The Children May Scream, Says the Deacon

Children May Scream in the Church

The celebration of the Bread and Wine in the Church is degraded, due to the chaos of children, adults, and priests who don’t understand Scripture.

Children May Scream During Mass

At the end of the 7:00 pm Mass on Saturday 10/05/13, the usual monthly presentation ensued, which occurs on the first weekend of the month. On this particular day, all couples stepped forward with their little ones in order to present them before the altar.

The deacon, who gave his own homily in substitute for the priest’s homily, also proceeded to bless the children on this occasion. As he did this, he spoke a barbarism which priests often tend to say; and of course, everything they say is always right, right?

It occurred to him to say that he doesn’t mind the SCREAMING AND YELLING of children, but rather what bothers him is the raucous made by adults. What a tremendous message he imparted to the attendees. That is, if you notice, he very clearly said that since our Lord Jesus Christ loves children, he too loves them. However, by saying this to an audience that is unlearned and ignorant in their religion, what he bluntly and categorically told them was that it’s okay for children to be screaming during Mass.

Certainly after this, but as always, children’s cries and screams are the “house specialty” every weekend and at every Mass. As my mother often says, “Onwards with the burial.”

Children’s Screams and Disorder Become the Prayer During Masses

Surely, you know that during Mass we always hear the screaming and bothersome cries of the many children that adults bring and how they don’t allow us to pay attention to the sermons, since all we are able to hear are the sermons being given by the boisterous cries of children, ringing cellphones of mediocre Catholic adults, and the ever-increasing shouting of priests due to the lack of order in these Masses.

Here at Piedrecita, we make reference to how Catholics pay such paltry and little attention to their very own salvation, seeing as how it would be of great benefit to leave their children with someone responsible at home so they may attend Mass and focus themselves on the salvation of their own souls. However, this will never happen because it isn’t of any importance to Catholics or priests.

The Presentation of Children at the Altar Replaces Christ

Let us instead come to these Masses where children are usually Presented…Masses where such Jewish customs are celebrated yet are, in fact, expired or discontinued by the New Testament. These traditions are Mosaic or, in others words, derived from the Old-Testament, yet are excellent pretexts or dupery from the Church, by which it seeks alms from the ignorant multitudes or, to be precise, from those who don’t know their own Catholic religion.

Catholics Are Un-Evangelized

Here, Piedrecita makes the following note: The Church takes advantage of the ignorance of Catholics, or sheep, in order to collect their “wool” or tithings, that is. (We don’t mean to say that it’s not necessary to help the Church economically; that’s a topic to be discussed later). Moreover, we Piedrecita, alert you to the fact that there are even numerous Catholics, mothers and fathers, who flatter themselves because, according to them, their children…being so small, are supposedly the quietest and most well-behaved among all the others; however, all the shouting episodes are utterly repulsive. Indeed, these parents are sinning by taking pride in their poor and miserable instances of arrogance, in addition to their unfavorable conduct before Christ.

Children Trust More in Christ than Adults and Priests

Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Gospel of Matthew says:

Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the crowds, but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”Mt. 19, 13-14

As always, people or crowds are very stubborn, obstinate, and unruly. They always want to impose bad habits and rush headlong into everything, which is why the apostles tried to prevent the shoving and pushing of the people.

Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Trust Him, Not in Children

Jesus Christ takes this opportunity to teach adults the necessity in being like children to merit the Celestial Kingdom (Note: Jesus Christ doesn’t rebuke his disciples however, for his disciples aren’t doing wrong). That is to say, children fully trust their parents and are not on guard from anyone or anything. Children are happy in the hands of their parents or guardians. In other words, it’s the adults who don’t trust in God, not even a bit.

Jesus Christ Rebukes Adults and Priests

This message is for adults and priests, who don’t trust in Christ and allow chaos during the Masses. But the Church loves to favor the screams of children, in order to fill their pockets with money.

Priests Use Children as the Gospel of Christ

Again, if we remember the psalmist:

(A maskil of Asaph): Attend, my people, to my teaching; listen to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable, unfold the puzzling events of the past.Psalm 78, 1-2

Jesus always expresses himself with parables, and even in the 21st century, our priests continue to interpret Scripture literally, thus throwing away Christ’s true teaching into the wastebasket.

