Prayer and Loyalty: Celestial Message. What Protestantism, the Church, and the Entire World Need to Know.


The un-evangelization of the Church’s laity and the corruption of the priesthood have marginalized Christ, and the Church faces an imminent catastrophe.

Prayer and Loyalty: Celestial Message

Prayer and Loyalty

Celestial Message
What Protestantism, the Church, and the Entire World Need to Know


Family Comes First

I know that in my own life or in that of anyone else’s, we don’t like to talk negatively or criticize the ill deeds of our own families, children, parents, or even those of our very own Church. We’ll do anything for our families, our children or our blood.
We’re capable of doing anything, regardless of who we end up taking down along the way, even if we’re dead wrong: family comes first.

I know that we don’t like to note the disgraceful conduct of priests in our very own Church; I know that the majority, or just about all of us, prefer to say anything, such as: “Let us pray for them and may God help them!” or “I’m no one to judge!” In this way, thus, is how we prefer not to tell them their errors.

Failures in Keeping the Eighth Commandment

And by doing this, then, is how we fail the eighth commandment given by God to his Church. By doing this, we prefer to obey human beings before obeying God. Or rather, we put the priesthood above Christ and the truth perishes!

By doing this, we’re pretending that what we think or say is best. And in this way, we always get along well with everyone and are at ease with our very own conscience, yet not with God. We’re always looking for a way to cover up the defect; we’re always dreaming of the day in which we may live perfectly as God orders it, but we never attempt putting our hand to the plow and not look back.

We’re practically saying that Christ came to straighten what’s correct and what’s crooked is actually straight. That is to say, Christ came to the world for no reason; he came at the wrong time and place. And in this way, therefore, we’re hypocritically calling Him a liar. Said another way, Christ is the one who is crooked, and it’s He who has to get straightened.

The Habit of Sin

In doing things this way, we fulfill our own precept or ego, and we satisfy our very own selfish conscience, even though a conscience nowadays practically doesn’t exist in anyone anymore; thus, we’ve hushed both Christ and His evangelical mandate.

Way before initiating our ministry Editorial Piedrecita, I—Jesé Retoño, knowing full well that one man cannot persevere in such a gigantic and divine ministry…One man isn’t on par with a society or entity hailing from the Vatican or from a diocese. Everyone in the Church relies on others and on the example of others. They depend on the bishop, their pastors, and auxiliary priests. And they cover up or defend each other in their ministries with the help of the Church. Indeed, money and power are in the Church!

The habit of sin throughout the Church and priesthood has blinded the conscience, and Christ’s truth has been superseded.

Everyone recommends one another, but I’ve had to follow the support and recommendations coming directly from Heaven. Tradition, Scripture, and the Magisterium of the Church are not above Christ nor God Our Heavenly Father. It’s the Church who’s obligated to listen and always follow Christ, our Lord. Said another way, Christ isn’t subordinate to the Church, and if the Church doesn’t listen to its master, it’s she who will be disposed of.

For Christ, I’ve Renounced Everything

I had to renounce the uninhibited pleasures that this world offers us. Knowing the immensity of the challenge that God called upon for one man to do, I had to reject all things that lead to vanity, leadership, abuse, falsehood, arrogance, avarice, ambitions, treachery, and sin, in general. With firm decision, I had to set aside all that can harm the soul of a good Christian. I’ve had to toss my pride and crown of brazen attitudes into the garbage.

It’s Not Possible to Serve Both Christ and the Devil at the Same Time

It’s not possible to have all sorts of vices and still be a son of God; that’s a contradiction, and we’re only fooling ourselves if we believe otherwise.

It’s not possible to serve two masters because you’ll hate one and love the other. It’s not possible to love God and money at the same time. It’s not possible to be pretending like we’re good Christians, good priests and bishops yet be teaching a gospel that’s different from that of Christ’s; all the while, however, we’re pleasing the multitudes in their egoism. What we’re actually doing is upholding the different societies, each with their latest trends, and adapting to them, bartering away Christ and tossing his Gospel into the garbage can.

