Holiness and Praying the Rosary

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Holiness and Praying the Rosary - Editorial Piedrecita

The Saturday of 10/05/13 we went to Mass, and upon entering the Church’s doors, an exceedingly voluptuous woman passed right in front of us. She seemed rather nervous and in somewhat of a hurry, and she was heading towards the inside of the sacristy. The woman was wearing a pair of those tight pants that are used for going to the gym and exercising—so-called leggings—and she was also wearing some feminine boots that showcased her curves and her figure, that is, the natural contours of her body.

Basically, this exotic woman was dressed for going to a nightclub, or to some dance or bistro; she was ready for partying and the nightlife, yet not ready for Mass. Piedrecita wants to stress the poor doctrine that exists within Catholicism, the enormous immorality of Catholics, the vanity and huge pride of Catholics. Piedrecita wants us to remember the great responsibility of the priesthood, by which Christ will pay priests for their poor and miserable Sunday sermons that are good for nothing.

These sermons are but only promises of salvation, since “we are already saved in Christ,” according to the new gospel of the priesthood in the Church.

Normally every Saturday, before Mass starts, there is always a very modest, plainly-dressed lady who begins the Rosary, and we all pray before Mass begins, as the start-time draws near. To our great surprise, it was this very lady, the sexy and shameless one, who was now leading the Rosary and began the prayer.

There is no doubt that Catholics say one thing and do another, and our priests are not the least bit worried about the arrogance and vanity of these Church meddlers. Our Lord Jesus Christ put it well when he said, “Hypocrites, Isaiah prophesied correctly of you when he said: ‘This nation honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far away from me. They worship me in vain, for they teach doctrines that are precepts of men.’”

Piedrecita notes that, since Catholics are ignorant of their religion, and when they decide to leave the only Church instituted by Christ, it is then that they finally take it upon themselves to read the Bible, and it’s then that they become bitter enemies of the holy Catholic Church. Piedrecita makes the following reminder to priests, deacons, and Catholic evangelizers that your sermons are not worth a dime, for they don’t sway even a mouse. The sermons of these priests are lacking of true doctrinal teaching because, in effect, they aren’t teaching anything due to the absence of Christ in their lives and due to their paltry faith.

Being that the temple is a place for prayer and meditation, these shameless floozies—as the apostle Paul would call them—are the cause for debauchery, the Church’s corruption, and the weakness of priests. That is why the Psalmist says: If we had forgotten the name of our God or elevated our hands to a foreign god: Wouldn’t God have been aware of this—He who knows the secrets of the heart? But for your sake, we are killed on a daily basis, for we are treated like sheep on their way to the slaughterhouse.

Piedrecita reminds us: Aren’t these the reasons for which Catholics are regarded as blasphemous? Could it be possible that one day there might be a priest sensible-enough to prevent such offensive human vanities existing within our parishes?

I, Jesé Retoño, say to everyone throughout the world: The day in which a sensible priest were to exist, one that is honest before Christ, a priest who does not distort the gospel of Christ, and one who is obedient to Christ our Redeemer, that day, that very priest shall be expelled from the Church because his truth will be heard by my heavenly Father, and Christ will be honored; and the angels will sing hymns of joy because, finally, God will be honored here on earth.

There is no doubt that our priests are, or were born, blind. They neither mend themselves, nor will they ever be able to correct a layperson who promotes corruption, since corrupt laypersons are always the ones telling priests and everyone else what to do; these corrupt laypeople are the ones who denounce or report the right and just laypersons in order to cast them out of the Church. Corrupt laypersons are always the ones to occupy the first places in the Church, and these corrupt laymen and laywomen are always the ones who give more hugs and kisses; they come and greet select people and only smile at those who praise or flatter them.

This is being said by one who was thrown out or excommunicated from his Diocese because of these corrupt lay-leaders and perverted priests, who don’t cease being role models of anti-Christian virtues, role models of tramps and floozies who spend their time going from place to place—never being able to attain true knowledge—because they are but waterless clouds, destructive wolves in sheep’s clothing. Today I, Jesé Retoño, remind and announce to all Church leaders and priests throughout the world that foolishness is the mother of blindness, since those who say that they see are actually always the blind.

Piedrecita Reflections.
I am Jesé Retoño, and Christ is calling for conversion in his Church.
Editorial Piedrecita.



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)