It’s true that Christ loves children, but His concern isn’t with the children; it’s with the adults, rather, who don’t trust in Him nor in his Heavenly Father. It’s the adults who should be like children, according to the words of Christ himself, and priests who should be like Christ, who fully trusts in his heavenly father.

Priests Are Blind

Jesus Christ is being very concrete here, since he utilizes the imagery of children as an example so that adults may open their eyes, for it’s the adults and priests who are blind and myopic. As a matter of fact, the message here is exclusively for adults and priests, but the Church or clergy make of this simple story a tremendous cause for sin that actually favors children and their boisterous screams, providing grounds for which adults may continue perpetuating such disorderly conduct. Thus, the clergy ends up destroying or corrupting Christ’s Gospel.

Children and Money Are the Church’s Gospel

So that’s why Christ tells adults that the kingdom of heaven is for those who are like these children. But among his disciples, Jesus never encouraged the turmoil and screams of children during the sermons or homilies of his Eucharistic celebration; not even his own disciples encouraged this, for it was the disciples who didn’t want the chaos of children, but this is something that the clergy has never been able to understand. The only thing the priesthood understands is how to please the corrupt masses, and then encourage them to give to the collection basket, thereby disobeying Christ.

The Priesthood Teaches Falsehoods About the Gospel

Piedrecita raises awareness to educators and evangelizers in the Church, since the false interpretation of Scripture is common to just about all bishops, priests, presbyters, and Church evangelizers. Piedrecita underscores how the priesthood’s authority is imposed on others, much more so, through the acquired purchasing and economic power of the Church, rather than the simplicity and gospel of Christ. For, simplicity is scarce or absent in the priesthood itself.

Masses Are Ruined by Children’s Screams

Our bishops, priests and deacons are more devoted to having temples and parishes full of very small, crying children, instead of recommending to adults that if their youngsters are too little, they should drop them off with someone else to babysit, while parents, teens, and youth attend Mass. But clearly Masses aren’t worth a dime, since according to them, children are the priority and so we have entire families bringing tons of children or babies to fill up the weekend Masses.

Bishops and Priests Are Babysitters During Mass

Consequently, we have bishops, priests, presbyters, deacons and entire families doing the complete opposite of what Christ has commanded, being as how everyone is now a babysitter during Mass. But it doesn’t end there, even evangelizing media and radio talk shows, Christian magazines, etc., etc., repeat over and over again, like broken records, “Let the children come to me.”

But the most surprising thing about this is how our priests, who are so ignorant in the most basic teachings of Scripture, applaud this, albeit it’s not even really possible, these days, to give a single sermon during homilies.

Our Priests Don’t Exercise the Charisma or Gift of Evangelization

For example, if we analyze one of St. Anthony of Padua’s sermons, we’ll see how the crowds stood steady and in complete silence before the great orator, merely for the sake of being able to hear the words that came from the lips of the saint.

As for our priests and their sermons, however, all that is heard, are the raucous screams of children, causing great disorder, and they—the priests, even dare to call them up to the front of the altar, because children and disorder are what priests adore. Thus, we have priests who fill the altars with piles of disorderly children during the Eucharistic celebrations of the Lord’s Day.

Lay-People Are Babysitters During Mass

Here at Piedrecita we want to emphasize how the Church now consists of many crying children, where both parents and priests have turned into nannies. If you believe that I, Jesé Retoño, am exaggerating here, then I recommend you take a stroll by any Sunday Mass, and you’ll be able to verify this for yourself.

I don’t deny that it’s good for children to be honored at Masses, but such pandemonium and false interpretation of Scripture are a real evil and harm societies by replacing Christ’s gospel with their own corrupt customs.

Catholics Have Brand New Cars

Any family can willingly decide to go into debt or even sell their soul to the devil, that is, and sport a brand new car, but incredibly such families don’t even have a cent for paying someone to babysit their little ones—who really have no place in Mass, being so tiny and fretful.

