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What’s your opinion?

Evangelizing is the Church’s mission. In order to obtain a sinner’s conversion, the converted sinner weeps many tears of pain and regret. Many people’s conversion to the Christian life is obtained by promising them and offering them a radical change in their lives, a new life beside Christ, and a life filled with God’s grace.

What happens when the newly converted come to Sunday Masses, which are full of mediocre Catholics who don’t even know why they’re Catholics? Yet everyone takes Communion! And what happens when these converts start seeing how priests please the crowds, who are only seeking to front as good people before others. What about the multitudes of believers who don’t even lead a life in God’s grace, and after Mass, they go out seeking a life of amenities and worldly comforts?! That is, attending Mass is simply a cultural tradition of Catholics, or simply, it’s an appropriate environment for socializing.

What’s the use of having obtained the conversion of new Catholics, filled with the Holy Spirit? In effect, new converts are the perfect bait for all the buying and selling, or fundraising, in the church. That is, the newly converted neither see the errors of the Church or of the leaders, for they see everything as wonderful and perfect. Glory be to God! Praise the Lord!

Here’s the question we should ask ourselves: Shouldn’t evangelizers evangelize the whole Church again, instead of going out as missionaries looking for new Christians?

If the responsibility before Christ falls upon the Magisterium of the Church, then: To whom should Catholic evangelizers evangelize? To the disobedient Sunday Catholics or to the priests who disobey God’s laws!?

What do you think?

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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