Misunderstandings that Result in Errors

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Hymnal with Misunderstanding

Here we have an example from a lay Catholic whom let us know about this following personal incident. It concerns a very badly written hymnal that even appears to be anti-Christian, causing many misunderstandings and errors in religion.


Student Notes:

“Yesterday I went to visit an apologetics class that was announced this past Sunday during Mass by “a missionary at the service of the Catholic Church.” (This phrase implies that her organization is not Catholic, since the Catholic Church does not need for anyone to bring us their services of Evangelization.)

“I observed how poor her knowledge of our Church was and how she left some people dissatisfied with the answers to their questions, which truly lacked foundational principles.

However, in addition to many other errors in religion that she made during the class, I was absolutely dumbfounded when we were singing the following verse from the hymnal, “Si te quieres salvar, aléjate de la ‘Piedra Angular’” or “If you want to be saved, distance yourself from the Cornerstone.” How could this be? I asked myself. If the Cornerstone is Christ, and it’s precisely Christ, the Cornerstone, who we are not supposed to distance ourselves from!
I kept thinking about this until the next class, and I asked the missionary about it. She explained to me that the hymn is about Protestant sects, of which, Cornerstone happens to also be a Christian sect, but this explanation was never given until I asked.”


Editorial Piedrecita:

Well, apparently this was a misunderstanding, and it would’ve been best to not ever have been exposed to this booklet of canticles because teaching the Gospel with some other distorted gospel is condemned by Christ.

The picture on this post is a page from the hymnal where this person saw this phrase that they were singing.
This type of mistake is how many of us Catholics fall into traps, are lead astray, and cause us many doubts.

Editorial Piedrecita invites you to read our recently published book, “A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI” to gain an in-depth understanding of the errors being made within our Church that are repeated much too often.

Peace be with everyone.
Doing right without avoiding all the possible wrongs leads us to destruction and sin or the absence of God.

Best Regards,
Jesé Retoño
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)