One’s Neighbor is the Enemy: The Church’s Interpretation

Neighbor Takes Pity on Others

One’s Neighbor is the Enemy

Piedrecita: Ministry of Evangelization and Religious Instruction.

The reputation and prestige of the priesthood gives way to distortion of Scripture. According to the contemporary Church, your neighbor is the enemy.

Priests’ Reputation Surpasses Christ

No doubt, our priests are truly more stubborn than we could possibly imagine!

On Saturday 07/09/16, we went to Mass at 6:30 pm, and it so happened that a priest said precisely what he must not say during the homily. Every time when a priest gives an anti-evangelical message, the Catholic audience, who’s very ignorant of its religion, doesn’t notice when such a priest teaches them foolishness.

Even when a priest teaches barbarities, the public believes it all, accepts it, and unconditionally applauds everything because of the reputation, prestige, and economic power of the Church.

During the homily or Sunday sermon, the priest’s arrogance and authoritarian power was clearly seen. The priest’s main talking point was that of one’s neighbor, which was the subject of the Sunday reading. More precisely, it was about the parable of the Good Samaritan: Luke 10, 29-37. The priest’s doctrinal ignorance and poor theological knowledge were duly noted, yet all the while, he exhibited exaggerated pride.

The priest’s hoarse and loud voice was projected as if pretending to be a master in Church doctrine, but instead, he didn’t see the poor, useless, and awful teaching he gave to his audience, and before Christ himself.

The message or sermon given by this priest was practically a slap across Christ’s face, even though everything looked as if nothing had happened, that is, everyone applauding and praising God. “Glory be to God, brothers!”

Talking about Defects in the Church isn’t My Favorite Topic

Before continuing with the matter at hand, I—Jesé Retoño—wish to tell you that it’s very difficult for me to be like most evangelizers in the Church; I really don’t wish to be so straightforward and so demanding about the moral deficiency that affects us all in the Church.

I know that it would be much more comforting and pleasing for everyone in the Church if I, rather, were to evangelize without stating the internal defects of the Church; Indeed!…those defects that highlight our infidelities to Christ and which are part of our sad and arrogant reality.

Being Positive and Not Seeing Faults

These defects, we prefer to hide because there’s so many of them. Maybe it would be better for me to cover my eyes and only look ahead, as just about everyone does. Indeed!….becoming overly positive or very good, like the grand majority. Perhaps it would be even better if I started being super ecumenical, as is the case with the current ecumenical interpretations of the contemporary Church. For in the resurrected Christ, that is, we are a liberated Church; everyone throughout the world is a brother/sister of one another; in Christ, we are already saved…so goes the interpretation.

Who Leads a Life of Holiness?

Perhaps it would be better for me to speak to you of the wonders of the power of the Holy Spirit, and to sing songs of praise to God, raise my hands to the heavens and be silent in the face of injustice, as everyone does in the Church, especially charismatic prayer groups.

Perhaps it would be far better to tell you about Christ’s glory, which is reserved for all who obey the laws of my heavenly Father. Yes, because those who actually obey…who knows, in fact, how many it could be? Maybe nobody.

Yes, perhaps it would be more beautiful for everyone to know, once and for all, the wonders that God has reserved for all those who seek Him with a righteous heart and who lead a holy life…a holy life! Who is leading a holy life these days?

We’re Already Saved

Yes, of course! This would be far better, instead of mentioning our weaknesses or sins. After all, we got it made! We’re already saved! This is the new ecumenical gospel, misunderstood by thousands of current leaders, evangelizers, and priests but promoted by the Church.

Indeed! We are already saved, according to our priests, by simply receiving the body and blood of Christ. This gospel is so easy and doesn’t require of any Cross. All it takes is being good according to our own criteria or philosophies…because even Protestants, atheists, mediocre Catholics, fortune tellers, vagabonds, drunkards, drug addicts, homosexuals, prostitutes, politicians, etc., all come to take Communion during Catholic Masses.

What a beautiful family! Variety makes life so much more wonderful! Now we can all go to Communion without having to leave behind our sinful lives, for our Lord Jesus Christ said that everyone who “eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life.” Of course, everyone enjoys a small glass of wine with a little round bread! What harm is there in that?

Nowadays, Christ, his Gospel and his heavenly laws, are not worth a red cent!

Catholics Slap Christ in the Face Every Sunday

Yes, perhaps it would be best to cover up everything, to be silent, and to lead a life of hypocritical sanctity, the way just about everyone does in the Church! Do you think that because people go up to take Communion, perhaps many of them or the vast majority are not committing sacrilege? Could it be that since they go up to take Communion, there’s no way that they could be insulting Christ?

Christ is struck with slap after slap every Sunday…and priests are so oblivious to the situation! As my mother-in-law would say, “¡Agusto Juanito en el norte!” (Mexican idiom meaning ‘no problem’). As always of course, priests are always celebrating Mass, unconcerned for the flock, because everyone’s a saint in the eyes of the priesthood. Glory be to God!…as the devils dance merrily at the altar.

