Leadership in the Church: Human Function

Leader in the Church

Leadership in the contemporary Church is an aberration of leaders and priests, who violate the Law of the Gospel and of Christ

Leadership is Condemned by Christ

What does it mean to be a leader in the Church? Or better said: Did Christ, perhaps, institute leadership among his people?

The term “leader” applies to those who dominate or control others. Being a leader means one is the chief of a political party, an organization, a country, or a group or society.

It seems that the Church truly wishes to be some political party or world government, one that is run by leaders. It seems that Christ’s Church wants to turn its back on Christ, and to become…or rather, it has already turned its back on Christ. The Church is a new, contemporary Phariseeism. The foul and putrid smell of wrongdoing in the Church has been permeating for decades, and the Church has not been aware of its foul stench.

Leadership and Church Hierarchy are Antagonistic

Certainly, it’s true that Christ instituted the Church’s hierarchy. However, there are profound and antagonistic differences between Church hierarchy and leadership. The hierarchy instituted by Christ is ordered from inferior to superior, where superiority is and must be extreme poverty, total sacrifice, humility, supreme holiness and perfection. Leadership, however, is pride, arrogance, and absolute mercilessness.

Today, the wrongful interpretation of Scripture by the Church has given way to its making accommodations for everything, even the most heartless of human conveniences. The Church’s pretext about it also being a human institution has caused for it to be swayed more, much more, toward purely human aspirations, such that it’s quality of being a divine institution gets cast towards the remotest corner of remembrance.

Piedrecita reminds us that the Lord Jesus Christ said:

“You know that those who are recognized as rulers over the gentiles lord it over them, and their rulers or leaders make their authority over them felt. But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all. For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many”Mark 10, 42-45

Leaders are Enemies of Christ

How can one identify a leader in the Church?

Normally a leader knows next to nothing about religion because in order to be a leader, one doesn’t need to know Christ or, even less so, His doctrine. Even worse, obeying Christ is not required. A leader doesn’t need to love Christ; rather, whoever is a leader must have the guts to dominate, control, and boss others around. This is the primary characteristic that stands out in Church leaders. You can verify this for yourself by visiting any parish ministry in any diocese of any country.

Leaders Don’t Allow Anyone Else to Enter the Church

One of the most prevalent characteristics of a leader is their predominance in giving orders, making sure that their positions or ecclesial ministries are tenured forever so that nobody can replace them. A leader never has the willingness to hear complaints or opinions from someone who is considered to be of lesser rank than they are.

Leaders take possession of their territory in the same way that’s usually done by animals in the jungle. A leader typically doesn’t want anyone else to enter the Church because they don’t want anyone to take their position away. A leader doesn’t want anyone to know more than them, and if that’s the case, they always find a way for that individual to never serve in the Church.

Leaders Dismiss Us from the Church

A leader in the Church is normally a dictator. Another characteristic of a leader is that of speaking more than others. A leader has the power to dismiss and quiet anyone within their ministry, small Christian community, or church group.

Piedrecita makes the following emphasis: The need for humility…for there’s a lack of an all-encompassing simplicity about Church leaders. A leader will stroll about quite merrily and arrogantly throughout their communal, parochial, or diocesan meetings, since they usually are the keepers of the Church; yet a leader has and can use their power, as they see fit, to raise whomever they want to the highest ranks of their diocesan ministry, whether it be a ministry of evangelization, a youth ministry, catechism, etc.

Leaders Have the Face of an Angel

Yet another vital sign that characterizes leaders—or destructive wolves—consists of having the face of an angel and a humble conduct. A leader stands out in the way they deliver sermons full of flattering words used to win over their audience.

The pedagogy used in the sermons of these leaders consists of merely treating adults like babies, for in this way they’re able to idle away people’s time and only give them useless evangelical “babies’ milk.” By illustrating this, we Piedrecita are emphasizing how meager the doctrine and spirituality of these Church leaders is. It’s simply incredible to see how adults are so gullible and believe all this nonsense.

Leaders usually control the pastors and stick their noses into everything, whether it be parish or Diocesan matters. They spend just about every day wrapped up in various parish activities; they could care less if they’re neglecting their own children and husbands or wives, causing them eternal damnation…but they’re supposedly teaching evangelic conduct.

Leaders Don’t Attend To Their Children

Piedrecita wants to show everyone the reality of leadership in the Church.
A leader, whether rich or poor, usually doesn’t have the time to even cook a few eggs for their children or to even sweep their home, yet in the parish community, they teach humility and simplicity.

Thousands of leaders’ homes consist of families and children who end up on the streets and in gangs, in divorce, in the immoral cohabitation of parents, and in all kinds of corruption; yet they are great beatific eminencies within the Church. The leader of today is the saint of saints in the Church, since they sacrifice their very own family for the sake of tending to ecclesial duties.

