Visions of the Prophet


Hello! I am Jesé Retoño.
How are you?
Greetings to you in the name of Christ. May the peace of Christ be with you.
May the blessing of my most Holy Mother be with everyone.

I wish to invite you all to my upcoming article “Journey to Purgatory,” the subject matter of which is the start my mission, assigned to me by the Queen of Heaven, where (by the Lady of Heaven’s will) I was led to experience and see with my very own eyes the reality of purgatory. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the masses and the Church will know about this dreadful and terrible reality.

As I explain it and with the help of illustrations, everyone will be able to experience what the Lady of Heaven wants everyone in the Church and throughout the world to understand. You’re all welcome to take part in my experience in purgatory.

One of the facets of my life involved making the decision to serve Christ. This decision has been a real challenge in my life, since I’m more of a mechanic and not an evangelizer. Following Christ has not brought me friends but, rather, many enemies. The division that exists in my family is great. There’s no one in this world to help or support me. Following Christ implies carrying a cross; that is, it implies saying the truth always, no matter what. This is what my Heavenly Mother assured me of before I started this gospel ministry.

I’ve taken on this challenge to evangelize independently with the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel intact and without omitting the evangelical truths. The very same teachings I received from my very own mother, the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, are what I must teach in my gospel. My gospel is upheld by tradition, by the doctrine of the Church, and by Christ, who has given evangelical power to his one-and-only Church, instituted by Christ himself.

I wish to invite the masses to understand the Church’s doctrine regarding purgatory, and at the same time, I want to invite everyone to experience, step by step, what it feels like to die in sin and enter purgatory. The Queen of Heaven wanted me to know this experience, and a few years later, I received authorization from Heaven to show everyone the terrible reality that exists after bodily death.

Years passed by, and I kept thinking that surely I would die and be buried along with the great wonders God had shown me. I thought that surely all the marvelous wonders and encounters with God would be buried with me in my memory and in my grave when I died.

Years passed by, and one day the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me; he raised me up and told me that my time had come. This event in my life was august, and later I’ll give many details about it. For the time being, I’ll continue with the assigned matter at hand, but I assure you that you’ll know about the wonderful things that Heaven revealed to me.

What I experienced, happened here on earth, but I saw and knew someone who died and the Lady of Heaven showed me her will.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank all those who believe in me for their support. I’m sincerely and immensely grateful to all those who follow me faithfully, and I want to dedicate this topic to you, for the glory and salvation of all of you, including all your family and friends.

I love and bless all those whom Christ has put in my path, and also all those who will come because of my gospel. The Queen of Heaven wants many to know the Will of her beloved son.
Christ blesses and loves all those who wholeheartedly seek Him.

I am Jesé Retoño, I bless you in the name of Christ.
My son, León Jesuita, is always ready to serve all those who speak the English language.
Everyone, all languages and races throughout the world, welcome to my ministry.
May the peace of Christ be with everyone.

From now on, I want Piedrecita to be a gigantic light, so that the light of Christ may shine on the souls of thousands who will listen to Him through this ministry.
I, Jesé Retoño and my son León Jesuita wish you the peace of Christ.
Blessings to all.
May the heart of my Heavenly Mother be given to the world and to the thousands who love and venerate her throughout the world.

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