If I Disobey Christ, I’d Be Like Everyone in the Church!

Perhaps, if I do the same thing as everyone else, surely it would be much more pleasant for many priests and bishops; for in this way, I would be on good terms with the majority of leaders and maybe I would win over much applause. I know that if I did as most evangelizers do, I know that I’d be deceiving myself and wouldn’t be able to bear my own shame and disgrace before Christ.

I know that if I disobey Christ, I couldn’t withstand my pain and shame before my heavenly Father, nor could I withstand the bitterness that I would inflict upon my Most Holy Mother. I know that it would cause my Heavenly Mother a much greater affliction than she already has. Then the shoe would fit, so to speak…just as Christ my brother said:

No one who sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God.Luke 9, 61-62

Christ Assigned To Me a Mission

Christ has assigned to me a mission, and the time has come. I’ll have to bring it to completion before humanity and before the Church itself, and my Heavenly Mother is waiting for me to fulfill the Will of her beloved Son. That’s why I tell you all, please, I beg you with the heart of my Most Holy Mother in my hand, change your lives.

Stop doing evil; stop the evil deeds; stop violating God’s laws; and stop doing that which offends God. Priests must mend their ways; they must be holy, unpretentious, and humble. The whole world must pray very much to the Most High.

The Mission Assigned Ever Since the Old Testament

I also know that there are too many priests and leaders who think that I’m making myself out to be a god, or that I am a redeemer, or that perhaps I’m the fourth person of the most Holy Trinity; but I’m neither fooling myself nor do I deceive anyone. When I say that Christ assigned to me a mission, I don’t mean the universal mission that we all have in the Church as Christ’s messengers to evangelize.

I know that all of us lay members possess the common priesthood, while priests have the ministerial priesthood, and that we are all called to fulfill an evangelical mission before Christ and before the Church itself. But, I, Jesé Retoño, am referring to an additional mission that Christ has entrusted me with—a mission that was already assigned ever since the origins, one that I’ll give further details about when the time is right.

The Church Carries the Burden of Her Shame Before Christ

I feel extremely sad! For the Church doesn’t know how to listen; its heart is hardened, and Peter’s throne is tethered with arrogance. Peter has denied Christ again; he has become lukewarm and attuned himself with the world. Peter has denied Christ, not only three times, but up to thirty times.

And they counted out my wages, thirty pieces of silver. Then the LORD said to me, Throw it in the treasury—the handsome price at which they valued me. So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them into the treasury in the house of the LORD.Zechariah 11, 7-13

Yes, indeed, the fact is that the only way we can make the priesthood listen to Christ is by buying it off with money. Only in this way, can it pay a little attention to the poor and the littlest ones.
Shame and disgrace are on the prowl in the house of Peter and His apostles!

My Mission is to Be a Blasphemer in the Eyes the World and the Church

Please, don’t offend Christ any longer; for my Heavenly Father is already extremely offended and you don’t know what could happen to us all in the world at any moment. I assure you, if it weren’t for my heavenly Mother, humanity would already have been in tremendous mourning and pain some time ago. My ministry, Piedrecita, exists at a time that was assigned by my heavenly Father, and I have to fulfill a mandate assigned by Christ, at this time.

The Sufferings of Humanity and the Church

Indeed, I also know that there are many priests who feel like gods in their parishes and think that I’m a blasphemer! But my Heavenly Mother suffers greatly for the sufferings that await humanity, if we don’t change our lives.

The Church Loves Excommunicating Us

I know that for many priests it would be best if the diocese were to give me another order of excommunication, pretending by it that they’re all doing Christ’s Will. Of course, this is what today’s Church loves to do!

The Church of today loves to show its ecclesial power. However, I prefer to love as Christ does and despite all the insults that I receive constantly…in spite of everything, I want to bring to everyone the message that Christ wants everyone in the world and the Church to know.

Pray, pray, pray a lot! And don’t cover up the defects, but you must admit them and amend them.

Confess to your confessor, the Catholic priest of your ecclesial community. Sacrifice yourselves for the kingdom of heaven and don’t sin again. Do not sin again! Please don’t sin again! Distance yourself from anything that offends God.

For Serving Christ, They Call Me the Antichrist

Many priests, including my pastor, consider me to be a neurotic person, someone who is mentally unbalanced. All who promote peace, the Gospel of Christ, order, silence, prayer during the Eucharistic celebration, responsibility before God, and love for Christ in the Church and in the world are considered to be a nuisance and antichrists. This occurs precisely in the Catholic Church.

Priests Call for Laypersons to Go to Other Religions

For Christ’s sake! After Mass this past Sunday, September 24, 2017, my very own pastor publicly requested that this “neurotic person” go to another church, since there are many churches. Our pastor is the one who causes for others to sin; he causes disorder and hatred in our own parish, when he should be the one to show us an example of good behavior, unpretentiousness, and holiness.