Now, if parents cannot be at Mass without their children, then they really must stay home as nannies/babysitters with their babies and take care of them there, instead of being a nuisance and obstacle to the conversion of others.

It’s clear that those who take their babies or children to Mass could care less about their own salvation, and even less so the conversion and salvation of others. Priests, too, could care less about this.

The Teaching of Morals to Children Begins at Home

What Piedrecita wishes to emphasize here is that religious education for children under five or six years old isn’t found in the Sunday Eucharistic celebration but rather, it’s in the home. That is, little ones have no understanding of what happens in Mass but are instead always restless, in the mood for play, or unceasingly crying.

Children don’t understand that there must be silence; however, priests and adults are even worse than children. Parents become even more stubborn and headstrong with their own children, thereby ruining others’ salvation and simultaneously showing how they themselves aren’t concerned for their own salvation.

Congratulations to the Church, for it is a true educator of children, and Christ and his gospel are an enormous obstacle to the clergy’s interests!

My House Shall be a House of Prayer for All Peoples

Parents who irresponsibly take their young children to Mass behave like hypocritical Pharisees, who neither let themselves nor let others enter the true knowledge of God; that is, they don’t permit themselves or others to be receptive to God’s message. Whenever a deacon or priest speaks such atrocities like this particular one mentioned by the Deacon on this occasion, they are in fact expressing thoughtlessness and doctrinal ignorance, spewing veritable nonsense.

Today, Piedrecita makes reference to the very words of Jesus Christ, since He is well aware that children are the future and soul of the forthcoming Church, but we must also understand the need to care for them in our homes, until they attain the appropriate age for there to be order, discipline, and respect in the temple before the sacrosanct Eucharistic celebration.

That’s why Christ says:

It is written (Isaiah 56: 7), for my house shall be called a House of prayer for all peoples.Matthew 21, 13

Not a house full of commotion! Not a house of screaming and crying!

The Priesthood Has Turned Against Christ

Surely, you may have noticed how in certain messages found in Piedrecita, the remarks I make are not common of evangelizers or priests in the Church or in the world. The new message being presented in this very article is, likewise, a completely different answer than that of evangelizers and priests in the Church, yet this message is authentic and comes from my only divine teacher: Christ, my brother, the only true God!

In order to know whether I or any other evangelizer is correctly teaching doctrine, the secret lies in that whatever is being taught must be in line with reason, must not contradict itself, and must not go against Christ; otherwise it’s false.

If an evangelizer causes too much controversy, contradicts themselves, or uses his/her religious knowledge or ecclesial authority to say or affirm something that Christ never said but only causes confusion, then said evangelizer is an antichrist.

Everything I Teach Doesn’t Contradict Itself, It Conforms to Reason and to Christ

Everything I teach here is purely apologetic and based on reason, so as to verify that what is being said is true. I owe all my studies to my great teachers and many holy priests in the holy Catholic Church and especially to Christ, my divine brother and number-one Teacher, who is present with me daily.

Many priests will wonder: How can he speak such authentic and truthful things when the references from his relatives, friends, and brothers are completely negative?

I say to everyone the very words of Christ, my divine brother: A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and in his own house. Also, I tell you: I was alienated, despised, repudiated or excluded by my own parents and brothers. More than that, the Church has expelled me many times from simple leadership roles to even the diocesan apostolate itself.

The Church Gives Christ the Cold Shoulder

In the Church, you may be given an order from the diocese in which Church participation is prohibited, or they’ll give you the cold shoulder. It so happened to me; I was ordered not to participate in the Church, all because of slander and falsehoods from priests and leaders who continue to unjustly lead within the Church.

But Christ and my heavenly Father have been deeply offended by the abuse perpetrated against many innocent righteous ones who’ve been offended by the contemporary Church.
For that’s why my Blessed Mother cries tears of blood, so that all the abuse in the world and in the Church may cease! And she prays very much to Christ and my heavenly Father for the salvation of many souls.

I’m the Black Sheep of the Family and of the Church

My relatives, my brothers, my father, my mother, my friends, and the ecclesial communities will always give bad references about me because speaking the truth in Christ will always make you the black sheep of the family and of ecclesial communities, but I assure you that Christ is the one who recommends my proven virtues.