Leaders are the Confidants of the Priesthood

Another characteristic of a leader in the Church is that whenever they don’t agree with someone in their community. They have absolute confidence that their pastors will always take their side. A leader has full confidence in their pastors, such that when they report any abnormality—according to his/her own false criteria of holiness and religious or doctrinal knowledge—they know that pastors and auxiliary priests will always support them unconditionally. Thus, this is how they always end up getting their way.

Leaders in the Church love breaching the second and fourth commandments of God’s Law; for under Divine Law, we’re all obliged to serve others, both within societies and in Christian families.

Priests Always Endorse Leaders

A pastor, an assistant priest, or bishop always praises their leader, endorses them in all things, even if that leader is completely wrong. A leader always speaks words or phrases that show how they’re always doing exceptional and extraordinary things, which no one has ever done before; that is, a leader always exalts himself or herself.

If you were to communicate your eagerness in wanting to participate in a youth group (or in some other special way) to a youth group leader, and if you truly have a great deal of experience or talent, as we tend to say, the reply that you’ll always get from them, the leaders, is and always will be like this: “I don’t know; I will have to ask about it and see if we can make it fit into our program.”

And normally what happens is that you’ll be left waiting forever, since you’ll never be accepted into their program. You’ll never be welcome since, because of your talent or experience, leaders always run the risk of losing face before their disciples and before the Church itself.

The Laborers that God Sends to His Church are Thrown Out by Leaders

We at Piedrecita have the function of clarifying the internal realities that exist within the Church but which no one really wants to face.

Speaking frankly, Piedrecita wants for us to realize that although the Church prays and pleads to God so that He may send more laborers to His harvest, the Church or leaders will never rejoice for God sending more holy and wise servants to His harvest; for God’s plans are never welcome due to the jealousies of leadership in the Church.

Leaders Vilify the Righteous and Dismiss Them from the Church

Another characteristic of a leader in the Church is their habit of vilifying members who are faithful to Christ, members who speak up and always say the truths of the Gospel. A leader normally doesn’t square well with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, except for in their false, supposedly evangelical interpretations.

The Gospel is merely their pretext for leading or manipulating. Leaders are always in touch with their pastor, and their pastor always does that which he shouldn’t do, and this is how the priesthood comes to being the source and accomplice of corruption in the Church.

Priests Have Become More Corrupt

Piedrecita raises our awareness concerning how priests, by all these acts of corruption and wickedness, are the ones who are responsible for endorsing and backing leaders. The economic and absolute power that leaders and priests have in the Church has made them undeniably more corrupt. As Voltaire said:

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Leaders are Specialists in Collecting Money

A leader in the Church has thousands of defects, especially being conceited or vain, and they like being applauded. They always look for the top positions and get all kinds of praise. We Piedrecita want only to emphasize the moral departure in the Church that is causing real havoc for all of us and whose actions are damaging the whole Church, at large.

One of the very noticeable defects a Church leader has is that every time they make a public announcement to their community, they always follow a scripted message that was handed to them by their pastor.

A leader always gives speeches from some book given to leaders, which shows them what to teach as per their vast wisdom: Yes, because the only wisdom that they know is in regard to talking about events, talking about the wonders of God’s gifts that they’ve received, or raffles and parish activities. A leader usually specializes in collecting money. Again, Piedrecita wants to emphasize the wicked actions that are damaging the whole body of Christ.

Church Leaders are Salaried

When a leader is of very high standing, such as one who is in charge of the music or choirs in a parish, or someone who is in charge of evangelization events in the diocese and in some parishes, or someone who is in charge of catechism, etc., etc., these leaders are normally getting paid a salary or wages for being in that position, a salary which has nothing to do with Christ and his Gospel.

This type of leader usually shuts the door on other choirs or available evangelizers in the diocese with regard to participation, and they normally don’t take any advice or opinions from other church members, especially if they are of lower standing than they are.

Church Leaders are Demanding and Imposing

A leader usually demands things to be done a certain way, according to their liking or discretion. However, others are excluded, especially if they are of another race (i.e. Hispanic or Latino). This type of diehard leader has powerful connections, and nobody can dismiss or reprimand them seriously for their poor and miserable service to the Christian community.

This kind of leader normally protects him or herself by deceiving a community or audience, saying that what they do is commanded by the diocese “and my orders come from there.” We Piedrecita want to point out just how offensive and ruthless leaders are, in the way they exercise their authority in the Church.

With this type of leader, even the priesthood is afraid of them, for priests don’t dare correct or demote the wrongful positions they have. They prefer that the entire community, including Christ himself, be dismissed from the Church.

Piedrecita wishes to underscore the absence of freedom of expression and participation of the laity in the Church and how leaders destroy any possibility of active participation from the laity.