Priests Have Lips of Iniquity

The apostle James, rightly said:

The tongue is a fire. It exists among our members as a world of malice; for every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by the human species, but no human being has been able to tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poisonJames 3, 6-9

Despite corruption in the priesthood, the Catholic Church is the only one formed by Christ, and there’s no salvation outside of it. Indeed, our priests must be corrected, for Christ doesn’t accept those who breach his laws, including the priesthood and our pastor.

The Forgiveness of Sins Can Only Be Obtained from Christ

Remember, even though you may have your own religion or creed, this doesn’t mean it’s the one that Christ formed, and thus, there’s no salvation. You can believe in the Bible, yet still reject Christ and his holy Catholic Church. That’s why confession with oneself, or saying that “I confess myself by praying alone with God,” isn’t a confession; that is, confession must only be done before a Catholic priest, just as Christ instituted it.

The forgiveness of sins can only be obtained directly with Christ, and this is only achieved before a representative of Christ here on earth, where the legal representatives before God are the priests of the holy Catholic Church.

No Need to Go to Confession Continually

If you confess with a contrite heart, there’s no need to re-confess. There’s also no need to re-confess if you restore the damage done to others and if after this you don’t return to your previous sinful life. If you do this, you don’t need to be continually confessing, and if you remain faithful to Christ and in complete sanctity, there’ll never be a need to be confessing continually, unless you deem it necessary.

Help your priests as much as you can with their personal lives, for they’re in much need of our support, whether its praying for them, admonishing them about their mistakes, or not exposing/inviting them to socialize in situations that cause temptations for them, which offend their souls and God.

Love Mary, my heavenly mother, very much. Pray the holy rosary every day, and ask forgiveness of Christ the Redeemer, the one true God.
I assure you, time is short, and hope is depleting.

Priests Behave Aggressively

Piedrecita wants to stress just how our priests abuse their authority. The public cannot tell, for the most part, when priests lie to them because of their great ignorance of the divine laws and priestly duties.

Relying on this tremendous little detail about Catholics, priests say and do as they please. Such is the ruthless attitude taken on by our priests, who are weak in doctrine yet strong in their stubbornness/foolishness, that it causes thousands upon thousands of innocent people to lose their way amidst the religious or doctrinal ignorance of the Holy Catholic Church.

This arrogant and hypocritical attitude of many priests has led to the ruin of thousands upon thousands of souls, ending up with their lives cut short, condemned to eternal punishment, and separated from God for eternity.

The Good Samaritan

After reading that parable, and after reading the part where Jesus asks the wise man or legist:

“Which of these three do you think was a neighbor of the one who fell into the hands of the thieves?” The legist said that it was, “He who practiced mercy with the victim—the one who had been assaulted.” Jesus told the legist, “Go and do the same.”Luke 10, 36-37

Jesus Christ affirmed that the neighbor was, precisely, the same one whom this wise man had pointed out, that is, the one who took pity on the needy.

Jesus Christ categorically affirms that the neighbor is whomever takes pity on others, as I already explained on a different occasion in the previous article about one’s neighbor. Again, we must remember that a parable is intended to give a message with a story or fable, such that a comparison or story is used to imply or give a teaching.

Christ is Your Neighbor and Christ is the Good Samaritan

The parable’s true sense is that it was Christ Himself, who is telling us without any arrogance, that “He is your Neighbor.” Christ is the one who takes pity on us—the sick; for sin implies an illness before God, and God wishes to take pity on us. Therefore, He becomes the neighbor or the one who has mercy on us, that is.

The Priesthood Asserts that Christ is Our Enemy

However, during this Saturday Mass at 6:30 p.m., the priest—making himself out to be a great sage and merely for the sake of ingratiating himself before his audience—said that “our neighbor is our enemy.” In other words, the priest categorically affirmed that Christ is our enemy.

The reflections and personal interpretations of these charismatic and super spiritual priests have led them to distort the Gospel and to teach the opposite of what Christ has wanted throughout the world. “Amen!,” said the priest.

Piedrecita wishes to emphasize the doctrinal/religious immaturity and arrogance of these priests, who have the power or authorization from a diocese to deceive the multitudes, to give such erroneous messages, and to take the multitudes on the path contrary to Christ.

If the priesthood, having already transmitted evangelical errors for decades now, has said that the whole world is one’s neighbor, then everyone sees others as their neighbor, creating confusion and leading everyone astray from Christ.

Hooray for the Second Vatican Council! For this ecumenical council promoted the idea that one’s neighbor is the entire world and that all men of every nation are brothers, when Christ instead affirmed that it was only Him and whoever takes pity on others.

God’s Enemies Are Our Brothers

Unfortunately, the Church’s ecumenism has taught all peoples to see themselves as brothers and sisters and to reject Christ’s true message!

There’s nothing wrong with seeing each other as brothers and sisters; on the contrary, it’s a wonderful invitation, but there’s a great deal of evil in not understanding what Christ is talking about or what we are referring to in such ecclesial ecumenism.

