The First Man To See God

First man to see God

The first man to see God is the greatest event of all the centuries and of the thousands of years in the history of the Church and of humanity.


The First Man To See God

The Greatest Super Event of All Time
Message to the Church


Greetings and Blessings

I, Jesé Retoño, give my peace to all the faithful followers of Piedrecita, and I thank you in the name of Christ for your sincere participation in this ministry, belonging to you. Please stay tuned and wait for the great day that Christ has in store for all of you, for the whole Church, and for the whole world.

The great day has arrived, and the miracle will take place. To all of you signed up in Piedrecita’s newsletter…my love and dedication to every one of you. Indeed, this great Heavenly news is reserved especially for you. The time has come, and you’ll be blessed by Christ’s glory, and you’ll be witnesses of my Heavenly reality.

Those who visit us for the first time, greetings to you in the name of Christ. I offer you my truth and my gospel, from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Receive Christ’s blessing and may you be safeguarded for eternal life.

Christ Loves Obedience and Poverty

My ministry Piedrecita is a preparation for the mission that Christ has entrusted to me. Before you see the greatest Super Event of all time, I want to encourage you and remind you of Christ’s mission in the world. The time has come, and I want to remind “Peter” (Pope) that Christ doesn’t live in sumptuous buildings. He isn’t a friend of luxuries and honors.

Christ doesn’t appreciate cassocks and cardinals. He doesn’t value banquets. He doesn’t appreciate political priests and ecumenical councils in the Church.

Christ doesn’t appreciate cathedrals or their gold. He appreciates only those who love poverty and take pity on the little ones that Christ sends to his Church.

The Greatest Super Event of All Time: The First Man to See God

Indeed! The biggest, the Super Great of all time: The first man to see God. All of humanity has wanted, for thousands of years, to know what God is like. Today, we know that the manifestations of Our Lady of Guadalupe are one of the greatest heavenly events in the entire Church.

I know that by affirming what I’m going to show, up til now, is the strongest proof of my insanity. I know they’ll hate me even more from the very top, to the very bottom in the Church’s hierarchy.
Nowadays, I know that I must already have a great reputation: that of being a troublemaker and a big liar in the whole Church.

Our Lady in Fatima

But in the manifestations of Fatima, the Virgin Mary announced this Day.
Indeed, this day has arrived. The Pope and the Church have been waiting for it, and the Blessed Virgin prepared it.

I Am the Messenger

I, Jesé Retoño, being a beggar, a “stray dog,” and despised by the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, am nonetheless willing to reaffirm my mission and purpose before the Creator.

I’m a servant; I’m a messenger; I’m a prophet of the Most High. I am a living and breathing eyewitness, and I live in the presence of the One True God. Indeed, I am sent by the Most Holy, and I’m going to show you the greatest event of all time in the Church and throughout the entire world.

The First Man in the World To See God

God is Spirit and truth. The Apostle John’s words are literally fulfilled at this moment.

God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in Spirit and truthJohn 4, 23-24

I, Jesé Retoño, am the living witness, and I bear witness to the truth. I am the little one heralded by Christ, and I also am announced in the Old Testament. I am the first man to see God, the first man on earth who sees God face to face. Indeed, I am the one who makes a breach.

Prophecy of Christ Our Lord and Isaiah

There’s no mistake. God himself announced it so ever since the Old Testament and also in the New Testament, just as I already made evident to you in my article, “The Glory of Yahweh Shall be Revealed.” Christ affirmed it, and today, the time designated by God is fulfilled. My manifestations are the greatest event of all time, for the Church and for the whole world.

The time has come, and today, the message of the prophet Isaiah and the words of Christ in the New Testament will be fulfilled. Today, the writings of Scripture are fulfilled, and from now on, you’ll be my witnesses before God.

I’m a Sinner and the Most Unworthy of Being the First Man To See God

From now on, the world will know that God has mercy on sinners like me. God has mercy on sinners who violently wish to reject the world and its appetites. From now on, the Church and the whole world will know that God has taken pity on a sinner like me. They’ll know that God has seated me next to Him to take pity on all those who seek his salvation in the world. I am the first man to see God, but in reality, I am the last and the most unworthy of all in the Church.

I Will Return to God’s Presence

I, Jesé Retoño, want to reaffirm, in spite of the insults and evils that the Church wishes to inflict upon me…I want to reaffirm the following.
Just as I’ve been in the true presence of God the Father and God the Son, likewise, I’ll be back at Christ’s side once again. I’ll be back in my Heavenly Father’s arms, He whom truly loves me, more than anyone in this world. The first man to see God is I myself, and I’ve come to bear witness by way of the Creator’s Will.