The Defect of Church Leaders is Not Seeing Their Own Defect

Could this really be the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Piedrecita wants to show that the greatest defect a leader has is: They don’t see their own defect, and the biggest scare a leader could have in this life would be that Christ himself were to appear before them and punish them for their hypocrisy, for their fame, for their arrogance, for their doctrinal or religious ignorance, for their paltry faith and their corrupt leadership. But sure, a leader is always correcting others. Our Lord Jesus Christ says, in the Gospel of Luke:

“But fully trained disciple will be like teacher.”…“How do you observe the splinter in your brother’s eye and never notice the great log in your own eye? How can you tell your own brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the splinter in your eye,’ not seeing the log that is in your own eye?”Luke 6, 40-42

Leaders are Hypocrites

Hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck that is in your brother’s eye.Matthew 7, 6

Here in Piedrecita, ministry of evangelization, we want to underscore both the seriousness and the incalculable amount of damage that leadership has been mining and developing internally, within the Church for decades.

Church Leaders are Enemies of Christ

Jesus Christ calls Church leaders: hypocrites, because leadership is not part of his ministry or doctrine, but rather a part of this society or world. The Apostle James says:

“Adulterers! Do you not realize that love for the world is hatred for God?” Therefore, anyone who wants to be friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.James 4, 4

A verifiable fact is that our Lord Jesus Christ never instituted leadership; on the contrary, he abolished it with his cross, with his example of a holy life, and with his gospel or doctrinal teaching.

The Apostle James asserts that leaders in the Church are enemies of God. Piedrecita reminds us that the Apostle Paul, in all his letters, always refers to the Christian or Catholic communities of his time, such as “the community of the Corinthians,” because these Catholic communities of his time were precisely going against Christ, in the same way that it happens today. That is why in Piedrecita I—Jesé Retoño—am doing this in my era, as Paul, my brother and apostle of Christ, once did in his time, because the Church of today has rebelled against Christ.

Church Leadership is Condemned by Christ

The leadership expected by the Jewish people was never in agreement with the teachings of Christ, and that is why they crucified Him, for not being the mighty king they expected. The leadership that the Church promotes nowadays was, and is to this very day, repudiated and condemned by Christ.

Leadership has led to corruption in the Church’s doctrine and in the faith. Leadership has incited the decline in priestly aspirations or vocations to the priesthood throughout the world, and even many of our contemporary priests lack total simplicity, but rather they showcase pride, elegance, and hypocritical political attitudes before the world and the Church, which are in stark contrast to a poor and humble Christ.

The Church Acts in Opposition to Christ

Indeed, Piedrecita, raises our awareness of this tremendous reality because leadership has been embraced, cherished and applauded by the Church, and thus acting in opposition to Christ, Lord of the Church. Now the Church cries and laments because of the lack of priests throughout its entire flock.

However, God-forbid a dirty, miserable messenger of Christ were to even pretend that they are going to help in the reconstruction of the ecclesial community, for someone such as this is immediately rejected and alienated by the bishops, priests and Church leaders. Piedrecita is an example and proof of the reality of rejection that the Church gives its members, annihilating them as they are sent out the door.

Examples of Leadership

Here are some examples of leadership; these examples are only a very tiny, insignificant demonstration of what is actually happening today in the Church. Our intention here at Piedrecita is to give only two or three simple and basic examples, because the reality is, in fact, extremely deplorable and utterly abominable to Christ and my heavenly Father.

The Church, or clergy, has the ability to recognize when a cleric, priest or cardinal fails and lets everyone down. The Church recognizes our humanity; however it washes its hands, saying that that’s our very nature. Due to our cursed and sinful humanity, they continue to sin, since Christ shows His infinite mercy.

Thus, there’s no need to change our sinful acts. Under this pretext, there is no need to reprove, correct, and restore any damage to God and the Church. Long live the day in which they invented excuses!

The Church’s Pretext is that We’re All Sinners

We Piedrecita remind everyone and insist that sure, even the Church today recognizes that we are all sinners, and it’s under this pretext that they continue to lead lives without making any changes. The Church of today can support many protests that go against life, but no member wants to set an example or bear witness with their lives, or even share and pronounce gospel truths. For the Lord Almighty, he commanded us to be holy because He is holy.

Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the whole Israelite community and tell them: Be Holy, for I, Yahweh your God, am Holy.”Lev 19, 1-2

The Church’s Perfection Consists of Washing it’s Hands

Piedrecita reminds everyone of Christ’s very words. For Christ our Lord has commanded us to be perfect, as His heavenly Father is perfect:

You shall therefore be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.Matthew 5, 48

However, the Church prefers to wash its hands, always saying that we are sinners and that that is our very nature. Leadership or the priesthood prefers to forget that God-Christ has commanded us to be holy and perfect here on earth, not up there in Heaven. We Piedrecita remind everyone that human perfection doesn’t have anything to do with divine perfection. Divine or Christly perfection primarily consists of obeying God’s laws.