Once the clergy commits an evangelical error, thousands are doctrinally and spiritually harmed, resulting in tremendous doctrinal confusion for them and thereby creating misunderstanding of the Gospel taught by Christ himself.

The Second Vatican Council has been a great prospect within the Church, but unfortunately, neither the laity’s nor the priest’s nor the bishop’s duties have developed or blossomed. On the contrary, pride, capitalism, leadership, selfishness, and confusion of religions or creeds have triumphed upon the Church’s throne.

Your Neighbor is Anyone Next to You, According to the Church

However, it’s not just the priests, but basically all the bishops, leaders, and evangelizers throughout the Church continue teaching this same error. Whether it’s in their ecclesial communities or via evangelization media such as talk-show radio and magazines, the priesthood is devoted to teaching that the neighbor is whoever’s adjacent to you.

Both the priesthood and Church leaders truly believe that Christ is make-believe and that they’re the owners of the Gospel and the Church. For as the grand pastors and bishops tend to say, the deposit of faith is found in the Church and authority falls upon the magisterium: Could it be that the priesthood has the power to change Christ’s gospel? There’s no doubt, our priests are ignorant.

Priests Are False Apostles

The Apostle Paul rightly said:

For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, who masquerade as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. So it is not strange that his ministers also masquerade as ministers of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.II Cor. 11, 13-15

When the priesthood or any evangelizer teaches or affirms that one’s neighbor is the person next to you or adjacent, this only makes sense in the Old Testament; for it was only applicable in those days solely to the Israelite people. That’s right, for it was the Jewish people who were united in God their savior, where one’s neighbor or the person adjacent to you was the one who lived next door. That is, it didn’t mean that everyone was a neighbor.

But today, the one who lives adjacent to us is often not even Christian, much less Catholic and even Catholics don’t obey Christ nor do they even take pity on other Catholics. That is, Christ left behind a well-established and new method for evangelizing the nations. This method taught by Christ is now rejected by his Church.

Christ Gave New Meaning to “Neighbor”

Christ changed the meaning of one’s neighbor via his new mandate, taught and instituted by himself in the New Testament.

Jesus told the legist, “Go, and do the same.” Jesus Christ categorically affirms that one’s neighbor is whoever takes pity on others. That is, Christ changed the meaning of one’s neighbor, the new meaning being synonymous with “Christ” or “He who takes pity on others.”

Christ Gives the Church a Mandate: I Am Your Neighbor

In the parable, the legist or sage represents the Church, and Christ is the one who gives the Church this mandate. The Church today, however, is nowhere near in measuring up to the wise man’s wit from this parable, which was used or said by Christ himself. Christ is the sole owner of the Church, yet the Church has become deaf.

This is the mandate given to His catholic Church or holy people in the New Testament. Being a neighbor to others means to be like Christ. A neighbor is one who takes pity on others.

The Second Vatican Council Denies that Christ is Your Neighbor

A neighbor is not just anyone but only he/she who is merciful and takes pity on others, as exemplified by Christ. But the Second Vatican Council doesn’t come close to what Christ has taught. Regarding this issue, the Church doesn’t meet the requirements for truthfulness, the same ones I already explained in the previous article, “The Children May Scream Says the Deacon.”

To know whether an evangelist or priest is saying the truth, he must meet the following conditions: what they say must be sound and reasonable; they must not contradict themselves; and what they say must not go against Christ. Definitely, what the Church has taught is a contradiction; it goes against Christ and against reason.

The fact of the matter is, the Church only taught me that in order to determine whether someone speaks the truth, their argument must be sound and not contradictory. However, Christ taught me that I should add the requirement of not going against Him. Therefore, on matters of religion, according to the instructions of my divine teacher, now there are three conditions for truthfulness.

Neighbor Means Being Holy

In short, a neighbor is one who is Holy and leads a life of holiness. A neighbor is one who imitates or is a replica of Christ himself. A neighbor is one who is faithful to Christ and his only Holy Catholic Church.

Christ Commands Peter (Pope) that Your Neighbor is He Himself, Christ

This message was not taught to me by anyone else in the Church; since in the Church, there’s not a bishop or priest, or anyone capable of understanding Christ and his gospel. But rather, it is Christ himself who reveals this to me, and in the very same way that He dictates this to me is precisely how he wishes for me to teach this to Peter and to all his college of apostles and to all his Church throughout the whole world.

According to the Second Vatican Council, if all of us throughout the world could be neighbors, that would be ideal! But then I ask you: If Peter and his college of apostles were to invite everyone throughout the world to be brothers and neighbors to one another…surely this would be wonderful!

But instead, what would be the public’s opinion if Peter and his college of apostles were to invite the world or all the nations to be Christs or replicas of Christ? I assure you, even Peter himself, would give up on the idea immediately.

That’s why I tell you, a neighbor is not some whimsical notion we or Peter and his apostles decide to believe, but rather, a neighbor is whomever Christ has determined they will be, and this must be respected for all of eternity.

