to teach us that singlehood is a good vocation? That is, since we all know that man has been created to reproduce and give life to our eternal God’s plan.

Singlehood: It’s More Virtuous to Seek Christ

That is, being unmarried and without God, is the same thing as being spoiled fruit within the scope of God’s salvific plan. Or put another way, being married and without God results in being a bone of contention. Our Lord Jesus Christ proves it to us in this same way, with his own life and with all the callings to being elected eunuchs of the Most High God.

That is, what should be proposed instead is: if one is already single and there are no plans for marriage, it’s much healthier and advisable to lead a life towards the priesthood or towards religious service, for women.

The Priesthood Applauds the Decisions of the Multitudes

But of course, instead of calling things as they are, it’s better to applaud what everyone else does in lieu of teaching how it’s not good to be unmarried and without Christ, since by speaking in this manner no one gets offended, yet at the same time, no one understood a thing but everyone leaves content, not having been reprimanded or having received any sort of evangelical understanding. The priest, nonetheless, made good his obligation to the bishop and fulfilled his mission or Diocesan task.

But getting back to our topic, the grand detail that our priests—those of the highest clerical status—can’t see is that unfortunately they’re addressing a community or people deceased in the faith, a people who doesn’t even know what it means to be Catholic.

The Laity Go to Confession Every Weekend

We are brimming with millions of Catholics who don’t know their own religion and who only come to Church once a month, or once a year, or when a Quinceañera is to be celebrated or for a couple’s wedding.

The Church is brimming with faithful who keep confessing every weekend, or every time they sin because they don’t stop sinning and because the Church doesn’t want to teach them the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Where are our parish priests and diocesan priests when the word of life must be taken to the masses? And where are the priests of the Most High…holy priests, prepared to move mountains?

Bishops and Priests Move Mountains of Money

Yes, of course! They’re prepared to move mountains of money, fleecing and shearing the sheep or faithful Catholics of our very own Church.

It’s evident that we not only need more priests in our Church, but the ones we already have…we would need for them to also finish acquiring the doctrine and theology of the Faith that they themselves profess.

Now we can understand why it bothers them for laymen to be highly proficient. That is, rather than obeying the humility and love Jesus Christ taught us and which Christ demands of them, it’s easier to abuse the authority they have and silence or dismiss those laymen, priests, and nuns who are highly proficient and knowledgeable from our Church.

The Most Competent and Learned Members Are Dismissed by the Church

Indeed, because in our Church, we the laity are witnesses to how we do have priests that are loyal to Christ and faithful to his doctrine. We are witnesses to how we do have priests that are truly Eminences in Church doctrine and theology, and we’re witnesses to having faithful laymen who are highly proficient and knowledgeable in the doctrine and theology of our holy religion, but who nonetheless are dismissed and disqualified by the highest in the hierarchy of the Church.

That is, as they say in ecclesiastical spheres or meetings…they’re given the cold shoulder.

Priests Are Truly Politicians

As laymen, we’re given qualifications, certifications, and instructions for growing, evangelizing, and strengthening the Church. And when a layman decides he wants to be a true soldier of Christ and undertake the ministry of evangelization, it turns out that now the Church wishes to see if that education is current and in accordance with the Diocese’s plans. What a marvelous reply from our bishops and diocesan priests…real politicians and proof that they’re false public servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ in his Church.

The Church Takes a Lifetime to Think About It

Careful now, because the Church in these cases is very cautious lest something happens erroneously. Thus, they prefer taking a whole lifetime to think it over…doubting if, in fact, all those teachings that were received, if all the asceticism that was practiced and lived by these laymen for years is reliable and useful in the Church.

So outrageous is the slap they give us…they oppose all the salvific plans delivered by Christ to the Church, and of course, they end up contradicting themselves in everything they’ve fabricated.

The Lesser-Qualified Priests Are Pastors and Mentors

We as the laity carry with us the hurt and wounds that Christ receives in so many priests who are not allowed to fulfill their salvific mission. Of Course, the lesser-qualified priests are the ones who run our Church, and that’s why the Lord God Almighty said in Daniel’s time that iniquity emerged from the elders and judges in Babylon who made themselves out to be mentors of the people.

Kittens Are Better Than Priests

In our family, Dad used to say that kittens open their eyes 15 days after birth. The Church and its Bishops have existed for more than 2,000 years now, and our priests still don’t want to open their eyes to the reality of Christ and his mission in the Church.

Indeed, because the Lord Jesus Christ—the Almighty God—hasn’t stopped sending prophets through the ages and centuries of the human era, and still, the same prophetic words from our Lord Jesus Christ keep on repeating themselves.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how many times I yearned to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her young under her wings, but you were unwilling!Matthew 23, 37

Sometimes we sing the following praise, “¡Si tu volvieras a pasar, te diríamos que sí, Señor!” (i.e. “If you were to come again, we would say yes, Lord!”). The reality is quite different, however. Our Lord Jesus Christ is very offended by our Church’s behavior nowadays.

Editorial Piedrecita wishes you the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ to all those who seek him with a sincere heart.
Blessings in the name of the Lord.
Regards and peace,
Jesé Retoño
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.

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