Invitation to His Holiness Pope Francis

Christ calls His Holiness Pope Francis
Celestial Message
“The Battle and the Sun”
What Protestantism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Israel—my son, dearly beloved by “Yahweh”–the God of Moses, the Russian-Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and the entire world must know.


What is Piedrecita?

Piedrecita, is a 100% Roman Catholic and Apostolic ministry. Piedrecita is a ministry made up of lay-members or lay-Catholics, serving the call of Christ and bringing peace to the world.
I, Jesé Retoño, send greetings to all of my audience; I give my peace to all those who faithfully follow me here at Piedrecita, may Christ be with you. I’m immensely grateful for your support and loyalty to this ministry of yours, Piedrecita. To those who are coming to visit us here at Piedrecita, I send you my greetings of peace and a warm welcome in the name of Christ our Lord. My deepest gratitude is for all of you who are signed up to our Piedrecita newsletter, my most sincere thanks to you; may the blessing of Christ and the love of God, my heavenly Father, be with you.

I, Jesé Retoño

I am that child who in his infancy received heavenly visions, and I’m that unfortunate man who received the vision of the lethal goring from the Enemy of God.
Being that there was no room left in our ecclesial parish communities for more servants of the Most High, I then set forth, following Christ’s voice and obeying his divine mandate. Since there was no room for me in my community, I decided to obey Christ and launched a ministry according to the Will of my Lord. My own diocese of Stockton, CA turned me down, and my very own parish didn’t accept me either; but Christ has wanted to offer his goodness to everyone in the world, including the Holy Catholic Church and the Pope, by way of his servant.

Heavenly Support

I’m only sustained by the support of Christ, by God-Holy Spirit, and by that of my eternal Father, and I have the support of my Blessed Mother, “The Ever-Virgin of Guadalupe.” I have the support of my wife and children, too. This is my entire ecclesial community; we’re a very small number. I rely on the earned wages from my job, without any other financial support from anyone else. That’s how I embarked upon this ministry, only to serve God and to do what He asks of me.
But now, I can say that I have yet extra support: that of all of you who follow me at Piedrecita. Now, this ministry belongs to everyone, according to the express Will of Christ.

No One Can See God

To all of you who follow me, know that the time has come to reveal the Will of Christ. As you know, God told Moses, in Exodus 33, 18-23, that man cannot see Him and continue living, and Christ also testified that no one could see Him in all his divinity; but rather, they could only see the Crucified One. In addition, Christ affirmed that God can only be seen by those whom the Father and the Son wish to reveal Him (Luke 10, 22).

Christ is the Controversial Gospel

I’m not directly or indirectly dependent on any parish for my ministry and I don’t have any diocesan ties or support. There’s no one in the world who can understand this Gospel, which is so controversial and so incompatible with the general mentality of the Church and the world.

Piedrecita shows us how getting involved in the politics of Church leadership is an impossible fight to win. However, appealing to the obligation that all Catholics have of spreading the Kingdom of Heaven, according to the express will of Christ:

All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the ageMatthew 28, 18-20

Christ’s Mandate to All His Church

These words of Christ, said before leaving this world, were taken as a mandate and duty of the entire Church, that is, of evangelizing and bringing His salvation to all those who seek to save their lives.
This is the Church’s mission, and this is the purpose for the Second Vatican Council documents.

Faithful to Christ and Rejected by his Church

I was born into the Holy Catholic Church, I am Mexican by birth, I’m an immigrant, I’m a foreigner in the USA and I have lived my entire life as a layman faithful to the Gospel and to my Holy Catholic Church, faithful to morality and faithful to the doctrine and dogmas of the Holy Church. My only inheritance from my childhood has been poverty. Even til now, I’m faithful to my parish and to my ecclesial community; but I’m alone and without the support of my parish or my diocese. I’m practically a vagabond or something akin to a stray dog.

Seeing God

This “Piedrecita” (Pebble) has been cast by Christ and He wants it to become a great rock for the salvation of many thousands. Ever since Moses’ time, Christ knew that no one could see God and continue living, according to what He told Moses. But the time has come, and Christ knew that advanced technology would exist by this time. It’s true that no one can see God, but I, Jesé Retoño, being the son of the Most High and being in his presence, he wants me to show you his Holy Will today.