It’s not possible to teach others to correct their errors, when we haven’t corrected our own selves. It’s not possible to correct others, if one hasn’t corrected their own children or if we ourselves haven’t even been concerned for those who surround us. You cannot teach humility to others, if you’re not humble and simple as Christ is.

You Can’t Evangelize If You Yourself Are Not Evangelized

You can’t go on taking the Gospel out to others if you yourself haven’t been evangelized and if you yourself haven’t gotten to know Christ with deeds and veracity. Christ cannot be in anyone who isn’t loyal, and Christ cannot communicate to the multitudes through such a man or priest. If a man or priest such as this is incapable of renouncing everything, including his relatives, and if that man isn’t capable of repudiating himself purely for the sake of Christ’s love, then that man isn’t even deserving of compassion, for he isn’t worth anything before the Almighty’s presence.

These oversights and these sins are the reality, and they are an integral part of the everyday life in a contemporary Church. These sins or burdens are carried by our bishops, our priests, and our religious leaders. However, everyone masks themselves with a superfluous and egotistic holiness in which they pride themselves in being Catholics or in being the universal Church, instituted by Christ.

God is My Only Father and Christ, My Only Brother

The man who wishes to follow Christ’s voice must be a man who is entirely given to Christ, being loyal to everyone in the name of the one true God. In my case, I—Jesé Retoño—have had to renounce my own self, my iniquitous past, and I’ve had to abhor myself to the extreme. I’ve had to renounce my human parents, to whom I’ve been merely a stumbling block for—ever since my childhood. I’ve had to renounce brothers who, because of their utter loathing of Christ, also loathe me. I’ve also had to remain isolated for many years and many times from my own Catholic Church because she has also abhorred me and closed the door on me, even till the present. Not seeing any other way, I had to promise my eternal Father that from now on, He would be my only Father and Mary, my only Mother, and Jesus my only Brother.

Over the years, from the visions, from the presence of the Holy Virgin herself, and from the presence of the Almighty in my life and my very existence, and after some years I began to discover other things that God hadn’t revealed by inspiration from the Holy Spirit or directly, that is. No! What I would feel during Mass while praying the Our Father or the Nicene Creed was a swelling or different kind of palpitation in my heart, and I didn’t reveal this to my sons or wife until later.

My Heart Prays to God

I started to get worried and discovered, after a few months had passed by, that every time my heart palpitated more strongly or in a strange way during these parts of Mass or Eucharistic Celebration, I would start praying for the world and for the Church. And quite matter-of-factly, every time that I prayed for the sins of the world and for those of the Church, my heart would stop beating strongly. The tears began to roll down my cheeks for the love of Christ, and immediately, my heart would become tranquil. I understood that my celestial Father wanted me to and was urging me to pray for the world and for the Church.

Prayer for the World

Since then, if there happens to be a time when I forget to pray, my heart palpitates a bit and reminds of my mission in the world. But at the beginning, it would palpitate very much during Mass, and I couldn’t find an explanation for it. Many months, and even more than the year now, have gone by where I haven’t stopped interceding for the world and for the Church. When I teach my sons the catechism and the gospel of Christ, we end the session by praying immediately afterwards, and I ask my sons to also pray along with me for the world and for the Church.

However, this duty isn’t imposed on them because I don’t want them taking on a responsibility that they have yet to comprehend, as much as they strive to understand me and pray along with me.

Dear brothers and sisters of the entire world, the same as with my children, I don’t ask anything nor can I demand anything from anyone, but ever since I was little, Heaven came to me and marked me with the very presence of the Most High and with the indelible mark of those who are children of the Mother of Heaven and of the Church. My mission in the world is not from here, but rather, it originates from on high. I always knew it since my childhood, and during all of my youth, I was conscious of it. I knew that I would make it to these times, this date, and this era. And I knew what my mission was in this life.

