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We have a very aggressive and arrogant pastor at our parish, little does he care about silence and respect for Christ in the Holy Mass. He’s always pointing out money troubles to everyone in the community; he shouts at us, uses gestures and words that have imposing tones. Our parish priest is overly brazen and doesn’t mind insulting us publicly. In his sermons, philosophy is his forte, but Christ and humility are never what he’s drawn to. Having been notified of the serious problem, our diocese merely washes its hands, saying that we Catholics don’t know how to dialogue with the corrupt priest.

Being that the great majority of Catholics are merely fanatics, they prefer to remain silent. This priest, with such attitude and arrogance, promotes disorder throughout the Sunday Masses. Thus, many couples who have small children go to Mass, solely and exclusively, to bring their babies (between the ages of one and three years old) for loud cries and to show them off before the assembly.

Showing off crying babies is one of the things that give Catholics and priests great pride; that is, evangelical doctrine and responsibility are simply myths from the Holy Catholic Church.

Some time ago, we used to have priests that would pause when parents did nothing to pacify their babies, waiting to see if the irresponsible parents would be so kind as to placate their babies, and there were even times when they called attention to those irresponsible parents, who only came to Mass so that we could all get our fill of the uncontrollable wailing from their babies. But now, it turns out that priests are even more irresponsible than Catholics themselves.

Every time we go to Mass, there are always couples who merely bring their babies to cry, and we all have to endure these wailings until our eardrums burst. Crying babies are somehow amusing and a delight to this priest, to other auxiliary priests, and to many other priests, as well. Sunday Masses are truly daycare centers or nurseries for children, since many couples will bring them sweets, toys, chips, and even hamburgers. But one can observe the hypocritical character of these parents who bring their babies, for it’s evident that Mass isn’t worth a red cent to them. Hearing a good, Sunday sermon would be an impossibility in our Masses.

These days, going to Mass is an object of luxury, hypocrisy, and vanities. The maximum Sacrifice of our redemption in the Holy Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church nowadays is worth nothing more than crying children and their consumption of sweets and hamburgers, accompanied by their fanatical and ignorant parents, but above all, comprised of irresponsible priests before Christ.

What do you think?

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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