Homosexuals: Comment from Pope Francis

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Argentine Pope hat and crosier 3d illustration

What are our thoughts on Pope Francis’ reply concerning homosexuals and priestesses?

Certainly, Jesus Christ exclaimed, “The Kingdom of the Heavens suffers violence and the violent seize it.” Jesus Christ is speaking “paradoxically” here or said another way: “metaphorically.” Moreover, Jesus Christ is speaking assertively and in a very allegorical and controversial way, wanting to tell us: “The Kingdom of the Heavens is conquered by men determined to give their life for the poor and for the only true God.”

There isn’t anything more worthy and noble than he who gives up his life for the salvation of others. Our Pope Francis has not denied the truth, and he hasn’t rejected the salvation of all those who wish to be in God’s life and mercy. He spends time with his people, and he wants to be very close to his people, in likeness to Christ.

Jesus Christ has not come to disparage homosexuals, or even drunkards, or even prostitutes, or even thieves, or even all the sinners in the world. Jesus Christ has not come to condemn anyone; he has come to bring life, and everyone who wishes to be saved can obtain salvation through his Church, sacrament of salvation for humanity. The Kingdom of the Heavens cannot be stained, and therefore we should cleanse ourselves and replace the old version of ourselves with the new version in likeness of God’s Son, otherwise we cannot serve on the altar if we are stained.

Jesus Christ did not establish the ministry of the priesthood for women, but he never belittled them. He cleansed them, cured them, forgave them, treated them as daughters and beloved mothers, and placed them as but stars in the heavens, so that they can be mothers of humanity and mothers of salvation in Christ our Redeemer.

Our Pope Francis has not lied; he has served Christ, owner of the Church. The world needs redemption, the world needs peace, and the world needs to see Christ’s countenance, and Francis our Pope reflects the rays which irradiate from Christ’s face.

Francis, you are a Lion cub, keep roaring, and keep surprising us. Perhaps, very soon, we’ll have a Lion that can summon all of us to unity and to Christ’s salvation. Very few men in the world are capable of taking up the plow and not looking back, and yet your majesty Pope Francis, you are a warrior and carry Christ’s weapons. Heaven has its doors open for you. Show us your strength as Christ’s soldier. Keep fighting with bravery.

We must support our Pope, and with our work, we must show all of our acceptance and loyalty to Christ and his successor here on earth. As Catholics, we are all obligated to spread the Gospel to everyone in the world and without discrimination.

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Blessings to all of our audience and our beloved friend and missionary companion in this life, our most beloved brother and the littlest among everyone, “Pope Francis.”
Best Regards,
Jesé Retoño
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)