Today is the Day, We Must Pray

From that day in which Christ came to visit me and after my Mother also came to visit me on that day of my childhood, I was marked with a mission in the world. And I knew that the day which had been designated by my Celestial Father would arrive, and I believe this is the day, and the time has come to announce to mankind and the Church that we must pray. The Holy Spirit reveals to me and maintains that today is the day to announce to the human race and the Church of the urgency and necessity of praying.

Strength From On High

Both my mind and conscience were aware of it, and I knew that this day would draw near even though I tried many times to shy away from it or think that God had been mistaken. In the beginning, during my youth, I thought that God wanted me to be a priest perhaps, but over the years that idea didn’t carry through within me. But now I know why He didn’t want me to be a priest.

It was just barely four years ago when my mind was reawakened to its initial calling, and a force from Heaven came, which gushed forth from inside me and strongly propelled me towards the preparation of returning to God. This force, which comes from on high, gathered me up with violence and urged me to carry out the plans of the Almighty, both hastily and with fury. I consigned everything else to oblivion and decided to follow Christ with such a force that was innate and superior to me. This force which sprung forth within me still keeps nourishing me and is with me at present.

I’m a Simple Layman and a Reject of the Church

Such was my reaction that I rolled up my sleeves, determined to go over and review all of my religious studies, which I’ve been keeping up throughout my life. Also, prayer, which had already been flowing within me, commenced as well. I had to leave the world aside and live among my family and within God, serving him in both spirit and truth. Nonetheless, I still thought that God my Father had been mistaken because, of the many religious men, important priests and bishops in the Church, He came to insist upon me—myself being only a very poor man, a reject from the Church, and a miserable, despised layman.

God Wants the Church to Straighten its Course

God doesn’t manifest himself just to anyone merely for the sake of doing so. When God has plans, and he manifests himself to a person more than once, it’s because God comes to fulfill His plan in all seriousness, and it’s not a joke. When God speaks, it’s because the tremor shall be enormous; and with me, it’s already been a few occasions in which he’s revealed himself to me and has manifested himself to me in various forms. And if this is so, it means that He is very serious and it’s the real thing. When I pray to my celestial Father, I feel in my spirit that he listens to me, and my spirit is soothed; I comprehend that God wants for the world and his Church to change. He wants for the Church to straighten its course. My tears begin to roll, and I’m not able to contain myself at times and I worry very much.

The Sins of the World and of the Church have Offended God

I don’t worry about my heart palpitations anymore because I now know what my mission is; however, now I’m very worried about the world and the Church, which is why I’ve considered telling and asking the world, those who believe in Christ, and the Church that it’s time. And we must pray so that God may take pity on everyone, for we’re living some very hard times: Faith in Christ and his Church have perished, and the doors to Heaven have closed in this day and age. The sins of the world and of the Church have offended my Father and Christ, and my Mother, who is very much afflicted.

It’s very important to know what we must do in order to pray, so that God may listen to us, because God my Father cannot listen to those who are deceased in Divine Grace. The multitudes, the religions, and the very Church can pray a great deal, but God cannot listen to them because He only listens to his children. The Church continually celebrates many Masses, and everything within them goes about as usual, as if nothing were happening. Rather, the Church teaches the faithful that God listens to us and that we all will go to Heaven.

Apostasy of the Priesthood

Protestantism…growing at a large scale, Catholics…ignorant of their religion, lifeless and without faith, and priests, who hide everything with solemnity and a choir full of victorious canticles…, yet the truth is that the Church doesn’t want to confront the stark reality. Our priests and bishops don’t want to be honest about Christ’s gospel and always make sure to only give us futile messages and fables.

The priesthood has apostatized from Christ and only does what’s pleasing to the world and the multitudes. They always hide the Church’s reality or decadence, for it’s Diocesan money that controls and gives power to our bishops, priests, and administrative laymen of religious and economic ministries.