Ever since my youth, I, Jesé, have seen and experienced a number of incredibly disappointing cases involving acts of corruption; but today I will discuss only a few recent parochial and/or local cases that my children and I have experienced as of late.

Nonetheless, our examples here at Piedrecita won’t give any details such as names because it’s not our intention to harm people, but it’s our intent to enunciate verifiable facts that occur daily in the Church. Our goal is to set forth some veracious examples, as proof that what we say here is true, and there’s no falsehood to anything that we say here or teach to the world.

May the Church change and mend its ways of proceeding before God and the world!

Choir Ministry

About two or more years ago, we enrolled our children into the choir ministry. This choir in our parish is made up of only children. Well, after about six months, we suggested to the choir director that one of our children could be of service to the choir with his piano abilities, but the manager or “Mr. Owner” of the ministry said no.

Okay, well the choir comprised of only guitars carried on, but it so happened that every time my children came to the practice, I always brought them on time and always waited in my car until the class was over. The women who brought their children always gathered in the parish hall kitchen, while their children were in the choir practice. There, they would talk about everything, and sometimes, possibly, they pondered about Scripture, but other times, or rather just about every time, gossip was the reigning theme at each meeting.

Parents of Church Choir Members are All Pagans

They would never say hello or greet me, and I was always an out-of-place parent in a community of Catholics, yet a choir member. I still remember never having been welcomed, since everyone always had their guard up, as if keeping away from a thief. After a few months, the choir director got the idea to call me on the phone and see if I could help them set up chairs, tables, and other things. I continued in this way for some time.

We Piedrecita want for everyone to see that the Church has the tremendous defect of never welcoming anyone and of not being kind or friendly to new members. Piedrecita is an eyewitness of how members in many communities are seen as strangers, only caring to socialize selfishly and creating contempt, favoritism, and division.

Parents in the Church are Lazy

Suddenly, the choir leader got upset with me because he did not like that I would not do all the work of setting up chairs and other things. The truth is that there were many children and many moms and dads that only spent their time chattering, and this man was set in his idea that I had to do everything and became irritated if I was not present.

He would say that the children were very tired, and it was right that the parents help, but the issue was that the parents never went to the practices. I felt like a complete stranger, perhaps because I was a new member, and also the women who went, spent their time gossiping. Basically, this guy wanted for me, the only parent who was present, to do everything for everyone. The truth of the matter is that the children never got tired, and they were always ready for fun and games and for taking the sweets that we brought them off the counter.

Women in the Church are Extremely Arrogant

Piedrecita has witnessed that within communities, women tend to be persons who distrust anyone, even Christ himself. Women bear the machismo and arrogance of being vain women, and they reflect being women devoted to their husbands. Their arrogance doesn’t allow them to greet or even reach out to a Christian, fellow member of God’s children.

I still remember that I had to call it to this leader’s attention, that is, for the cruelty he was showing me; for I had brought it to his attention that I was always in the best disposition to continue helping, but not under these incoherencies and abuse, on his part. But he told me that the other parents would never come. I, then, recommended that he call the parents and that we could altogether help in doing the jobs. The problem, of course, in all parish communities, is that parents shine for their absence, and if they are present, it’s only to be a bother.

Catholics are Lazy

Piedrecita wants for Christ to be a blessing and may the Church’s members be valued, just as Christ taught us in person when he said or ordered us to “love one another as I have loved you.” Piedrecita would very much like for us Catholics to comprehend Christ’s commandment, but perhaps this will only remain a dream for the future.

Basically, parents just drop off their kids without showing any interest or concern. Shortly thereafter, the choir director dared to call me again by phone to reprimand me for not being there all the time to help with everything. The point is that I had to reprimand him for his irresponsibility in not calling all parents and making them aware of their duties in the choir ministry and the basic things that he needed. I let him know how poor his understanding was of what it means to be Christ’s disciple and the injustice he was committing against me, because he practically wanted me there as his slave.

In Christ, We’re No Longer Slaves

Here at Piedrecita, we want to emphasize the need to serve in the Church because of one’s love for Christ, but not as slaves.

When my children would go to Mass and participate in the choir, it so happened that a woman, whom he never introduced me to, was bothering my children and displaced them from where they were playing, so I had to get close and reprimand her for her wrongdoing. It turns out that this lady was a confidant of the choir director, but he never told us or let us know who she was. And to date, I never found out who that confounded lady was. So he came over to scold me, and I had to call it to his attention once again, for the abuse toward my children and toward my person, for not letting me know who that stranger was.

