Eagles Wings are Our Tool

Eagle Soaring

Dear reader, we aren’t the only means for you to receive religious instruction; however, it is essential to let you know that all of the knowledge we have comes from the very Church itself. That is to say, the Church has all the necessary information that anyone would need to obtain the true knowledge of Christ and his doctrine.

The thing is, however, that in order to discover many dogmatic and theological secrets and the understanding of Scripture, it requires a great deal of time, perhaps many years. This is the reason why we at Piedrecita.com write in a more concise and abridged manner. We shorten the path to understanding by summing up only the important points that you would need and could only discover through many years of study.

That is, in order to be able to teach with precision and without error, many years of dedication are required. And above all else, what’s needed is a lot of commitment to Christ and always being full of the Holy Spirit so that we may discover and come to the perfect understanding of only those things God wants us to know.

Therefore, our books are an effective tool for being able to understand many other editions of many other Catholic authors. They are the perfect tool for understanding the lives of the many holy fathers of the Church, as well as the infinite amount of ascetic material that exists in our divine religion—instituted by Christ our Lord. In reading our books, you will come to realize the veracity and theology of the things being explained, which at the same time are described in a simple and understandable manner.

The Lord Jesus Christ has permitted us to give you Eagles Wings in order for you to understand and shorten your path to salvation. The tool that Christ has given us is the Holy Spirit, and with our teachings, you’ll obtain Eagles Wings so that you can much more readily comprehend and discover the One True God. Thus, in this ministry of Evangelization and religious instruction, we fight arduously for the salvation of everyone. It is Christ himself who teaches us and guides us in order to be able to help everyone that needs it.

Our Eagles Wings are for you and for: Catholics, Religious, Priests, Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, all types of Christians or brothers separated from the Catholic Church, politicians, university students, college students, men, women, young people, etc. Our teachings are useful for everyone, without exceptions and without discrimination.

Piedrecita is a tool that can fly us to God.
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May God our Father and Christ our Lord bless you.
Blessings and Regards from your lowly brother Jesé Retoño,
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.


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