Fruits of the Ecumenical Council

There are millions throughout the world who’ve abandoned Catholicism. Protestantism is invading the Catholic Church, and the internal corruption in the Church keeps growing. Nevertheless, the Church keeps growing in numbers but not in holiness. The Church’s holiness nowadays is pitiful; it’s measured by the amount of money flowing into a diocese. And Peter, instead of straightening, correcting, and confirming his brothers, has united himself to a Catholic, democratic society. The Lord says:

He will see justice done to them, and done speedily. But when the Son of man comes, will he find any faith on earth?Lk 18, 8

Moreover, the world keeps adding to its sins against God. The world’s attacks on God are more offensive and merciless each and every time. Societies are becoming more murderous. The convictions in their gods grow more each time, and the Church makes certain that the gods of the world really do bear the name of God but merely in a different form, indicating that they’re all the same God; these are the fruits of an ecumenism or mixture of creeds. This contemporary Church reflects the ancient Samaritan nation in the time of Christ. Furthermore, things like setting the example and sacrifice or holiness are merely things of the past now. Today anybody is a saint, according to the teachings of our priests, for it suffices to attend Mass and eat the body of Christ.

The Church is Ashamed of Christ

The media is becoming more and more destructive, ignoring and rejecting God more and more. The media radiates a great deal of destruction and incitement, causing more violence, more vanity, more addictions, more pleasures and luxuries, more offenses against God, and more rebelliousness against the very nature of human beings. Neither man nor woman are satisfied with themselves, so they prostitute themselves, debase themselves; they become ashamed of their very nature, and they sell themselves to attain they’re most perverse desires.

In the Church, there isn’t anyone who wants to bear witness to Christ. All those who attend Mass every weekend, as soon as they set foot outside and the Mass has ended, are no different than the rest of the world. And everyone is ashamed of being Catholics or Christians.

The Church is Only One and Christ…Only He Saves

The Church, nowadays, is a selfish fraternity or a highly fraternal socialism amongst certain members that feel they’re superb Catholics. According to the world, Christians are all the same, regardless of religious denomination…true, because Catholics don’t give examples of the very virtues of Christ; they don’t demonstrate virtuous examples that make them different in societies. Catholics profess being Christians in their temples, but display themselves as atheists or pagans before the world. A martyr or saint is a thing of the past, something belonging to early Christianity and the origins of Catholicism or the age of martyrs.

The reason for my gospel is that we must all receive instruction on Christ’s doctrine, and we must know God personally and obey Him in the manner or accordance required by His laws…not in accordance to our laws or ways of understanding our gods or idols, or in accordance to our individual and philosophical ways of understanding, or in accordance to our very own criteria, or in accordance to our very own religion. Not all religions save but only one, only the one that Christ, the Son of God, established in this world.

God Only Listens to Whoever Obeys His Laws

In order for God to listen to us, we must live a life in which we must obey and follow Christ’s doctrine and receive the sacraments of the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We must also be men and women loyal to obeying God’s laws, and we must love God and serve Him 24 hours a day, every day of our life.

Prayer is a Sincere Friendship with God

The man and the woman who prays to God is not one who spends long hours kneeling before an altar, crying and pleading to God. Neither is it a group that spends its time praying and singing praises with their hands up high, nor is it someone who prays on their knees, and leaning forward, they kiss the ground. No! To the contrary, the prayer that God wants us to do is a prayer of daily and continual communication with Him; it’s a friendship with Him. Our prayer and friendship must be in our work and in our everyday lives.

Our lives must be consecrated or dedicated to God. We must bear witness with sacrifices and with our very own lives. We must bear witness by conducting ourselves with holiness before our own children, before our relatives and friends, before our very own ecclesial community, and before the entire world of our faith in Christ and his Church. The Law of Moses has passed on to antiquity; Christ and his Church are the New Testament, whereby the ancient rites of the past have already expired, but now Christ asks that we give a hundred times as much. The division among Christian religions should exist no more, and we must all form one single, holy people.

