The Mechanic

Jesé Retoño

Hello! Jesé Retoño here again with you.

How are you?

Greetings to you in the name of Christ. Peace be with you.

I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year, full of Christ’s grace.

Happiness and joy to everyone!

I wish to make myself known to all of you, just as I really am, so I’ll begin telling you a little more about my life. I have a wife and four children; I earn a living from my job, and my wife also works so that together we may subsist in this world. Indeed, for years I wished with all my heart that I could evangelize in my parish and in my diocese, but unfortunately, only those with a lot of clout and those who side with diocesen politics and with priests, are the ones who, by deceiving the public, manage to be recognized and can be heard.

If we change Christ’s gospel to everyone’s liking—especially that of the priesthood—without saying Christ’s truth, then such individuals as these are the ones who can be recognized in the Church.

But that doesn’t matter anymore: Christ was offended by it and is still offended that his Church has become rebellious, hypocritical, and foolish in this day and age; however, despite everything, Christ wanted me to deliver his message by other means.

Dear audience, after finishing this topic of “Catechists Preside,” I will start a new topic with which I will begin my evangelical mission.

Soon, I will begin a new matter, and it will be titled like so: “Journey to Purgatory.”

This topic was the start of my heavenly manifestations: the Virgin Mary took me to purgatory. I want everyone to know about this and go with me on this journey to experience what I experienced in purgatory, as a visitor.

As the mechanic that I am, I will use this tool to tighten everyone’s bolts, so to speak, so that we can all better prepare ourselves to get to Heaven and never have to go through purgatory. Purgatory is not recommended for anyone; it is better to do as the Lord Jesus commands us. The Lord Jesus commanded the adulteress as follows, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, [and] from now on do not sin any more” (John 8, 1-11). Not sinning, that’s the secret!

All the doctrine that I teach here at Piedrecita is authentic. I was taught by the best teachers of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, and I reflect the truth of Christ; I reflect the Gospel in my actions, precisely as God wants. I live by God’s laws; in my life, I obey and satisfy the sacrifices commanded by God’s law. The presence of God Holy Spirit always assists me. I don’t like violating God’s commandments. I nourish myself with the body and blood of Christ every Sunday, and I always seek to tell the truth at the indicated place and time, just as Christ wants all of us to do in the Church, without exception.

I tell you, Christ is no softy. He doesn’t conceal lies and vomits everything that is lukewarm. Christ, my brother, dislikes falsehood and is gravely offended by priests and faithful who betray him.

I love you, but Christ wants everyone to follow him via his laws: one church, not sects and not other divided christs. Christ cares and is concerned for everyone, and I also want everyone to be saved. This is the will of my heavenly Father.

I say goodbye for now, sincerely your lowliest of brothers, Jesé Retoño.

You are all invited to our upcoming new topic: “Journey to Purgatory.”

Maybe one of these days, I will be able to repair your life, and you’ll be able to see God. I am, an instrument of Christ’s peace. I love you, and I don’t forget those who follow me and want to meet the one and only true God.

I trust in Christ that this year may be a new year full of conversions to Christ, and that there may be many men and women renewed in God.

The peace of Christ be with all of you.

I am, Jesé Retoño.

What I most desire is for my own Catholic Church to abandon its hypocrisy and go back to being obedient and humble before Christ.

Kind regards to everyone. Happy New Year!

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