Many righteous priests or religious faithful to Christ, of whom Christ and my heavenly Mother are witnesses, will be greatly blessed by the love of my heavenly Father and many men, women, young people and children in the world will know the glory of Christ, via the lips of someone so revolting.

Clergy Believe that Newborns Bring Forth Praises to God Via Screams

In the Gospel according to Matthew it says:

It is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer. But you have made it a den of thieves!” … When the chief priests and the scribes saw the wondrous things he was doing, and the children crying out in the temple area, “Hosanna to the Son of David,” they were outraged.
The high priests, being outraged by the children’s screams, and by the miracles that he had done, said to him: “Do you hear what they are saying?” Jesus said to them, “Yes; and have you never read the text, ‘Out of the mouths of infants and nurslings you have brought forth praise’?”Matthew 21, 13-16

This would be the question we should ask all bishops, priests, presbyters, deacons, and church leaders:

When Have You Seen Newborns Sing Praises?

I, Jesé Retoño – The Apocalyptic Wolf, make the following inquiry to all the bishops, priests, deacons and intelligent leaders of the Church and the world: Since when do children and newborns who still nurse sing praises to God? Isn’t it rather the adults, priests, Pharisees, or teachers of the Law…who don’t trust in Christ?

Isn’t it perhaps that on this occasion Christ had all the right to be so irked by the scribes and Pharisees due to their false doctrines, more so than with the children!? Or do you really believe that Christ likes all the racket, screaming, crying, and buying and selling in his temple?

Surely, Christ is speaking of the baptized in the Church, not the screaming children during Mass. However, our priests are rather blockheaded.

Christ Rebukes Foolish Priests: Who Are the “Little Ones”?

Here, Piedrecita wishes to underscore how it’s the clergy—leaders, deacons, priests and bishops—who don’t trust in Christ, but rather: Those of us who are the little ones and don’t belong to any ecclesial rank are, in fact, the ones who trust infinitely more in Christ, who loves us.

Piedrecita wishes to teach us that Christ is rebuking the foolish adults, leaders, deacons, priests, and bishops, since children don’t even understand what takes place; the teaching is solely for the foolish “priests and scribes,” bishops, priests, presbyters, deacons, and church leaders.

The Clergy are Anti-Evangelical Eminencies

Congratulations to the clergy! For they’re all surely great eminencies of heavenly wisdom. Rather, I believe that it’s time for the clergy to retake their theology classes because, at this rate, it’s we children or the littlest and insignificant ones, rather, who’ll end up giving the Sunday homilies. Glory be to God!

Could it really be that Christ is referring to other children or little ones? Are we not the ones who renounce honors or important positions and also the ones who are kicked out of the Church for the sake of Christ’s name?

The Lord says:

Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the seaMatthew 18, 6

I, Jesé Retoño, am one of those little ones, and I’m in the presence of the Most High.

Children Should Be Taught About the Sanctity of the Home

The Mass itself, or the Eucharistic celebration and the temple itself, as well as all else that is sacred for God, must be an environment of order and respect to the Most High, without neglecting youngsters.

It’s the adults who must be sanctified by the Church’s doctrine and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Adults are the ones who, via their example of sanctity and holy life, will be able to help, correct, and educate their children on matters of God’s holiness and the sanctity of the home.

Priests Shouldn’t Be Mediocre

It’s time for our priests to be aware of the need to know the Church’s doctrine well, and please: they must stop being so mediocre. How is it possible that the Church’s responsibility lies in the hands of unworthy Priests and bishops, helpless in matters of religion.

Criticism is Good

It’s time for those priests who think that criticizing the Church is bad…that’s right!…It’s time for these priests to understand what criticism means.

For criticism is good, especially if it’s constructive and if it has the aim of correcting and benefiting the Church. Please, let’s be clear: Not telling others their errors means breaching the eighth commandment of God’s Law, which orders us to say the truth at the proper time and place, so that evils may no longer be perpetuated.