The Breaking of Bread, or Mass, Must Be an Eternally Holy Life

Our prayer shouldn’t be something that only belongs to Sunday Mass prayers. Rather, it must be one of daily holiness as proof of our loyalty to Christ and our celestial Father. It would please God very much if many men and women would give it all up for Him. If many men and women throughout the world convert and unite themselves to Christ, as I have done, God will detain the punishments that humanity wouldn’t even want to hear about. If this were to happen, I think that by then I will not be among you. But oh heavens me, for those who would still find themselves in this world!

God Can’t Be Contained Within Anything

Human laws, the nations of the world and the sins of the Church have offended my Father and Christ, but if many men and women like me could come together in this prayer, peace would come to the world. It’s not yet time for me to explain my life and the mysteries that God reveals to me or of explaining my battles against the forces of evil. In time, I’ll reveal to you how God manifested himself to me on my way, as well as other kinds of manifestations he’s made to me. It’s true! I tell you, the presence of God is unexplainably powerful, and God himself cannot be contained in the cosmos. And no one, not even the armed forces, nor human or outside powers can survive before the presence of the All Powerful, unless He allows it and only if He Sanctifies whom He wishes to bestow His grace upon. God isn’t material, and even that which is spiritual cannot be in contact with God if they are in a state of sin.

God is Wonderful

I tell you, nonetheless, that the presence of God is immensely glorious, and whoever has Him before them becomes paralyzed; and after the experience, one is left with a yearning to have Him close again; and one experiences an immense and eternal peace. But I shall talk about these things on another occasion such as this, as well as other verities from my life and secrets that God reveals to me.

Satan has Planned to Destroy the World and the Church

On the other hand, however, I make it known to you that I’ve already personally encountered several real battles against God’s number one Enemy. Satan is a malignant being who, in our day, has achieved control over the world and the Church. Satan is a horrific and veracious reality and one that I’ve had to face in broad daylight. The attacks from God’s enemy against me have been furious; the Malignant One is intent on me keeping silence and not announcing what God wants me to announce to humanity and the Church.

Satan Has Planned to Impale His Horns into the Church And the World

The Malignant One doesn’t want for me to announce to the Church and humanity what they must know. The Enemy is set on going against me, trying to take me off the path that God has outlined for me. This was also the third vision that I had in my childhood, where I vividly witnessed that the devil, with fury and infernal hatred, was killing me. And I myself felt the pain of death, a pain that I could feel physically as the sharp horn of the Malignant One penetrated my back. He manifested himself to me in the form of an enraged, infernal bull, and he killed me, impaling one of his horns into my back.

Let us keep away from evil deeds, rectify our lives before Christ, and get rid of the “old us” by rejecting all things that are contrary to God and his divine laws. By everyone being properly anointed and full of his grace, our prayer will be pleasing to his ears, and God will know how to reward us eternally. If we all obey him and love him, there will be peace in the world. God will detain the punishments, and his Church will be renewed for the glory of the Almighty.

Let’s Pray All Together

I cordially invite everyone throughout the world to unite in this prayer and in this life commitment and holiness to God our Father, and to Christ our Lord, for He is the true God.
I’m thinking about God; I’m thinking about his love. I feel lonely! Yet the world and his Church only squander their time in festivities and revelry, when the Lord has called us to lament and pray.

Let Us Pray, As My Heavenly Mother is Greatly Afflicted

I’m very worried because my Mother is grief-stricken.
We must pray very much! Pray and pray, and become sanctified, says our Mother. Our loyalty to Christ must be upright and crystalline, without falsehood.