All those who faithfully follow me at Piedrecita will be blessed, they won’t be disappointed by Christ, and the thousands more that will come will be called to the Almighty’s glory.

Invitation to the Head of the Holy Catholic Church

Piedrecita is a ministry belonging to everyone, and in this ministry of mine there will always be room for the “Pope” or “Head” of the holy Catholic Church. There’ll always be space for “Peter-Pope,” that is, rock or stone, established by Christ. Today, I wish to dedicate my next article to His Holiness “Pope Francis.”

Without offending anyone, I also wish to extend my invitation in a very special way to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, to Israel my beloved son of “Yahweh” the God of Moses, to the poor and those who suffer in the Orthodox Church and to many thousands who suffer because of war. I want everyone in the world to know that the true God, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob wants to invite all the boys, girls, young people, men and women of all the nations to find Him and to know Him.

Special Invitation to All the Peoples, Nations and Races of the World

My invitation goes to all the boys, girls, youth, men and women of those countries where poverty, hunger and human injustice prevail. I extend my invitation in a very special way to “Russia” and now to Ukraine as well, and to all of God’s children who suffer in these countries. My invitation is for those who are tired and overwhelmed by this life and who don’t find solace because of human slavery, illness, loneliness or misery. My mother, the Lady of Heaven, wants for many thousands to know her Son via the lips of a “mangy pup,” and for many thousands to see his salvation.

The True God, the One Who Exists, the One Who Lives, wants for many thousands to be saved. He wants for all those who wish to embrace his one holy Catholic Church and her divine mandates to be able to reach their salvation.

Date of Divine Authorization to Announce the Will of Christ

On Friday, February 6, 2015, while I, Jesé Retoño, was in the Holy Mass at my parish of St. Jude in Ceres, CA at 6:30 pm, during the homily, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I had to announce the invitation to the head of the Church, His Holiness the Pope.

In my ministry, I won’t mention priests’ names, nor those of anyone in the Church because I don’t want to, under any circumstance, offend any particular person. Although, I do know who was the priest officiating on that day and many more details.

Maybe for many, my invitation could be foolishness, but nevertheless God wants me to do so. God my heavenly Father and Christ assist me from Heaven, and it’s the Will of the Almighty that a simple layman, without rank or any value on the earth whatsoever be the instrument of his Grace.

However, it’s Divine Will that the head of the Universal Church, the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, be cordially invited to our “Piedrecita” ministry, to be blessed with the announcement that Christ and my eternal Father want for him and the entire world to know.

Invitation to Pope Francis

Today, I, Jesé Retoño, via this ministry of yours “Piedrecita,” make it expressly known to His Holiness, the head of the Holy Catholic Church, the express Will of Christ to his Holy Church.

I want to dedicate my next article “The Battle and the Sun,” first and second part, to His Holiness Pope Francis and to all children, youth, men and women around the world, for the blessing and salvation of many thousands.

Protestantism, Islam, Hinduism, Israel: “my beloved son”, Buddhism, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, those who suffer because of wars, and the whole world must know what the Almighty God, the Eternal One, the One Who Lives forever wishes to reveal to mankind.

End of the World

Starting from today, I’ll tell you, so that there’s no misunderstanding, God hasn’t yet commanded me to reveal the end of the world, if this is what many of you were thinking. No! On the contrary, it’s God’s will to offer his love to anyone who wants it.
But, indeed! What I’m going to reveal will be wonderful, beautiful! Never in the history of the Church or mankind has it been shown or announced, that which today I’ll reveal to the Church, by will of the Creator.

Christ wants to invite the peoples and nations of the world to meet Him and find peace and salvation for all. Greetings to all my followers at Piedrecita. If you love me, know that it’s not me who you love, but rather He who has sent me, that is, Christ and my eternal Father.
Follow my example and do according to what I have taught you because my gospel is the gospel of Christ.