Failure to correct erroneous priests means breaching the fifth commandment of God’s law, since teaching false doctrines means killing the souls of others, and this is condemned by Christ Himself, who orders not to kill the soul.

Priests Punish Christ for His Truth

It’s time for these erroneous and hard-headed priests to understand this, for otherwise they insult Christ by calling him a liar. If what I—Jesé Retoño—am saying here isn’t correct, then Christ would never have rebuked the scribes, Pharisees, and doctors of the Law, calling them hypocrites or brood of vipers.

For example, Paul—the Apostle of the Gentiles—severely rebukes Peter, the first holy Pope of the Church, for his hypocrisy before the Gentiles. So…are we then going to punish Paul and Christ for keeping the Law!?
So then, do priests want to punish Christ for telling us the truth?

Priests Will Be Punished by Christ

Stubborn priests! Please, let’s be very clear: God’s laws are for his people here on earth, not for the world. This wasn’t said by Paul; rather,it is I, Jesé Retoño, who says this by divine inspiration.

For the world, by not accepting God’s laws, is already judged. The Law is made for violators, and if the one who violates the Divine Law is a priest, then he shall be punished with all rigor by the Divine Law; therefore, to rebuke priests is to prevent their eternal punishment.

What do you prefer: A King’s Punishment or God’s Punishment!?

Piedrecita is for the benefit of priests and all the laity in the Church, and also for everyone who seeks Christ with an upright heart. What do you prefer, a king’s punishment or God’s punishment?…Since kings would subject the vanquished to slavery in their kingdom, but God exterminates those who disobey or worship other gods. The decision is yours.

According to St. Peter, the first pope and apostle of the Church, in his first letter to the Church he says:

For it is time for the judgment to begin with the household of God; if it begins with us, how will it end for those who fail to obey the gospel of God? “And if the righteous one is barely saved, where will the godless and the sinner appear?”I Peter, 4, 17-18

Protestants Give Priests in the Church Lessons and Bear Witness

We Catholics should learn from our Protestant brothers, who in their sermons, we hear no disturbances from cell phones or children, for they are very responsible, and that is precisely why they separated from or deserted the Catholic Church.

Protestants don’t take their children to their temples or sermons on important days of evangelization. If a child happens to sneak in, Protestants always make sure they don’t cry or cause any disorder or disturbance in the assembly. Protestants are Catholics who are tired already of the clergy’s irresponsibility, and that’s why they’ve decided to abandon Catholicism.

Catholics are Protestants

Where did all the Confirmation and First Communion students from last summer go? Thanks to the bishop, many of them no longer come to Mass, and many others are already Protestants. Hallelujah! Glory be to God! A round of applause for the bishop, for his great evangelical work in the Diocese.

The Church Is Completely Un-Evangelized

Piedrecita makes it known to everyone of the need in tending to the religious education of Catholics. Piedrecita focuses on how to live and bear witness to Christ in our lives. The Church today is completely un-evangelized.

The multitudes are great and keep growing in uncontrollable numbers, but these societies are dead in faith and lifeless before God. As our Lord Jesus Christ would say in his day: they are but whitewashed tombs.

Piedrecita raises our awareness as to how Catholic societies, in their total religious or doctrinal ignorance, are the effective and perfect bait for Protestant sects, who are looking for new devotees or proselytes.

The Church Consists of Lonely Crowds Without God

Today the Church consists of societies that only attend Mass on Sundays, if they remember. Today, Piedrecita is making it a point to raise our awareness because what follows after Mass is usually partying, sins, and complete impiety, for today’s Church is comprised of societies that are deceased before God, but yet everyone takes Communion.

When priests fail to educate Catholic communities and societies of the great sins that are committed when receiving or eating Christ—Bread and Wine, they incur part of the responsibility for the sins of others.

The Priesthood Permits Affronts to Christ

This is the greatest sacrilege that has offended my Blessed Mother, Christ, and my heavenly Father. This sacrilege will also be the shame and cause of eternal punishment for which the priesthood and leadership will face on that day, that is, for their actions and for allowing affronts to the Gospel and the body of Christ my Lord.

