Let Us Pray--Jesé Retoño

I, Jesé Retoño, wish to invite you all to pray. I know there are very important topics coming up from this point forward, but it’s very important to learn how to pray.

Praying means staying in touch/communication with Christ. Many times it happens that we would want God to answer us, and it so happens that Christ always listens to us yet his response is total silence, never frightening us. Throughout my life led before Christ, he’s always replied to me in many ways. Some of the replies, for example, come to my mind, as if I had already known them; for the Holy Spirit shows his affection in a humble and gentle manner, taking into account our human frailty.

God never shows his power with turbulence, and he’s always attentive to our prayer. God always listens to us, provided that the prayer is sincere and honest, and that the prayer comes from our heart, and that we show, with all our mind, absolute trust in him.

Even to this day, no one has trusted in God, and our Heavenly Mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe, wants us to fully trust in Christ, her son.

Let us pray brothers and sisters.

I want to pray together with all of you, for those who have died due to this pandemic; I pray to Christ to have mercy on those who have marched passed us on the path of death. Together with you, I pray to Christ to have mercy on the pain and suffering of the family members who are still in this life but who suffer grief. I pray for so many children who were left without parents, for so many men and women who struggled with illness and clung to their faith in God.

Christ, we pray for the more than 500,000 men and women who perished from the pandemic here in the United States. Lord Jesus, have mercy on them and their families. Christ, lead them to your glory and wipe away their tears.

Christ, please hear our prayers. Christ, have mercy on everyone in the world.

I pray to Christ, for so many destitute, who have been left without work, without help, and without food. Christ, I pray for their speedy recovery and, with your help, may they have a new job and a renewed hope in the world. Christ, remember the poor and those who are suffering.

Christ, I pray before you, together with the prayers of many brothers and sisters throughout the world who suffer because of their sick relative, because of a wounded or abused wife, for children who suffer loneliness and hunger….Lord Jesus, have mercy on everyone.

Let us pray brothers and sisters from all over the world.

Christ, I pray to you, together with all my brothers and sisters via this ministry Piedrecita, for our brothers and sisters battered by illness in Italy; console them and help them. Christ have mercy. Christ, I pray to you for so many sick people, for so many who are in need in Latin America, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, etc., oh Jesus have mercy.
Christ, our Latin America suffers unsustainable violence, and thousands of brothers and sisters emigrate to the United States, seeking a better life for themselves and their children. Oh Christ, have compassion and show us your mercy.

Let us pray brothers and sisters.

Christ, our brothers and sisters in Syria, in Israel, in Africa, and throughout the world suffer persecution, suffer death, and suffer hunger. Oh Jesus, dear brother, I unite myself to the prayers of many who follow me, and I beg you to have compassion for the poor and those who suffer from hunger. Many are sick; Jesus remember them; blessed are you Christ. Have mercy, Jesus.

Let us pray, brothers and sisters, dear friends here in Piedrecita and friends throughout the world. Let us pray.

Christ, I pray to you, together with all my brothers and sisters throughout the world, to take pity on the head of the Church; show him your Will. Today, we must all pray so that Christ may show his Will and his Grace to Pope Francis. Let us pray for the head of the Church to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit and for many to one day see the face of the the Most Holy, Jesus Christ.

Let us pray sisters and brothers, my friends, and all those who follow me in Piedrecita. Let us pray.

Oh Christ, in the company of many dear brothers and sisters who join me in this prayer, I pray for the gubernatorial leaders of the world, so that you may show them your heart and that they may take pity on the citizens who live in their countries. Lord Jesus we pray that they receive a heart fashioned to your Will, that they take notice of the poor and the sick, and that they have mercy on all the inhabitants of their nations. Oh Christ, have mercy.

I am a citizen of this country, the United States of America, and I, Lord Jesus, also pray for our current president and vice president; bless them and give them a heart fashioned to your Grace, so that they promote peace in the world and for many to one day, with freedom of expression, be able to hear your Gospel, Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh Christ bless our gubernatorial leaders here in my country of the United States, and show them the way to your peace. Allow for many thousands to be healed, to find work, and for faith in you to be spread throughout the nation. I beg you Jesus Christ, for our leaders to have mercy on the poor; give them your Grace and allow them to see your face within the needy.
My God, Oh Christ Jesus, bless our nation.

I am, Jesé Retoño. May the peace of Christ be with everyone.
We will begin a new evangelical chapter here in Piedrecita, and I want to invite everyone throughout the world to prepare ourselves, so that one day, we can all come face to face with God.

This is the will of Christ and God my heavenly Father.
León Jesuita, my English language translator, sends you greetings in Christ.
Blessings to everyone in the world.

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