The Priesthood Is Wrong

Isn’t it true then that the priesthood in the Church is in fact wrong? Or rather, will the Church also excommunicate Christ as it did with me? Every day, Christ receives one slap after another from the Church.

The Gift of Infallibility in the Church Is Extremely Scarce

I wonder, where is Peter’s supposed gift of infallibility? Because certainly in this Second Vatican Council, it was extremely scarce. I say to everyone: I don’t have great gifts, charismas, or money, and in the Church, I’m subpar when compared to the diaconate, even less so when compared to the priesthood, and among the laity or lay people, I’m held in lowest regard.

Thus, because of not being accepted within the Church itself, I have to evangelize alone, on the outskirts and as an exile. But nevertheless, I have Christ with me, and I listen to Him continually. I also hear and know the voice of my heavenly Father perfectly well when he speaks to me. Rather, I see Christ and I’m in Christ.

Success and Wealth Fit In with the Parable of the Samaritan, According to the Priest

To corroborate his teaching of one’s neighbor, the auxiliary priest from the Saturday Mass at 6:30 p.m. gave an example of three men who were named the following: one of them was called Love, one was called Success and the third, Wealth. “Which one of them would you choose and let enter into your house?” Such was the question he posed to his audience and continued with an example.

The wife of the man whom he questioned in his story chose the man named Success because a great deal of success was required in the house. The husband instead chose the man named Wealth. However, another person in the story preferred love and in choosing the man named Love, the three men got up and went into the house.

That is to say, the one who chooses love has both wealth and success, as an add-on. Perfect! The public was delighted, so everyone chose the man named Love.

The entire Catholic and ignorant audience was fascinated by this story from the priest, whereby the enemies of God are made out to be true saints and divine perfection. Honestly, do you think this story or fable really fits in with the parable of the Good Samaritan?

There’s no doubt our priests walk blindly. They strain the numerous gnats and swallow entire camels. Our priests distort and corrupt the multitudes with a gospel contrary to that of Christ’s.

Loving Sin Means Loving Your Neighbor

The priesthood and ecclesial communities have conducted great spiritual reflections that have truly morphed Christ’s doctrine and gospel into a contemporary Manichaeism. These priests teach the multitudes that man, because he is in sin, is an enemy of God.

Consequently, to love your neighbor, in fact, means to love the enemy. This priest cared so very little about Christ Our Lord’s teaching and deemed everyone throughout the world our neighbor, when actually Christ affirmed that the neighbor was “Christ Himself” and all who practice mercy.

The Priesthood No Longer Cares About the Gospel, Only Their Fables

Piedrecita wants to emphasize just how much our contemporary priests no longer care about the Gospel of Christ but rather, just their own philosophies, stories and fables, their polemics and human precepts. Our priests have already lost the Gospel compass (or conscience of the Gospel, that is), and now, like chattering parrots, they recite all the human philosophies, earning for themselves glory, fame, money, success, applause from the crowds, and thereby defrauding Christ.

Jesus Christ Calls Them Hypocrites

Jesus Christ calls the priests of today: “Hypocrites!”

Hypocrites: Isaiah rightly prophesied of you when he said, “This nation honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. In vain do they worship me, since they teach doctrines that are precepts of men.”Matthew 15, 1-9

Note: In order to affirm and state the errors of priests, we must truly be down here and feel the weight of ecclesial supremacy. Yes, that is, when high ranks and privileges are held (leadership), blindness becomes an eternal companion.

But whoever renounces leadership positions/titles and all the applause, such a person will know and feel the impotence of not even being able to give an opinion in the Church. For, it’s not the same to be a priest who feels god-like, who feels like the owner of the Church, and who abuse their ecclesial authority, than it is to be a simple layman, excommunicated or despised.

Arrogance of the Priesthood

As I, Jesé Retoño, now explain this true story, I would’ve liked for the whole world to have seen and heard all of this, so that they could’ve comprehended this priest’s arrogance as he taught such nonsense. However, I know that this would be impossible, since it would take many lay people, well-educated in religion and priestly duties, in order to detect the errors of priests.

And the few lay people who are well-versed in doctrine and sanctity, these such laypersons who already belong to the very Church of today don’t have the courage to denounce the errors of the priesthood, but rather they are accomplices of the wickedness and political system of the Church.

Multitudes Are Enemies unto Themselves

Nevertheless, I would like everyone to make the following, rather contemporary observation happening nowadays, in reference to the Church. Well, if you notice, every time that Catholics go to Mass, the large crowds are truly enemies, that is, enemies of one another.

As a matter of fact, you can easily notice this during Mass with the simple gesture following right after the priest says, “Let us offer each other the sign of peace.” Precisely at this moment, we can see how the enemies, or “great Catholics,” hardly show a friendly countenance or any willingness to even shake hands with the person next to them.

If the person next to you is one or several young girls or teens, they’re usually very arrogant, and it requires a great deal of effort on their part to shake hands with anyone since they’re such grand, exotic beauties, full of vanities, and such glorious, untouchable sanctities.

