Hello! Greetings and blessings to all.
How are you?
Greetings to all my audience. May the peace of Christ be with everyone.

I am Jesé Retoño.

Thanks be to God, for he has given us a new year. Thanks to God for life and for his gospel, which was brought to all of humanity through his only son, Christ, the anointed one of God. I want to thank all those who continue signing up to Piedrecita’s newsletter. Blessings to all of you.

To all of you who are subscribed to our Piedrecita newsletter, I send you my greetings in the name of Christ and I keep you in my prayers by virtue of your immense support. Here in our ministry Piedrecita, we’ll be opening a new path in which we’ll spread the light of Christ with greater brilliance.

As I said to you before, the time has come.

I’m preparing an article in which I want to explain to you, in terms of the gospel, how that which Christ wants me to show you isn’t human at all; his human body is, but what I’ll show you will be out of reach for both the mind and human imagination.

It’s extremely difficult for me to make you understand this mystery because, although I live in God…I have been in his presence, but despite everything, he isn’t something or someone, and he doesn’t have a name; nor can he be fathomed by any human intelligence or by any intelligence that he created himself.

It’s Christ himself who prepares me, and I’ll be ready in accordance with his mercy, so that everyone can understand and rejoice in this infinitely divine mystery.

And indeed!… standing before God is the most immense marvel that human beings could ever experience. Never before known secrets of God can be made visible to all by a simple mechanic.
In our ministry Piedrecita, we’ll fight for the truth of the Gospel, and our ultimate goal is to meet God face to face.

As a reminder, all those who can help me financially with my ministry, please don’t forget about me. You can send me a check payable to “Editorial Piedrecita” to my PO BOX 1653 Ceres, CA 95307. Donations must be in dollars, please.

In this new year, we will pray for the eradication of the pandemic throughout the world and for there to be peace in all the countries of the world. Soon, in a few days time, I’ll also share with you the miracles that Christ has performed in my life and within me, for may you never lose faith and trust in Christ. Remember one thing. I, Jesé Retoño, recommend the following to everyone:

The first commandment of God’s Law, commands us to love him above all things, and to love God, one has to know him, and to know him, one must be well educuated and learnerd in the holy religion instituted by Christ himself.
In other words, the first commandment of God’s Law requires that we learn about his Laws, in order to know and love him, because no one loves what they don’t know.

As we continue preparing for the following topics, I invite my entire audience to be active in the assiduous reading of the Scriptures. I recommend having support from a mentor trained in the knowledge of the Church’s history and tradition of the Jewish or Israelite people for a better comprehension of the Scriptures, according to the time in which the New and Old Testament books were written.
Thus avoiding false interpretations of many Jewish parables and customs that don’t apply in our era, which give rise to thousands of wrong interpretations.

From now on, I’ll be looking for ways to assist my entire audience in obtaining true and genuine religious education.

My son, León Jesuita, my English translator, sends you greetings and blesses you in the name of Christ.
Stay tuned, and watch for our updates.
Please don’t forget to support me financially. Send me your donation to my PO BOX 1653
Ceres, CA 95307

I am the “Wolf of the Gospel” – Jesé Retoño.
I am the mechanic and I’m going to use my tools to lead you to Christ.
This is your ministry “Piedrecita”
Greetings and blessings.

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