Let Us Pray, Since the Church Rejects Both Me and Christ

I wish I could take back what I’ve said here, but I can no longer disobey my Lord. For many years now, throughout my life, I’ve been evading this divine mandate and even pretended that God didn’t come into my life. I’ve even taken offense with my Lord because each and every time that I try to introduce myself before the Church, her leaders throw me out. And so I wanted to run away as Jonah did.

God called me to a mission, and I always knew it; I knew that that day would come. That day is today—the day that God assigned to me ever since my childhood for the purpose of announcing what is to take place. If I told you that Christ hasn’t been present here with me, I would be lying; if I wanted to deny the very presence of God in my life, I’d be lying yet again. And I can’t continue in this way any longer, for I love God more than my own life. Not only that, however; God himself has given me instruction and prepared me for this moment. He has inspired me, and the very presence of the Holy Spirit nourishes and fortifies me daily in order to have the strength and wisdom that I need to carry out this ministry that God has sent me to fulfill.

If the Grain of Wheat Doesn’t Die, It Won’t Bear Fruit

If there were no one in the world to accompany me on my journey, then despite everything I’ll continue obeying my Celestial Father, my Mother, and Jesus. I’ll keep praying for you and for the world and for His Church. I’ll continue on my own as always, fighting and insisting on the salvation of the world and the Church.

We can see the great wisdom in what our Lord Jesus Christ said when He talked about the grain of wheat, saying that if the grain of wheat doesn’t fall to the earth and die, it remains a single grain. However, if it dies, it will yield a rich harvest. I only hope that Christ fulfills his plan through me, even if I’m left alone and torn to pieces, disfigured and not much to look at. Even if no one believes in me, I won’t cease to fulfill the promise that I made to Christ and my eternal Father.

Pray to God for the Church

I keep dreaming that the Church can and will want to straighten its course. Yes, I still dream and continue to hope that Christ’s Church will fulfill the plan of life and hope that God always wanted from the beginning of creation! I’ll continue to think about the world and the Church, and I’ll keep hoping that God my Father continues to be eternally merciful with his Church and with humanity. I don’t like it one bit to see so many people suffering, and I suffer so much at just the thought that this could happen to so many defenseless human beings and to those without faith.

Even though, lately, Christ and my Mother have manifested themselves in different ways throughout the world, i.e. crying tears of blood for us, which causes me great pain because we still don’t want to understand. Perhaps we are or want to be blind. For good reason Christ said to us, “It is for a judgment that I have come to this world, so that those who do not see, may see; and those who can see, will instead be blind.”

My greatest joy, however, is that my gospel may be received by thousands throughout the world and that salvation may reach the masses, just as the Lord has assured me. My victory shall be my obedience to Christ. This is and shall be my greatest joy, and this is my crown of blessings that I shall present on that day to my Celestial Father, my Mother, and to Christ—my brother, my Lord, and my God. On that day, I shall forever be next to my Celestial Mother and have a true family that loves me.

God Wants To Forgive Us, If We Change

God bless everyone. May God take pity on the world and his Church. May God detain the forthcoming misfortunes to humanity and the Church, grant salvation to thousands throughout the world, and may all of us see his glory. May prayer, throughout the world and in the Church, be a reality; let us ask for this with all our heart. I sincerely believe that God does want to forgive us, if we all stop committing wrongs.

Mary, my mother, has spoken to the world and the Church, but no one has listened. This very day, God makes a calling to the priesthood in his Church. It’s written in the Law:

By people speaking strange tongues and by the lips of foreigners I will speak to this people, and even so they will not listen to me, says the Lord1 Cor 14, 21

Let Us Pray With Loyalty

I assure you that the fights I’ve had against the Devil have been real, physical and spiritual, one-on-one, and in the name of Christ. I’ve had him in front of me face-to-face; I’ve stricken him in the name of Christ; and he’s hated me in the same way that he hates Christ, my brother and my God. Christ has been the one to set me free in these battles, as well as God my celestial Father—who has defended me and taken him off of me.