If the one at your side is a married woman or an older lady, she too will be reluctant to shake hands with a man because, normally, these women look upon any man at Mass, as if they were some sick pervert with bad intentions, or like some thief.

I, Jesé Retoño, Am a Perpetrator…That’s How the Multitudes See Me

This continually repeating, aberrant and deplorable situation is experienced by your servant, the Apocalyptic Wolf, who at Mass is nothing but a swindler and perpetrator, because this is how so many super Catholic and oh-so-holy people see it at Sunday Masses.

I won’t tell you the embarrassments I’ve gone through for many years, trying to offer the sign of peace, but I’ll say, one must be very cautious when it comes time to offer the sign of peace, especially if women are around a married or single man.

Catholics Are Macho

If a man is the one to whom the sign of peace must be offered…normally men will have a macho attitude, and if they shake hands with you, it’s because they’re already up to their necks with the whole Mass situation; so their conduct is unfriendly.

The act of extending your hand out to a fellow Christian who’s at your side can, at times, be quite disappointing, and this is because Catholics are usually standoffish, macho, and deceased before God.

If Catholics perhaps do shake hands with you, they’ll actually turn their face to the other side, so as to belittle those who greet them or who are offering them the sign of peace in the name of Christ.

Catholics Are Vain

The Church, without a doubt, is a grand traditionalist, quid-pro-quo, vain, hypocritical, self-interested, and proud society. It’s a society that discriminates against other members of the Catholic Church itself.

The Church is practically a philanthropic organization where Catholics are strangers to one another, since each Catholic will take Communion, yet they couldn’t care less about the person next to them. Every Catholic lives in their own pride, goes about their own business, and each individual believes in God in their own way. Catholics are strangers to one another.

Without a doubt, Piedrecita wants to emphasize, rather, how the Church is made up of crowds of enemies of God and multitudes of those who are deceased for God. That is, truly, the enemies are within the Catholic Church itself, and it’s easy to see and prove how enemies can never be loved.

Piedrecita proves here that the priest was wrong to say that Christ is the enemy, when in reality it’s Catholics themselves who are truly enemies of each other.

The Church Should Be Holy, But It Doesn’t Bear Witness to Christ

Regarding its decree on ecumenism, the Second Vatican Council was mistaken in not having taken into account that the only path or way of convincing other separated Christians to return to unity in Christ…that is, this can only be obtained, with the example of holiness and unity in the Catholic Church itself.

If the Church hasn’t been able to obtain unity in the doctrine and gospel of Christ or in the holiness among its own members!…If the Church or Catholics haven’t gotten to know Christ and their own doctrine, and they don’t bear witness to humility and obedience with their own lives, then the possibilities of convincing others to follow Christ in the only Church that Christ formed are completely null or non-existent! Without a doubt, the failure of the Church or the priesthood is definitively a matter of fact.

By Denying Christ, Priests Slap Him in the Face

Unquestionably, our priests slap Christ in the face each and every time!

Piedrecita proves to us here that the priest denied Christ, and Christ affirmed:

Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father.Matthew 10, 32-33

It’s useless for a priest to wear his cassock and to have the multitudes adore him and defend him unconditionally. It’s useless for him to have the crowds kiss his hand; what’s the use in having the crowds regard him as a god, if before Christ he’s worthless?

I want to clarify the reason why many priests, evangelizers, Protestants, spiritual persons or charismatic Catholics affirm that humans, in sin, are an enemy of God:

Christ’s Expression of Loving Ones Enemies is an Idiom

One’s neighbor isn’t the enemy because Christ isn’t our enemy, as this priest affirmed. When Christ taught us to love our enemies, neither did this mean that human beings are enemies of Christ, but rather it’s simply an idiomatic expression, since the enemies of God cannot enter heaven.

It’s very important to recognize that even we humans know and correctly understand how it’s not possible to love enemies or those who hate us. This situation is similar to that with God, since He cannot love those who hate Him or reject Him.

But rather, Christ himself, being here on earth among us, opens his heart and lends a hand to everyone who wants to self-sacrifice and follow Him. Christ lends a hand, even to those who have offended him, teaching us Christians how we should do.

Christ Speaks Using Double Meanings

Christ expresses himself to us, rather, in the same way that we humans express ourselves. That is to say, He expresses himself with a double-entendre, that is, in a figurative or contrary sense…His Will being that we may, instead, understand things intelligently.

Moreover, Christ put a veil on his words or idiomatic expressions so that only those who seek Him with rectitude can understand Him correctly. However, in the Second Vatican Council (dogmatic constitution on divine revelation), the Church has left the door open to free interpretation of Scripture reading, with basically no regulations, creating an ecumenism or hodgepodge of creeds and unity of all the creeds or peoples in the world.

The Church Accepts All Worldly Gods and Idols

What terrible disaster!…for leaders and priests now teach what they want. Thus, a few words written by the synod of the council can cause misinterpretations, as if the Church accepts all the gods or idols of the world.