The priesthood must obligatorily reprimand and make the Masses aware, so that only those who are in God’s grace and, above all, who are holy Catholics, fervent in God’s Law may near the altar to take Communion. If the one approaching to take Communion doesn’t meet any of the requirements of holiness, as ordered by Christ and His holy catholic church, then such a person should not even get close to the sanctuary.

Catholics Don’t Know Christ or His Religion

Catholics, in general, are just Catholics by name. Catholics are extremely careless with their religious responsibilities. Catholics are simply traditionalists, who don’t know Christ nor his very religion. But for God’s sake! Catholics aren’t even interested in knowing what they themselves believe or practice. Catholics settle for having images of the Virgin and of Christ in their homes.

Catholics enjoy inviting a priest to their homes for a good meal. They love gaining favor, influence, and leverage in the Church, instead of obeying God’s Law, listening to His Word or divine message, and putting it into practice.

Catholics Worship Even Death

To clarify the point, we Catholics, under no circumstances, worship images of clay or metal. Although I don’t deny that there are tons, upon thousands of mediocre Catholics who worship just about anything, yet they still go to Mass and even take Communion and commit sacrilege too; however, those aren’t actually Catholics. This theme has become quite popular among Protestant brothers or in different religious sects, that is.

Nonetheless, images or statues are good portraits that always remind us of those who have given their lives for us and for God. Now isn’t the time to touch upon this matter, but it’s very important that we understand the absurd extremes of Catholicism.

Good Sermons from our Priests Are Only a Dream

Children are a matter which the Catholic Church doesn’t even care about, for if it were concerned, then surely it would have good regulations set in place with respect to children and, thus, give good constructive sermons via our priests. It’s apparent that such sermons will remain but a dream, since priests are blinded by corruption and money, and they keep away from prayer, knowledge of the Scriptures, and the life of holiness.

Our priests conceive of holiness in their own personal way, just as every lay-administrator in the Church conceives of it in their own personal way, and watch out; woe to one who dares reprove them, for such an unfortunate soul would be eradicated via the flagrant sanctity of corrupt leaders and priests in the Church today. Our priests and leaders aren’t prepared to receive any sort of corrections, even less so if such corrections come from some worthless layperson.

Keep Quiet, Otherwise You’ll Be Kicked Out of the Church

So if you wanted to correct a priest or leader in the Church, then rest assured: you would be immediately expelled from the Church. According to the priesthood and leadership in the Church, we must all just watch and keep quiet. Keeping one’s mouth shut is the test of holiness before corrupt leaders and priests.

Catholics Must Never Say a Word

Today’s Catholic is one who must pray many Rosaries, do much prayer and penance, give bountiful donations, and must frequently take Communion; but today’s Catholic must also never say a word when confronted with the injustices of priests and Church leaders.

Any Catholic, in particular, who doesn’t keep quiet will be silenced regardless, since this is the contemporary Church’s forte. These assertions come from someone who knows what it’s like to carry this particular Cross.

The Church’s Downfall Precedes Us

I say to all priests, deacons and leaders of the world and of the Church: Christ is merciful, therefore He rebukes you. Otherwise, He would have deployed his power over you by now. But I, Jesé Retoño, in the 21st century, am a true, living eyewitness of his love, and He still has patience; but I assure you that this world is only but destined for ruin, including everyone who disobeys.

Dear audience, Piedrecita imparts this message, and with it, we hope to benefit everyone in relation to Christ by reflecting on these contemporary, yet very aberrant facts. I think (and fully trust in my heavenly Father) that He’ll still give us more time for everyone in the world to rectify their lives. What we need in the Church are changes to the religious responsibility of Catholics, a goal of mending the Church and reconciling everyone with Christ, and peace to exist in the world.

May the peace of Christ be with everyone.
If Christ didn’t love me, I wouldn’t love you; but yet my Heavenly Mother and I continue to pray for you priests and for the poor of the earth. If it were not for the intercession of my heavenly Mother, God would have no more patience for everyone in the world. How I wish, in my soul, that our priests understood us!
Regards from your lowly brother,
Jesé Retoño—My Messenger.

Translation by León Jesuita.
Editorial Piedrecita.

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