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Hi, I’m Jesé Retoño. Again, I reiterate to everyone that here at Piedrecita, all opinions are always respected. However, using obscene language is not proper of our ministry; we must always keep the love and respect for Christ.

With all due respect to everyone and the Church, but I have noticed an extensive amount of positivism in your comments, the kind of positivism that our priests are accustomed to teaching in their homilies. This positivism consists of teaching a gospel where no one has to take up any Cross, which makes the crowds feel happy…never allowing them to see the evils around them.

Basically, the effect is that of making everyone feel as if they’re in Heaven, as if closing one’s eyes and not seeing the reality of the existing miseries in our ecclesial communities.

Our Lord Jesus Christ says in his prayer, “Father, I do not ask you to take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one” (John 17, 15). By coming into this world and dying on His cross as an example for our salvation, our Lord Jesus Christ didn’t promise to take us out of the world or free us from human misery, but only to deliver us from evil, that is to say, from sin.

Pretending that there are only dark shadows and lights in the Church, but that everything is very good or that the Church is an earthly paradise, similar to Heaven, is truly a hallucination shared by thousands of poorly educated Catholics. The shadows in the Church are sometimes so enormous, that even with a huge reflector, the depths of such obscurities in the pilgrim Church could not be seen.

Closing one’s eyes in the Church, as if nothing were going on, and thinking that everything is very good is to affirm that: Christ assured us of a paradise here on earth and that his Cross was only a farce.

The book of Ecclesiastes says, “The wise heart turns to the right;

the foolish heart to the left. Even when walking in the street the fool, lacking understanding, calls everyone a fool” (Ecclesiastes 10, 1-3). What bothers the fool the most is that he/she doesn’t know how to get to the city.

Foolish or stubborn Catholics have the big problem of knowing nothing more than to defend and attack left and right, even though the evils and wrongdoing are annihilating them and neither is it bearing any fruit within the Church. A Catholic is not able to recognize their fault and amend it, but instead they pride themselves on being a Catholic, despite the dire and enormous evangelical failures present in our Church today. All of this has resulted because of the huge neglect from the priesthood, evidenced by erroneous evangelization and a failure to lead by their very own Christ-like example.

Not only do I say this, but great thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi have affirmed this too by saying, “I have a great respect for Christianity…In fact, there is nothing wrong with Christianity, but the trouble is with you Christians. You do not begin to live up to your own teachings” (McEldowney, 1997).

A Catholic goes everywhere, but where they least want to go is to the city. That is, the place where a Catholic least wants to go is to where their faults get discovered. Worse, they like to turn the matter around and prefer to say that everything is fine in the holy Catholic Church, instead of recognizing the disastrous deficiencies that have been harming us for decades.

Catholic leaders prefer to cover up falsehoods and say that the only thing we’re doing here is discrediting the Church. Saying the truth is the function of Christ in the world, but what a shame that Catholics are the opposite of Christ. Instead of rectifying and humbly acknowledging errors, they prefer to complain and wash their hands, as Pilate did one day. A controversial phrase that all Catholics embrace is that the Church is holy because Christ is holy; consequently, everyone is a saint—directly or indirectly, and the freedom to dismiss and prosecute whomever is the democratic power of everyone in the Church.

In one of your comments, there was someone who mentioned that this is not a good means by which to speak of these issues. Dear reader, unfortunately and from the many years of experience to date…as a good Catholic, I–your servant—must be quite frank with you regarding this.

Whenever laymen such as myself or anyone else complains about the many kinds of abuse, especially from our priests and leaders, the ecclesial dictatorship in our Holy Catholic Church up to the present, always responds by giving us the cold shoulder and by dismissing us from our own communities, all because we spoke up and denounced the injustices.

As many Catholic and Christian friends of mine say, “I don’t get involved, for God will be the judge.”