At Piedrecita, we want to underscore how in the Catholic Church no one will come and introduce us to others; people just show up, do as they please, and no one told us who they were. Bad habits and a lack of love for others are predominant characteristics in our church circles.

Leaders Abuse Their Authority

Before Mass, the choir leader raised his voice to me in order to give me certain instructions, and I had to speak to him publicly so that he could understand his abuse of authority. Of course, this leader went to inform the pastor what was convenient to him, and the pastor, as always, believes and supports their leaders, whether they’re in the right or in the wrong…but mostly it’s because this leader has been sitting upon his ministry or throne for many years. He was or is, a veteran leader, highly valued or appreciated by the pastor.

Pastors are Corrupt

And so now when I have wanted to get in touch with the pastor, the pastor neither answers the phone nor calls me back, all because of the underhanded, disparaging remarks from a corrupt leader and the support of a corrupt pastor, an accomplice to ill-willed leaders. It was so easily seen that this choir director knows nothing of Church doctrine…but his music and abuse of authority, well that…he did exceedingly well.

Needless to say, we had to leave the choir and be disowned by the parents and the pastor. Congratulations to the Church, with its leadership and contempt it shows to the faithful in Christ.

That’s why here at Piedrecita we want to clarify just how little the regret is that leaders and priests have when they cast out whomever from the Church.

One More Example of the Corruption of Church Leaders

On Saturday 04/12/14, there were confirmations at 10:30 AM in our parish, and it was a great and important day. My children and my wife belonged to a new choir in another parish. They were all well dressed for the occasion, and what happened that day should never have happened: abuse of leadership surfaced and struck my entire family.

Not wanting to sit elsewhere, two women who were in charge of catechism came and sat in the choir area. The two catechists in charge of the Confirmation catechumens removed the signs and ribbons that marked the choir’s designated area. It is customary for Hispanic people to not respect anything, and they’ve always done this.

Corrupt Pastors

It so happened that on this occasion these two female-leader catechists, who sat on the pew that is always reserved for the choir, moved everything out of the way in order to have a seat as if they were great queens and bosses, without any regard for the choir at Mass. My children proceeded to let them know that those seats were set aside or reserved for the choir only, making it twice clear to them. They even threatened my eldest son, saying that the pastor was watching and that they were in charge.

Faced with this threat from such arrogant catechist leaders, my children had to tell the choir director so that he could resolve the situation, since this time things had gotten out of hand.

Leaders Continuously Insult the Church

But the leader or choir director did not care to listen to his five members, and upon realizing that the choir director was supportive to the catechists, my children decided to abandon the place and leave the Mass; for they were tired of being walked on in just about every Mass in the same kind of way. The insults practically happened at every Mass. My children and my wife responded by saying they would walk or leave, and the choir director was left alone, since my children comprised the entirety of the choir. The leader of the choir told them that he did not want to see them anymore in the choir. My kids picked up their guitars, their violins, and left.

Today, here at Piedrecita, we are stressing that there is an absence of mercy and humility on the part of leaders towards other members of the Church because what matters in the Church is leadership.

Leaders are Accomplices to Lies

The pastor came down from the altar to find out what had happened and lamented the incident, but when asked about what had caused this, the choir leader or director answered the pastor as follows, “They left because of family issues.” The leader told a blatant lie, allowing for the lady-catechists to be off the hook, so to speak, and blameless. This resulted in the pastor being left with a bad impression of my children; they were being made out to be some troublemakers, without any possibility for them to stay active in the Church. What tremendous abuse of power on the part of Church leaders; they are truly vassals!

We Piedrecita remind everyone that greed and personal pride are the vestments that decorate Church leaders.

Pastors are Enemies of Christ

Afterwards, I had to meet with the pastor to clear up the false testimony that was given by the choir leader about the catechists and the incident. Upon meeting with my pastor at the scheduled appointment, I immediately realized that he was on guard and waiting for the opportunity to mention the aggressiveness of my children and how poorly educated they were. I had to clarify the reasons for having taken this stance and pointed out the choir leader’s corruption, such that the actions taken were merely an explosion of built-up anger due to this leader’s irresponsibility, since my children and wife are always responsible in fulfilling their duties to the choir and their duties before God and the Church.

Our pastor was immediately convinced that the lies they told were false, and he halfway corrected the problem, allowing us to keep playing for another Mass during the week on Friday afternoons. Yes, because no one, not even in other parishes, do they want to see us on Sunday Masses. Not only do they not want to see us in other parishes, but rather, not even the diocese wants anything to do with us. Leaders and those in charge of parish events do not even consult with us, nor are we needed in the Church. But of course, the pastor did not correct the catechists nor the choir director, and consequently, all the leaders got away with it.

