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The Church’s favorite topic is that of loving one’s enemies, since our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to love our enemies. Interpreted literally, all those who are not Christians or who are not faithful to the Christ’s laws are our enemies.

In the Old Testament, Jewish law excluded pagans; those were the orders given to Moses. Did Christ, perhaps, come to repeal the law or give it true fulfillment, since both the Church and the New Testament teach us that Christ has not come to abolish the law but to give it true fulfillment?

If we Christians love our enemies, then surely, they too will be saved! For the Church loves her enemies, and if enemies are loved by the Church, then they will be saved. If just anybody can be saved now, then surely, we can all show up to Mass however we want and lead a life however we please, since everyone will be saved! In other words, if Jesus Christ has not come to change the Law, then that means pagans will continue to be enemies of God; therefore, they too will live with Christ in heaven?! Could it be that evil beings can coexist with angels (or children of God) in Heaven?

Here’s the question we must ask ourselves: Could it be that Christ was mistaken in his parables or idioms? Could it be that Christ didn’t realize what he was saying? Or could it be that the Church has distorted or changed the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and has bent it towards her own will? Or rather, isn’t it more likely that the Church is constantly changing, as we are told in Sunday Masses by our priests? Or better yet, couldn’t it be that the Church is already above Christ? And if priests are constantly changing the Gospel, isn’t it more likely that money in the Church has now supplanted Christ and his Gospel?

In actuality, one does not have to leave the Catholic Church in order to reprimand the Church and its corrupt priests. Instead, one can admonish the Church, or give it a slap on the wrist, while still being in the Church.

What do you think?

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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