In response to these happenings, I’ve risen up with fury against the enemy of God. With firm decision, I’ve decided to embark upon this ministry as, or in the character of, a furious and enraged Wolf because the enemy is destroying God’s Church and the world. God’s enemy is set on exterminating, not only the Church, but the whole world as well. My destructive claws are the gospel of Christ, prayer, the truth, sacrifice, obedience to God…and the ravaging power of my fangs stems from my eternal Father’s Power. I was once fatally wounded and disgraced; I was nothing but human misery, yet God has picked me up and has cleansed me of my sins so that, with power from the heavens, I may announce his Holy Will.

Let Us Pray So That Faith in God May Not Perish

I knew that this was the Will of God my Father; I knew that God had called me ever since eternity for this moment; and I knew that God reveals the seals of all “Apocalypses” at precisely the right time. The world must look for God and must pray. The world must set aside hatred and division before it’s too late. The Church must straighten its course so that God takes pity on everyone and so that the Faith in God and in his Church don’t perish.

Let Us Pray With Loyalty

I invite everyone to pray and to get to know Christ. He is the greatest joy that could ever exist, not only in this world but even in the eternal life. Prayer and loyalty to God. Let us pray and never stop praying so that Christ may be the light of the world and of our lives. There is nothing to worry about if we all turn our lives to the service of God and do his will. In truth, in truth I tell you: Whoever receives the one that I have sent, receives me; and whoever receives me, receives Him who has sent me, says the Lord. Pray.

I, Jesé Retoño, am that boy who, in his childhood, took that lethal gore to my back from the enemy. With the exception of these chains, I am now a relentless wolf so that everyone may see, know, and love Christ just as I know him.

It would seem that my message is one of science fiction, one that is very interesting to anyone. The thing is, however, if no one obeys this time, God my Father will let the Church and humanity suffer. Perhaps my message could give evidence that I have the gift of being a super evangelist and that I could brainwash anybody, but it isn’t so; this message is genuine and comes by orders of the Most High. For, He reveals it to me this way, and I’m obedient to his Holy Will. I, Jesé Retoño, swore loyalty to the Most High, and I swore to never disobey him and that this time, I would fulfill all of His orders.

I swore to my Lord that this time Jonah would show himself and comply with delivering His message, even if the very Church were to throw me out or excommunicate me and even if I ended up being hated by everyone. If there were something that I could feel proud of, it would be only of Christ—a crucified Christ—because it isn’t through self-commendation that recognition is won, but through commendation from Christ.

Best regards to everyone, and may the peace of Christ and my Celestial Father be with you all.
My Mother loves you and is always concerned for everyone. “Remember to Pray to God, for I haven’t forgotten about you. Even before I began my ministry, I’ve already prayed for those who are to be my brothers and sisters. I’ve also prayed for those who are to believe in me and in Christ, so that they may see Him and love Him as I love Him, and so that they may get to know Him in the same way that I do.” How wonderful it is to be by Christ! It is well worth it to suffer for Him.

Kind regards from your lowliest of brothers:
Jesé “My Messenger” Retoño—An Apocalyptic Wolf.
May the peace of God my Father and of Christ be with everyone throughout the world.
Greetings and a warm embrace to all those who follow us on Piedrecita, especially to all those who are signed up to our newsletter.
May God give you eternal life.

Translation by León Jesuita.
Image art by Polina Ipatova.
Editorial Piedrecita.

Author: Jesé Retoño - An Apocalyptic Wolf
Jesé is a Retoño (plant shoot). From birth he was marked by the Most High. The two stars that descended from the horizon have stayed in the soul and roots of the Retoño, and they have marked him with an indelible character. But the Kingdom of the Heavens suffers violence and the violent seize it. Jesé is a predatory Wolf. By morning he devours his prey, and by evening, he scatters remains. The son of man speaks to the multitudes; Jesè shreds and scatters everything in his way. Like a Wolf, he becomes enraged and gathers everything for his owner…Read More »

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