Church Unity is Exhibited by Corruption

That’s a perfect example of Church unity. Just marvelous! Being all united, leaders are ready to cast out anyone from the Church whom they wish to ruin. Leaders are deceased in faith, justice, mercy and love of God, such that they do not even mind dismissing Christ himself. As Christ himself said,

“Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me; and whoever receives me, receives not me but the One who sent me”.
Mark 9, 37
But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better that they hang round their neck one of those millstones that donkey’s pull and be drowned in the depths of the sea.Matthew 18, 5-11

But leaders do exactly the opposite…they prefer to despise God with their capital sins of envy, arrogance, and worldly recognition. In this scene, Piedrecita wishes to teach us that even priests, upon seeing the error, prefer to cover it up rather than correct it.

Priests Could Care Less about the Faithful or Laypersons

But at least the pastor permitted my children and my wife to form a new choir in our parish, a good deed that, for the sake of my family and in the name of Christ, I am still very thankful for, despite everything. However, since then, the Church wants nothing to do with us or to even look at us, nor do they want us to serve in any Sunday Mass, and the excuses never stop. It’s a miracle that we haven’t yet been kicked out of the Friday afternoon Mass, even though they’ve always wanted to do that; for they have never cared to show us any respect, as faithful members to Christ. The Church could care less.

Thus, this is how it is possible for corrupt leaders like the lady-catechist coordinators and choir director to tell lies so easily; that is, they have the power to make fun of and discourage whomever. They have the power, leaders that is, to boss anyone around and dismiss anyone they want, in addition to creating enmity between pastors and the innocent faithful.

Leadership is Endorsed by Priests

The combination of leadership in the Church and the priesthood’s endorsement of its corrupt leaders is the source that’s driving Catholics to abandon Catholicism. As more families continue being disappointed or letdown by Catholicism, the less likely that there will be priestly vocations. See for yourself, dear reader, if it isn’t true that these things happen every day in the Church. See for yourself if these happenings are not the reason for which Catholics desert the Church and end up becoming heretics or schismatics.

Piedrecita wishes that everyone in the Church could be self-aware of their own wrongs and not allow such abuse to keep being repeated. We Piedrecita inform everyone that there are, in fact, many leaders who shouldn’t even be in their respective ministries and who must necessarily be removed from their positions due to their poor and miserable spiritual health.

The Church is Already Complete

Any layman wanting to serve in the Church, whether it be a catechist, an evangelizer, or if someone introduces themselves as a choir and these persons wish to help in the Church (such as by singing and praising God), the typical response of leaders in charge at any parish is, “We are already complete.”

“We are already complete;” a very popular response in the leadership world.

According to leaders, they’re already complete, and there’s no longer room for anyone else; but the Church is waning, it’s falling apart, it’s dying and being torn apart internally. The Church is rotting and vanishing due to the lack of true Christs and true evangelizers. Ecclesial communism or socialism of leadership given to the laity is spreading with tremendous fury and throwing Christ out the window.

Leaders are Ferocious Hyenas

These words are typical of ferocious hyenas who just want to keep on doing whatever they please, for years now…not caring if they further damage the Church and continue corrupting it. So, this is how the most corrupt, the most ignorant and oldest of leaders, keep hogging their positions in the Church and not allowing the doors to be opened for others so that those who are sent by the Most High may offer encouragement and new shimmers of light to the Church. The goddess “Seniority” is the goddess who controls the Church today.

What Piedrecita really wants for us to understand is that the apostolate of the laity must be transmitted, inherited, and offered. Yet never must anyone become an owner of any ministry and selfishly shut the doors to Christ or to others.

Leaders Shut the Church’s Doors

The oldest and most religiously ignorant laymen have been closing the Church’s doors to just about anybody; the Church is, thus, deprived of renewal and instead is rotting, with its priests and lay leaders (or stubborn coordinators, that is) who continue on with their falsehoods.

There’s no one who can tell a leader that they are useless, that they should step aside and let others who are better prepared and more faithful to Christ in both doctrine and simplicity, to participate and improve the Church.

A leader, whether it be a catechist-leader, instructor of: apologetics, the bible, youth, church communities, marriage, readers, ministers of Communion, choirs, etc…will sit forever upon their throne and defend it at all costs.

Female Leaders are the Most Charismatic yet Racily-Dressed

Many leaders, as in the case of young people, they become leaders, for example, just because they happen to be the most charming yet racily-dressed girls, always wearing their smile. In the case of young men, it’s because they love flattering others or they happen to be the most famous yet hypocrites among the youth. However, the absence of Christ can be seen in their attitudes and in their poor and miserable surrender unto Christ.

