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Part 2 of 4:

Whenever family or a family member, in particular, is spoken of disparaginly by someone, and despite being aware that this family member has committed serious offenses or has indeed committed the acts of which they are accused…in spite of everything, this family member is defended tooth and nail by the entire family, not caring who gets taken down for covering up this person’s wrongdoing. But, as always, family comes first, and God is second or third place.

Thus, for example, when the wrongdoing of priests in the church (not all priests, but many of them) is mentioned to us, all those who defend them at all costs…come out, regardless of how the unjust actions of many corrupted priests damage or destroy the lives of many faithful, whom even desert the Catholic Church and become heretics or schismatics. Although I sustained much abuse from priests and church leaders, thank God and the Virgin of Guadalupe that I didn’t desert the Catholic Church. Indeed, by the hand and blessing of the Almighty, I didn’t desert the Catholic Church, but unfortunately for many others, it hasn’t been a blessing.

Although priests should be severely reprimanded and even denied their priesthood ministries, to the contrary, they are praised and excused for their wrongdoings under the pretext of the priesthood’s sacred name and the typical reply of, “No worries; God will judge them later!” Thus, we the laity are always dismissed from our communities for complaining about these priests who fail Christ.

Since priests are sacred, however, this is reason enough for them to continue with their offenses and wrongdoings; since, after all, our function as faithful in the Church is merely to be sheered like lambs for our wool (that is, our money).

So, for example, when I tell you: We have a priest who’s very aggressive and violent in a certain parish; he shouts and threatens us publicly; he pressures us on money matters. Many leaders don’t want to accept this and prefer to cover it up. It’s a verfiable fact being experienced by all of us in our eclesial community and I myself, Jesé Retoño, together with many other active members of our community are suffering witnesses to this sad reality. It’s a reality that many Catholics don’t want to accept, prefering to always say nice things despite everything being quite the contrary. Moreover, it’s been brought to our attention that our community is not the only one having this problem with their parish priests, who are extremely aggressive, but other parishes as well.

When I tell you about this priest who even allows babies from one- to three-years-old to cry until our eardrums burst, the leaders and diehard Catholics don’t accept this priest’s sin to be pointed out, but rather, they will even hide it and defend him, without regard for the priest’s obligation to maintain order and utmost respect before the offering at the altar.

With your forgiveness, I apologize to everyone. I know that this is painful for all Catholics, but I am a Catholic who doesn’t like to conceal lies. I prefer saying the truth instead, and saying the truth, doesn’t make us false prophets. Saying that there are many bad priests in the Church, doesn’t mean that the whole Church is corrupt. However, what does affect the whole Church and kills the souls of those who do it, without exception, is covering up for priests, since this results in violation of the fifth and eighth commandments of God’s law.

To be continued…


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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