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Choir Dismissed from Catholic Church

The priesthood: Synonymous with abuse and authority.

What do you think?

Ever since a certain priest arrived to our community, Hell has felt even hotter.

No one at Mass feels the peace of Christ. This priest promotes disorder. In one instance, we—the church choir for the Mass—had gotten up and pleaded to certain parents, if they could please pacify their babies, since neither we nor anyone else could listen any longer or focus on the the Holy Mass.

These supposedly Catholic parents, who neither love Christ nor understand why they even attend Mass…these couples with their crying babies reported us to the priest or pastor, saying that we had kicked them out of the church. Thus, that’s how savage they were in getting even with us, not accepting their doctrinal errors or their poor and meager faith.

For, if the parents of these children don’t know the purpose of Mass and why they attend, do you think babies actually know what a Mass even is? I hope you understand what I speak of when I say that our “eardrums burst.” That is, when it comes to sermons, babies are the champs, outshining any headstrong priest or lay person. I hope you won’t penalize me, thinking that I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent. Surely you must think that I’m a ruthless being. You must be thinking that surely I don’t have any children, and that I would set a lousy example for a family. Only a psycho and deranged person like myself could think this way.

The parish priest, being an ill-intentioned priest, took advantage of the complaints from these anti-Catholic people and gave the order to dismiss this choir from the community, a choir that had faithfully served Christ and the Church for many years, and he publicly told us that there were many other churches for that. The choir consists of myself (Jesé Retoño), my wife, and all my children. Nonetheless, this was how the parish priest dictated our sentence, without any remorse whatsoever. He granted himself the right to abuse Christ and permanently kick us out of the church. This priest didn’t even want to listen to us. He deemed himself superior to Christ and abused his authority; he put his arrogance above all else.

When this occurred, Catholics cared very little about it. The Catholic community, in general, was complicit in the corrupt action of the priest, except for many others who were also threatened along with us. That is, many realized what was going on and denounced many other injustices commited by this priest to the diocese, but most Hispanics always make excuses for priests and defend them.

The most outrageous thing about all of this, however, was that our bishop completely agreed with the corrupt parish priest. The typical response of our diocesan vicar is that we don’t know how to dialogue and that there was a lack of communication. The question we have to ask is this: When does a leader ever listen to the people of God? Because certainly, Christ condemned worldly leadership, and if a priest or bishop is a leader, he is also condemned, along with his power, his money, and his leadership.

For having requested silence and respect for the Blessed Sacrament during Holy Mass, we were dismissed without remorse. My whole family was dismissed from the parish community. This parish priest certainly exhibits grand charity and humility, since the long list of dismissed parishioners has grown, most of which, if not all, are to his credit.

In particular, he has already finished dismissing the entire American or English-speaking community, since they have been more diligent about bringing to light his underhandedness and reproaching him about his terrible sins.

The American, English-speaking community has already complained so much, yet our bishop is not interested in listening or tending to the faithful. The priest could care less about the English-speaking community, and the less Anglos or Americans there are in church, the better it is for him.

This parish priest truly discriminates whomever, for he is a real dictator. But our bishop, despite our complaints, is quite well and very happy with the status quo. Our Bishop is similar to the parish priest in that he doesn’t care what happens to the laity. Glory be to God brothers and sisters! May the corruption and abuse from the priesthood continue in our diocese and throughout the world. Hallelujah!

There’s no doubt: the gospel of Christ our Lord gets altered and changed to suit the perverse whims of the clergy! Christ is only a symbol, and we the laity are the economic source that sustains the faith of the Church. That is, faith today is measured in terms of money. Glory be to God!

What do you think?

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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