This ecumenical freedom, initiated by the Second Vatican Council, is destroying the internal structure of the Church itself, more than anything. Christ left us with idiomatic expressions that are extremely difficult to understand, such that ecclesial supervision is necessary so as not to stray from the truth. But if the priesthood is corrupted!…who, then, would look after the faith and correct interpretation of Scripture?

No One Can Be God’s Enemy

In the case of Christ or of God my heavenly father, there’s an abysmal difference regarding the human mentality in relation to the divine one; that is, humans have enemies and enemies are rivals as equals. The big difference between this purely or entirely human mentality is that, in reality, humans here in this world and before God’s reality are not or, in other words, we’re not enemies of God.

This theory is an absolute impossibility before the immense, infinite power of my heavenly Father. Actually, there’s no one in this world who knows my heavenly Father, and no one can have, not even a tiny idea of the immensity of God, my eternal Father.

According to the Church: A Sinner is an Enemy of God

The Church, in its theology, has identified the sinner as an enemy of God. The Church is basically relying on the apostle Paul’s mentality, which is partly reflected in the tradition of the Church and especially in his writings or letters to the communities.

When the Church speaks or references being enemies of God, it refers to a conclusion or understanding of Christ as a human being, subject to the law of sin. With this paradigm, however, one cannot understand the divine side of Christ, as authentic and true God.

Christ Rejects Sin, We Can Also Say that Christ is Enemy of the World

The reality is that Christ didn’t come to give us a biography or description and power of my eternal Father, nor did he come to give us any explanation of his own divinity as true God and son of my Father; but he came to bring us the gospel of his Father and our heavenly Father.

Christ, didn’t come to show us his brand new sports car, nor show off his new shoes, and even less so did he come to show us, that is-the world and nations, how powerful his weapons are.

No! Christ came to show us the immense and divine humility that exists in him. Christ is perfect love and a beautiful smile from the heavenly Father. Christ is God himself in person, who has come into the world.

Christ is True God

Christ, above all, came to teach us that he is the only way to the eternal Father; he is the truth, and he is eternal life. And no one can reach the heavenly Father, but only through Christ and his only Catholic Church.

Christ and his Catholic Church, which he himself formed, are the only way to the heavenly Father. Christ and his Cross are the way to the eternal Father.

Christ himself, leaving Peter (the Pope) and his friends as envoys of the Father or of his Gospel, that is, instituting a holy people or church…this is how he established the only means of salvation for all men of all the ages and throughout the world, until the end of time.

Humans Are Not God’s Enemy

I make it known to everyone that humans are not enemies of God, for if that were the case, Christ wouldn’t even have worried about coming into this world and suffering in order to show us the way to Him, that is, to the freedom of God. Christ himself, before dying, prays to the
Father and pleads to God his father for those who were crucifying him:

When they came to the place called the Skull, they crucified him and the criminals there, one on his right, the other on his left. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”Luke 23, 33-34

These words of Christ during this crucial moment of his life, here on earth, have hardly been understood by anyone in the Church. Basically, there hasn’t been anyone who understands them correctly. However, there are many interpretations indeed.

Truly, Christ knew that those who were crucifying Him didn’t know and couldn’t yet know who He was; and even nowadays, there are many people, even many priests who don’t know who Christ really is, though I know what you all may be thinking, but I’m not going to delve into differences of opinion.

If Christ didn’t exterminate humanity at that agonizing moment of his life, it’s because human beings are not his enemies. Death doesn’t exist in Him; even if the Roman soldiers themselves killed him and they themselves witnessed Him die with their very eyes…even with all of that, “Death does not exist in Christ.”

Neither the Church Nor the World Know Christ in His Divinity

I, Jesé Retoño, assure you that there aren’t many human beings in the world, and not many priests, who can understand Christ, nor understand the relationship between God’s plan and the sinner. Not knowing God and what God’s plan is, in relation to creation, easily leads anyone to postulate many hypotheses, deductions, philosophies and even all kinds of conjectures, but they can never hit the nail on the head.

This is the current situation of many evangelizers, theologians, and priests: the only way to clarify the existence and reality of God is by using philosophies and reasoning. But they are not actual witnesses of God’s divinity, which is why their explanations are long-winded and philosophical, yet they can never hit the nail on the head.

An Individual Baptized in Christ is Transformed into a New Creation of God

Piedrecita wishes to give us, rather, an explanation of man, of sin, and what the actual relationship is with God, knowing that sin separates us from God but not from God’s plan.

That is to say, mankind, who walks this world, is merely a creation or, simply, a living and intelligent being created by God; but when this living and intelligent being accepts the call of God, and this man or woman decides to be baptized and obey Christ faithfully, that is, His gospel and His only people or Church instituted by Christ himself, then this person, being redeemed and sanctified by the power of God, becomes the true son or daughter of the Most High, in likeness to the Son of Man: Christ.

