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I know that in my ministry, Piedrecita, I reproach and severely castigate many priests in the Holy Catholic Church. Yes, of course, I’m obligated before Christ to fulfill his mandate because many priests have turned away from Christ, yet they still wear the tunics of the priesthood and the shame before Christ.

Many priests and bishops use their ecclesial power to keep their respective positions in the priesthood, not knowing that Christ is watching them and that he knows of their corruption, which causes many in the Church to be contaminated with their anti-evangelical aberrations and with their perverted lives.

I want to ask everyone to start praying.

But today I wish to address those priests who are loved by my brother, Jesus Christ, and who are also loved by this here servant of yours, servant of my heavenly Father. Because everything that belongs to my brother Jesus belongs to me as well, and everything that belongs to my heavenly Father is also mine, because my heavenly Father is mine and He loves me very much.

How I wish that many would come to know and love my heavenly Father, in the same way that it has been granted for me; but I have come to show you the love of my Heavenly Father and to show you the Heart of my brother Jesus Christ. For those priests who suffer with patience and one day hope to see Christ and be in the Glory of my Father, for them I am here to pray to my heavenly Father and my brother Jesus.

Let us pray, for those who suffer without hope of God, for those who believe that God doesn’t exist; for them we pray because they don’t know how truly incredible God’s reality is. Let us pray, for those who seek God with a sincere heart but find it difficult to do so because of the world’s obstacles; let us pray, for the sins of the world and the offenses to Christ by the Church; let us pray, so that God may grant us a change in our behaviors and that we may learn to obey God.

Let us pray, for those priests who are true examples of loyalty to the Gospel of Christ, for not distorting anything in Scripture and for not taking advantage of the ignorance of the people to deceive and extort them, for them I have come here to pray. Let us pray, so that God continues blessing them, that they may continue being light of the world.

To those priests who are faithful and true to the Divine poverty and loyalty, I say to you, in the name of Christ: Come, you who are blessed by my Father, and receive the Glory of my Father and the love of Christ.

Christ my brother, dear Father, hear my prayer! Father, I beg you to never forget those priests who fulfill your Laws of poverty and loyalty. Dear Father, show them your Glory and allow for their lives to be a holocaust pleasing to your holy name. My God, I pray for those who fail you, so that they may be allowed to mend their lives.

Holy Father and dear brother Jesus Christ, I beg you with all my soul, that the injustices in the world may cease and the poor may have your peace and blessing. Dear Father, for a few righteous in the world, I ask you to forgive us and to grant us yet another ounce of hope. Dear mother, Virgin of Guadalupe, do not cry anymore dear mother, I love you; I know that from now on many will come again to implore your blessings, and they will kneel before you.

They will no longer be kneeling before you at the foot of a hill to implore your blessings, but rather they will come before you and your beloved Son from all countries and parts of the world.

Dear mother, heavenly Mother, in the same way you’ve taken pity on me, have mercy on all those who seek you with all sincerity, that is, those who they seek your love and not your miracles; those who seek your compassion and not worldly goods; indeed, dear mother of Guadalupe, have mercy on those who wish to find within you: Christ your son, true God.

Heavenly mother, I have inherited your heart; I have inherited the spirit of your beloved Son and the glory of my heavenly Father. Now I beg you, my Father, do not forget about all those who fulfill your Laws and who are faithful to the extreme. Now, dear Father, you have taught me to be like you, and that is why I also wish to have mercy and ask you, by the love of Christ who has given me his spirit, dear Father, I ask you to take pity on everyone in the world.

Let us pray, dear brothers and sisters, for the diseases and injustices that are happening in the world, so that God my heavenly Father, in the name of Christ our Redeemer, may take pity on everyone and stop the evils or punishments throughout the world.

I have not yet delivered your message to the Church and to humanity, my Lord, my God, my Father; but you are already showing your discontent. Sorry, Father, sorry. Forgive us Father, forgive us.

Let us pray to God, O my father, in the name of your beloved Son, have mercy on us all.
Dear Father, please assuage your fury; Christ, save us.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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