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What’s your opinion?

Who are priests? Who do priests represent in the holy Catholic Church?
Could it be that priests represent Christ or perhaps some stranger?!
We know Christ to be merciful, simple, humble, understanding, and he always takes pity on those who seek him with sincerity.

Unquestionably, many of our priests hardly believe in Christ, hardly do they obey him, hardly are they pious, hardly are they humble and understanding. They say and teach one thing, but they do another. Our priests can basically be likened to the Pharisees of Christ’s time; that is, they easily dismiss you from the Church because of just any nonsensical reason, and above all, they are likened to the Pharisees in their abuse of authority.

In their homilies or sermons, many priests can’t even touch the souls of others, for they have no divine wisdom, and they don’t even lead a life of holiness, in accordance to Christ’s laws. For what dwells in the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6, 43-45); thus, said our Lord Jesus Christ.

The question we should ask ourselves:
Aren’t priests the ones who should live in Christ with wisdom, simplicity, humility, and holiness?

Could it be that Christ told his apostles: Go unto the world and let the societies in the world teach my apostles everything that they should teach about my Gospel, and may it be the pagan societies who should pray for priests?! Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to keep everything I have taught them (Matthew 28, 18-20).

Aren’t priests the ones who should lead a life of holiness and touch the souls of others in their sermons with their example of holiness and pious lives? Aren’t priests the ones who should care for Christ’s flock with all simplicity and humility? Aren’t priests the ones who should represent Christ and be, themselves, models of holiness, efficacious fulfillers of the gospel of Christ?

Aren’t priests the ones who should honor our heavenly mother with their obedience and their loyalty to Christ? Isn’t it perhaps that our Lady, the Virgin of Fatima, is reproaching priests for their infidelities?

What’s your opinion?

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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