Divine Revelation

I, Jesé Retoño, have carried in my soul these things that were revealed to me, and I re-live them daily as if they had happened yesterday.
I thought Heaven had only revealed them for me, and I thought that surely, I’d die carrying with me the memory of a great God who had appeared before me. I thought that God had already forgotten about humanity and the Church; but today, having received the Heavenly announcement after more than twenty-five years since these manifestations, I feel very happy to share my Heavenly experiences with the whole world.

I Shall Return to Christ’s Presence

Perhaps this ministry, Piedrecita, isn’t so important and perhaps it never will be, but despite everything and with simplicity of heart, and before departing from this life with my Redeemer and into the arms of my eternal Father, who is waiting for me, I wish to invite Francis, His Holiness the Pope, and everyone in the world to learn about one of my heavenly manifestations and the message contained in said manifestation.

I’ve lived in the bitterness of disdain all of my life, but now I have a Father; I have a divine Brother and a Mother who are waiting for me with open arms in Heaven; Heaven is my home and my Father is waiting for me.
May the peace of Christ and my heavenly Father be with everyone and with His Holiness, the Pope.

The Crown of the Blessed

I, Jesé Retoño, want everyone to know that standing before God and seeing Him is not easy to digest. Perhaps you and I could marvel at a landscape featuring an immense sea; perhaps we could admire the cosmos with all its galaxies, etc., etc., but it has taken me years to assimilate the experience of being in front of God, and even then, I haven’t been able to, but the power of God in me has made it possible for me to prepare and share all of this, with everyone of you throughout the world.

I, Jesé Retoño, via your ministry Piedrecita, want to make you aware of just how narrow and difficult the path is to Christ.

The Narrow Path

The path to the glory of Christ and of God my heavenly father is an extremely narrow and difficult path to pass, but anyone who wants to renounce power, leadership, fame, pleasure, wealth, and denounce injustices, denounce traitors and announce the Gospel, without distorting evangelical truths yet willing to run the risk of being excluded and defeated in the name of Christ, such is the one who will receive the crown of the blessed.

Salvation Is Not Obtained by Believing or Having Faith Only

Indeed, I want everyone in the world to know that what I’m going to reveal can’t be obtained by praising God with hands up high, nor by preaching that we’re already saved or that Christ has already saved us. This gospel without sacrifices, without Cross, without Commandments, without the Catholic Church formed by Christ, without work, without commitment to Christ, but rather only prayer and promises of salvation, has offended God.

Piedrecita reminds us that following these false evangelical interpretations have led thousands to perdition, eternal punishment, and the total absence of God in their lives, for all eternity.

If we’re already saved in Christ, then we’re saying that salvation comes only if each person believes in their own way. We’re saying that everyone can make their own church, their own gospel, their own religion and their own god. Under such rhetoric, we’re affirming that there’s no need for Christ, nor for the Church instituted by Christ, nor for Sacraments such as the Bread and wine, since we’re saying that this was merely a lie told by Christ.

Rejecting Christ and His Church Is the Same As Rejecting Salvation

Consequently, if we’re already saved in Christ, we’re calling Christ a liar, for when He said, “If this is what they’ve done to the landlord, what won’t they do to his tenants?,” He Himself is affirming that if He suffered, then all those who follow Him would have to go through the same Cross, just as he did. Let it be very clear that the manifestations I experienced aren’t for the purpose of telling you that you don’t need to do any sacrifices; on the contrary, everyone who wants to be with Christ must follow in my footsteps, my example, and in the footsteps of many other saints in the Church who’ve given up their lives for Christ’s cross.

The Door to Heaven is Christ’s Cross

Christ’s Cross is the key, and it’s the path for obtaining God’s salvation.
With this being duly clarified, today I, Jesé Retoño, want to invite everyone in the world to see one of my heavenly manifestations. I want everyone to see Christ, face to face, as I see him and have seen him.

Regards to everyone, from Jesé Retoño—I am, the messenger.
Message and article dedicated to Pope Francis, my celestial message: “The Battle and the Sun”.
León Jesuita, my English translator, sends you greetings in Christ.
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