However, we Catholics are obligated to tell the truth at the proper place and time, as mandated by the eighth commandment of God’s Law. And all those Catholics who remain silent, claiming that God will be the judge, are also condemned by the eighth commandment of God’s Law for keeping quiet and covering up. That’s why Christ says in Matthew 5, 1-11: “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.” That is, Christ calls us blessed when we fight for justice and not when we remain silent with our arms crossed, merely washing our hands of any responsibility. The function of every Catholic is to shout, denounce, and always preach the Gospel with loyalty to Christ.

Someone called me a false prophet; thank you for your courage. I remind you that a prophet’s function is that of announcing and denouncing. A prophet never teaches a Gospel that pleases the crowds. A prophet is always faithful to his/her mission, in accordance to God’s plan. The main function of a prophet is to fulfill the divine mandate and that the message of God be delivered, just as God has commanded it and not as the crowds wish. That is why our Lord Jesus Christ said in Mark 6, 4: “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house.”

And I tell you, I am a prophet sent by the Most Holy, and I have a mission which I am to deliver to his people; that’s why I’m abhorred by my very own holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. These were the signs that the Lord Almighty indicated to me, and I’m aware of all this.

There’s someone who has invited me to teach catechism at their parish; thank you for the invitation. This person expects that all those whom I teach catechism to in their parish will be the holiest, since according to her, I am the holiest and most perfect person. That is, according to her, I’m making myself out to be perfect. Perhaps she thinks this because she hates me so much, but maybe she was not mistaken because one thing is certainly very true: Holiness comes from the righteousness in the Gospel and from the fulfillment of God’s laws, not from the laws or precepts of that person or catechist.

The ignorance of this person is evident because this catechist doesn’t know what the first commandment of the God’s Law mandates. Since she and thousands more don’t know, I’ll tell you right here and now. The first commandment of the God’s Law mandates that every Christian must be well-educated in religion because in order to know God, one must be well-informed of His divine laws. If a person never learns about religion and morals, they can never get to know and love God.

Whoever doesn’t love God will never be able to recognize injustice or fight against it, and everything will seem good to them, even leading a life of sin.

In short, I refer to the deficiencies of thousands of priests and bishops who teach a distorted gospel, disobeying Christ. And I am disappointed to see that Peter doesn’t lift a finger to rebuke and correct the transgressions committed against Christ in his Church. This is the church of Christ, my divine brother…Yes, the very Church you have dismissed me from, and this Church belongs to no one else. It was difficult for Christ my brother to buy it with his blood; he paid a very high price, and I submit myself to his Holy Will. As I have told you before, and I’ll say it again, I am an instrument of Christ’s love.

And I am not ashamed to pronounce his name, nor to announce what his Holy Will has asked me. Precisely how he has requested it of me, is precisely how I will deliver it at the divine moment. But not only that, I am also quick fulfill the will of my Most Holy Father, Yahweh the One Who Exists, and bring to completion his will just as he has requested it of me.

And I’m not ashamed to call upon my Father and pronounce him to be my Most Holy Father because I never met a father so immensely fair and extremely good, whose glory I too will be the one to show you, even as I reside here on earth, since I was also authorized by my Most Holy Father for this mission.

I take this opportunity to recognize those very few priests who are loyal to Christ, who speak the truth of the Gospel, and who have been dismissed from their parishes and their Dioceses as a result, simply for telling the truth and not covering up the falsehoods of their superiors. I say to everyone who gave me these terrible and despicable comments: Telling the truth in Christ requires guts, courage, and being violent, just as Christ commands.

The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent are taking it by force. The price I’ve had to pay for proclaiming Christ has consisted of being insulted, hated, shunned, and dismissed from my own communities. The Holy Catholic Church has closed its doors to me and Christ. I wonder what you have done to be hated in the name of Christ and deserve his glory. Because to deserve the glory, it’s necessary to refuse the praises and applause. As Christ said, “Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you [falsely] because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven” (Matthew 5, 11).

In what way do you resemble Christ, if you do nothing but deny the truth and close your eyes to the reality…always seeking to make good impressions on others, pretending to be fair when in reality your not.

All I have seen from your comments is cover up, after cover up, after cover up.

Hush, hush, hush, and violation of the eighth commandment of God’s Law.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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