The Time Has Come

The time for my mission has come. It’s time to prepare because Christ wants to remind “Peter” (Pope) of the mission that He entrusted to him before leaving this world alongside God, Heavenly Father. Peter, the time has come, and the poor haven’t seen my face because of the clergy’s corruption.

Peter, I begged you to take care of my sheep, to feed my flock. Not that you dismiss them from my Church, or that you make use of gold to embellish your glistening stone temples. I pleaded to you for my Church. Not for your magisterium or your supremacy as a leader. Your priests (or leaders in cassocks) have become corrupt in my presence.

Message to Peter (Pope)

Peter, I assured you that I would be with you always, until the end of time. Why have you let me down?

Peter, I commanded you to pray for the poor, for the unbelievers, and for the unfaithful. Not that, on the contrary, the unbelievers could perhaps be praying for an unfaithful Peter, who is unsure of my holiness. If the Church has turned away from me, could an unbeliever somehow save Peter and the Church?! Peter, if you’ve turned away from me, who would be able to pray for you!?

In the same way I taught you, must you (bishops) also have compassion for my little sheep, my little ones.

Peter, the vast number of insults have reached my presence, and you’ve turned a deaf ear. I advise you to buy some good eyedrops from me, which will heal you and allow you to see my little ones, those who are the poorest and most faithful to my glory.

Ecumenism and Peter’s Disobedience

Peter, your ecumenism and your infallibility have distorted my gospel. Your gospel has only allowed you see the little ones as those who are cute and amusing to you. But my little ones, those who bear witness with their lives and have not distorted my gospel, you’ve dismissed from my Church. Peter, your Church is dying and is at death’s door.

Peter’s (The Pope’s) Little Ones

Your little ones, whom you kiss, whom you carry during your ecclesial events, are all the children whom you hug like a nanny. But with your disobedience, you’ve stricken my little ones, my envoys, my laborers, and my instructors. Peter, by the lips of my messenger, by way of this little street pup, who’s been dismissed and despised by you, whom you’ve expelled from my Church, “I”, the One Who Exists, tell you that I see you from here, and I do not approve of your disobedience.

Peter and His Ecumenism: The First Man to See God is a Nuisance for Peter

Peter, your ecumenism has displaced my gospel and my truth. You’ve subjected the gospel of my heavenly Father to human laws and comforts. In this way, you’ve made me your servant and you’ve made God, my heavenly Father, to be a fraud. The first man to see God is a simple layman. He’s one of those laymen that you, “Peter,” see as a nuisance. Peter, my gospel and my cross are no longer to your liking. I remind you of my words, “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” I marvel at the seconds of happiness and riches you’ve found with your fame but without my Cross and without my heavenly Father.

God Holy Spirit

Every day this week, God Holy Spirit has been calling me. I, Jesé Retoño, have heard Christ who speaks to me.

It’s true, I’m the first man to see God, but this doesn’t mean that I wasn’t called ever since my birth. God called me first while in my mother’s womb on this earth.
I, Jesé Retoño, have always listened to God ever since my childhood and my infancy.

Today, Friday, December 23, 2022, at 8:00 pm, the presence of God Holy Spirit has completely flooded me. I couldn’t do anything other than get up from my pedestal and start writing everything that Christ reveals to me under the presence of his Holy Spirit, who assists me from heaven. Christ doesn’t abandon me for a second, and while I’m on this earth, my heart and my mind are an integral part of the true God-Christ.

Today I’ve written only what Christ has announced to me, and I don’t go back on fulfilling Christ’s will. Christ’s gospel is my gospel, and His truth is my truth.

Thousands Will Be Blessed In My Name (The First Man To See God)

I, Jesé Retoño, want everyone keeping up with Piedrecita to be blessed. May the manifestations that you’ll be seeing through me from now on lead you all to make changes for your own salvation and that of everyone in the Church and throughout the entire world. Thousands will be blessed in my name. In my name, thousands will be heard by the love of Christ and God, my heavenly Father.

I bless all the members of Piedrecita. I invite the multitudes to believe in me and to love Christ in both obedience and in the unity of His only Church. To my members of Piedrecita, I thank you for your subscriptions and your unconditional support for this ministry of yours, Piedrecita. My eldest son, León Jesuita, blesses you and gives you his peace in Christ your Lord. Amen.

We are ready to start “The Battle and the Sun”. We’re ready to see God.

Let us begin! But before we begin, Christ has asked me one more thing.
It’s imperative that the Pope and the Bishops hear the Will of Christ, once again, by the lips of this mangy dog (The first man to see God), and then we’ll start with the “Battle and the Sun”.

Blessings to the Pope and everyone in the world.

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