Church Ministries Have Clout

A choir, for example, will monopolize a Saturday or Sunday Mass forever. I mean they’ll control it for many years, more than twenty or thirty years or more, and it’s always the same people, even though we’re all completely disgusted and tired of the same-old choir with its same-old singsong during Mass. All the hymns and canticles seem to be merely the same song but with different words because they are incapable of changing the beat, so to speak, not even a note.

There are choirs that, because of their importance and the influence or clout they have in the Church, play in many Sunday Masses but don’t let other choirs participate. Many choirs don’t even know how to sing, play, or read music. In fact, we mean to say most of them, since this is the sad but true, lamentable reality. Most church choirs, especially their leaders, are truly awful.

Church Leaders Merely Manipulate with their Vanities

Piedrecita wants for us to realize that most ministries in the Church can be likened to a sport more so than a ministry; they’re a means by which ministry leaders or managers can flaunt their vanities and individual skills. They only use the ministry to control and lead others.

Choirs always abound in parishes; there are always too many of them. The problem is, however, that 90% of choirs don’t know about music except for the basics and only know how to play by ear, since nobody cares to study music.

To be honest, these choirs sing like my neighbor, with all the discordant vocals and howling that can be heard so perfectly well all the way to my own house. To be perfectly honest, such “talent” is the last straw…but now that I think about it, I believe that my neighbor sings even better than these church choirs.

These choirs own the Church and its seniority, and they’re the ones who don’t want others to participate, especially if those who want to participate are educated in sacred music and doctrine.

Christ is Kicked to the Curb

There are parishes that rotate their choirs every Sunday Mass, such that a different choir will play at a different Mass time every weekend, but the problem remains the same: They don’t let anyone else participate in the rotation, since all of them, along with their pastor, are the absolute masters of the Church. They could care less if Christ is kicked to the curb. Upon reflecting, we Piedrecita are basically pointing out that the Church simply makes invitations to join its various ministries without ceasing to be a selfish, greedy, and arrogant Church.

There are even choirs that don’t follow the liturgical canon, or rule, of the Church, since the Church lets them sing songs with embedded profane music styles. In our Hispanic culture, for example, many choirs play music in the style of “cumbia” or sometimes “ranchero”, regional, mariachi, trio or “Jilguerillas”-style, rock, and sometimes it seems as though they were playing boisterous drumbeats in a street parade, even causing alarm and unrest with such tremendous shaking and thundering of drums, but no one is allowed to remove them from their positions in the ministry.

Church Choirs are Publicity for their Businesses

Our ministry Piedrecita wants to point out that many choirs play their music only so that people may hear them and hire them for their pagan ceremonies, which these choirs specialize in. For these choirs are not truly choirs; rather, they only play for Mass because of their vested interests and for the purposes of publicity, but they’re neither Catholic, nor do they love Christ, and even less so do they approach the Eucharist to take communion precisely because of the sinful life they lead.

The music these groups play during Mass is Church music but masked by all the noise and buzz of pagan music, clearly indicating that they aren’t even Christians or Catholics. But of course, a choir that is truly Catholic, educated in sacred music, and fervent in the religion and doctrine of Christ, such a choir will always be rejected and expelled from the Church.

Profane Ministries are Endorsed by Pastors

But yes, these profane choirs are strongly endorsed by the Church and pastors.
In the vast majority of these Masses, one cannot even concentrate on prayer or spiritual reflection because of these profane and boisterous choirs. Evidently, we Piedrecita see that clout or influence is a constant within the Church, just as it is in politics or in other human organizations.

The Church Doesn’t Want the Participation of the Faithful

There are choirs that play almost at all Sunday Masses, and it’s always the same people because these “grand” leaders don’t want other choirs to participate, nor do they want the audience to give recognition to those who properly sing and play for the Lord. Most parish choir leaders are usually deceased persons or non-existent to God’s grace, and their pride and arrogance stands out in their personas.

Leaders Breach the First, Fifth, and Eighth Commandments of God’s Law

There are choirs that have leaders or female singers who only utilize their clout or leadership for showing off their vanities, their risqué wardrobe, and some women especially only use their position to show off their bodies and risqué fashions, breaching the first, fifth, and eighth commandments of God’s Law. We Piedrecita are not exaggerating here. Even the public and priests see it and know it, but they always remain silent—breaching the eighth commandment of God’s Law—and, in doing so, become accomplices of these scandalous floozies.

These risqué women sing at the pulpit, and they enjoy raising their hands high so that the audience may sing along with them. The pride and vanity in these people can be seen so obviously. It’s clear that there’s no simplicity about them, for only someone who covers their eyes will not see or doesn’t want to see. Thus, that’s how these persons achieve their vain prize: showing off to others.