Note: Just because a person is baptized and has the right of being a child of God, it doesn’t mean that they will automatically be saved, even less so that they are to shout and sing to the four winds, exclaiming how they’re now saved, as charismatics do, in addition to many Protestant brothers, the exception being if the newly baptized were to die at that very moment.

However, this requires a more detailed explanation. Concerning the former, if we behave as such, we are but laying to waste Christ’s Cross, rejecting his Church, belittling Peter as head of the Church, rejecting its Sacraments or means of sanctification, and we end up becoming enemies of Christ; thus, we end up in the fire of Hell. So then, what was the point of getting Baptized?

Baptism Leads Us to Being Members of God’s Holy People, His Only Church

Not understanding what Baptism is leads many people in the world to make numerous, different Christian religions or sects, and to proclaim that they’re already saved, and that they are the true church, when this is absolutely wrong.

They’re practically saying, openly, that Christ is a liar and never formed his only holy Catholic Church. Thus, they attribute to themselves as being the only religion of Christ the Nazarene, although they profess a religion absent of Christ at the very same time; that is, simultaneously they’re lying to their own followers. Christ left only Peter, or Pope-Rock, or Pontiff, solely in charge of his Church and never formed any other denomination or religion in the world.

Christ isn’t divided and never authorized the formation of new religions or sects in his name. On the contrary, he affirmed that:

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. Luke 11, 23

Every Individual Must Be Perfect Before God, In Order To Be Saved

Any man, priest, theologian or evangelizer who wants to be perfect in his theology or doctrine, must be perfect in his relationship with God. This priest or theologian must see God with his own eyes, hear God with his own ears…so that he doesn’t make a mistake, nor lie to the multitudes. The priest, evangelist, or theologian wishing to be perfect in his theology must be the littlest one of all.

The Little Ones are the Ones Standing Before Christ in His Glory

The littlest one of all is the person who renounces all the ephemeral illusions of this life. The littlest one of all is the one who stands before God, residing with Him always. The littlest one of all is whomever renounces everything and prefers God over all visible and invisible things.

The littlest one of all is the person who God has called from eternity and the one in whom Christ’s prophetic words are fulfilled. I tell you: Today, the prophetic words of Christ my Lord are being fulfilled, and today I remind “Peter” not to forget his loyalty and his sobbing words which he showed me before I departed. Listen, Peter! I am calling you. I tell you Peter, “Feed my sheep.”

I, Jesé Retoño, am a Little One and Today Christ Speaks to the Pope

If anyone is offended by my prophetic expressions, or by the way in which I attribute to myself the rights of the New Testament, I remind you of the words of Christ, my Lord:

You serpents, you brood of vipers, how can you flee from the judgment of Gehenna? Therefore, behold, I send to you prophets and wise men and scribes; some of them you will kill and crucify, some of them you will scourge in your synagogues and pursue from town to town, so that there may come upon you all the righteous blood shed upon earth, from the righteous blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, the son of Barachiah, whom you murdered between the sanctuary and the altar. Amen, I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation.Matthew 23, 33-36

My prophetic expressions are my gospel secret, and I’ll bear witness to these on the day that Christ has set. However, from now on, Christ himself wills that many hidden secrets from Scripture, including from the Old Testament, may be uncovered via the lips of some mangy dog for the glory and blessing of thousands in the Holy Catholic Church and throughout the whole world.

Priests Invite Us To Their Theology Classes

I can’t believe it, but the priest from that Saturday Mass at 6:30 p.m., upon finishing his speech, ended by inviting the whole audience to take the parish’s theology classes.

The question that we must all ask ourselves again about this priest is: If this priest’s theology is so poor and precarious, what then will the wannabe disciples they form be like? For God’s sake! Needless to say, our priests are truly a headache.

There’s no doubt, when priests teach evangelical errors and anti-Christian theologies, the multitudes lose their way to Christ and are lost forever. The errors of many priests, have led the multitudes to lose their souls in eternal punishment and they themselves, the priests, are also receiving the same punishment for their deviations and for having disparaged Christ and his gospel.

How I wish our priests would change!
God bless and help His Church and may many achieve their salvation.
The peace of Christ be with everyone. God my Father and Christ my God and brother, want for His Church to change.

Oh Mother of mine, most holy Virgin of Guadalupe, pray to my heavenly Father for our priests and grant them to see your love and the mercy of Christ, my most holy brother.
My messenger, an “Apocalyptic Wolf”. The time has come.
Sincerely, Piedrecita

Author: Jesé Retoño - An Apocalyptic Wolf
Jesé is a Retoño (plant shoot). From birth he was marked by the Most High. The two stars that descended from the horizon have stayed in the soul and roots of the Retoño, and they have marked him with an indelible character. But the Kingdom of the Heavens suffers violence and the violent seize it. Jesé is a predatory Wolf. By morning he devours his prey, and by evening, he scatters remains. The son of man speaks to the multitudes; Jesè shreds and scatters everything in his way. Like a Wolf, he becomes enraged and gathers everything for his owner…Read More »

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