Humility and Simplicity Don’t Exist Among Leaders

With this, Piedrecita teaches us that these choirs or parochial ministries are plagued with vanity and that there are choir members, especially women, who use these ministries or means as a way to show off their fashions, vanities, and arrogant attitudes full of pride instead. Humility and evangelical simplicity are absent in almost all ecclesial ministries.

There are hundreds of choirs made up of people who aren’t even Catholic, but rather they are Protestants and don’t even let Catholics themselves play at their own Masses…not to mention that they’re paid for their services, since their services are not free; that is, they have set their price to serve Christ.

Protestantism Has Control Over the Church

Of course, there are other choirs made up of Protestant members who play for free. However, they control the entire parish such that no one else can participate in the Church. The reason being is that whenever these choirs perform, “the holy spirit” makes “fires,” and there are giant “blazes” of great faith; the clout they have is extremely widespread in the Church.

Basically, we have to get out or run away from the church, so as not to be charred by these frightening fires. Choirs in English-speaking Masses all receive their salary for their services, yet, not only are Spanish-speaking choirs not paid, but in fact they are despised and treated worthlessly.

Priests think that everything which shines in the Church is one hundred percent Catholic. They don’t realize the Protestantism existing under their very noses. But even they themselves applaud uncontrollably in the way that Protestants or Mosaic sects do, sects that seek and cry out to God through the air, following the example of the Israelite people, because Christ isn’t in His Church.

Leaders Strain Out the Gnat and Swallow the Camel

It’s unthinkable that a catechist leader or instructor of sacraments, or evangelizer, who doesn’t even have the capacity to teach (that is, the only thing they teach is error after error), can ever be removed because they are owners of the parish. Seniority and the power of leadership casts out anyone from the Church, even Christ himself. Thus, the Church turns into blind guides, who strain out the gnat and swallow the camel.

Piedrecita wants to tell us that the seniority of leaders is the most important thing for them, and they don’t care to dismiss or discourage anyone, so that no one will hinder them in their selfish projects.

Leaders are Dictators

It’s a fact that church leaders are indeed leaders and dictators because they come to stay forever and don’t even teach the Gospel, nor do they allow others to reach Christ. They recommend each other (e.g., “As the father said…” or “As the catechist said…,” or “As the brother just said…,” etc., etc.).

They aren’t autonomous, and everyone upholds each other’s evangelical errors. They flatter each other and believe that everything they know or do is a blessing or grace from God, but they aren’t aware of their misery. The priesthood and leaders have shut the door on Christ and God’s salvation.

In order for a leader in the Church to understand God’s mercy on his children, they must look no further than what Christ stated very clearly and left well established when He said that it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus, in this verse, has highlighted just how impossible it is to leave behind our riches, our vices, our pride, our ambitions, our leadership, our vanities, our pleasures, and our gods.

Leaders and Priests are Agents of Iniquity

“But if anyone comes to me,” says the Lord, “and doesn’t hate his father, his mother, his children, his brothers, his sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple”Luke 14, 25-27

Detesting pleasures, fame, power, leadership, pride, vanities, comforts, honors and riches, are the hallmark of God’s children.

Our Lord Jesus Christ rightly said,

Many will tell me on that day: ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and cast out devils in your name, and done many miracles in your name?’ And then “I” will declare unto them: I never knew you; depart from me, you agents of iniquity!Matthew 7, 21-23

Piedrecita wants to raise the awareness of leaders and priests with these words from Christ, hoping that one day change may happen in Christ’s Church…yes, a change that may never occur!

Anyone taking upon themselves a commanding or controlling leadership role (whether bishop, priest, presbyter, deacon, seminarian, evangelist, catechist or leader) and doesn’t allow others to participate and renew the Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ clearly says the following unto such a person or persons: “You cannot be my disciples,” and “depart from me, you agents of iniquity.”

For this very reason, Christ warns those leaders or false officials of his Kingdom, as in the time of Christ:

I tell you, to everyone who has, more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what you have will be taken away. As for those “friends” of mine, those who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them before me.Luke 19, 26-27

Those who Form Leaders in the Church are Enemies of God

The task of straightening out what’s crooked is always the work that the Church must be doing, especially the duty of correcting itself. It is the Church, the priesthood, seminarians, deacons and their leaders who must set an example of simplicity and humility, as taught by the example and heavenly virtue of Christ our Lord.

Anyone who forms leaders in the Church is a deadly enemy of God. Christ is the living example of our salvation, and it’s to Him and His commandments, which the Church, priesthood and lay people, at large, must render obedience and imitate with all righteousness. I, Jesé Retoño, once again remind all leaders and priests of the Church throughout the world, that folly is the mother of blindness, for those who say they see are always the blind.

May the grace and peace of Christ be with everyone.
The Lord God Almighty wants absolute conversion throughout all His Church.
Jesé Retoño-My Messenger.
Translations to English by Leon Jesuit.

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