The Heart of My Mother

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The Heart of My Mother - Jese Retono

Piedrecita is a word of the Most High.

As son of the Most High, I live in the midst of incomprehension; I suffer the rejection of others; I suffer the shame of my church and the contempt from ecclesial communities. The zeal for the love of my heavenly Father and the deep love for Christ consume me. I am the messenger of the Most High, and I carry the heart of my heavenly mother within me; I carry the traits of the Nazarene within my body and soul, and I carry the Spirit of my Heavenly Father.

Through baptism I received the blessing and sanctifying grace of the children of God and, with it, I also received the mission of suffering. I am like a miserable beggar in this life; like the Nazarene, I have nowhere to lay my head, since the birds have their nests and foxes, their burrows; but now that I bear the yoke of the mission that Christ has entrusted to me, I realize that His words never referred to the absence of sleep or, in other words, rest accompanied by sweet dreams in this life.

Nope! Carrying with a heavenly mission is not really very easy, and not many men or priests in the world would be able to accept it. Nope! There are no priests capable of accepting a mission of poverty, evangelical truth, and renunciation of human desires, passions, or attachments. Our priests have offended the Most High. Our priests and bishops have tarnished themselves…prostituted themselves with human tales, philosophies, and precepts. Our priests have distorted the Gospel and disparaged the glory of my Father with favors and attachment to human praise. Our priests have not honored the presence of the Eternal One before the altar, for they have already dismissed Him and even spit in His face despite Him being among you.

Do you think that any layperson or layman would be willing to accept a heavenly mission, one that is worthy of rejection and repudiation by all? Saying a single evangelical truth causes doors to be shut on you by everyone, including your friends, relatives, societies, and even your very own Church.
If a man or a priest were to have the courage to speak an evangelical truth before his community or society, as Christ wills, it would cost him the discovery of his weaknesses. It would end up that his bishop, the Church itself and the crowds, would reject him and shut the doors on him.

Piedrecita is a blessing for thousands and a stumbling block for those who distort the Gospel of my heavenly Father.

It is easier to please the crowds and tell them that God is very merciful. It is better to call children to the front of the altar, have everyone raise their hands, create disorder, say the Lord’s Prayer, give thanks, and give glory to God. It is easier to honor, flatter, make proud, and applaud leaders for their doctrinal horrors. It’s easier to elevate them to the top of the Church.

It is easier to abuse the authority and prestige of the priesthood and bend the Gospel to human partialities, dishonoring God. It is easier to be an arrogant priest with the face of an angel…a hypocrite, with the semblance of humility…conceited, foolish, ruthless…a flatterer and a brown-noser before the multitudes.

It is easier to deceive the masses, telling them that it’s only by coming to Mass that they will be saved, yet they omit all the responsibilities and evangelical duties necessary for being children of the Most High.

It is easier for a priest to let anyone, without being Catholic (or even if they are Catholic yet deceased and distanced from God), come and take Communion or receive the body of Christ so unworthily. The pagan celebrations offered by the Church are the perfect example, for example: Quinceañeras, Ash Wednesday, Halloween, All Soul’s Day or All Saints Day, and countless other worldly celebrations that have no foundation in Christ, or even if they do form part of our Catholic faith, have since gone completely astray.

Yep! It’s easier for a priest to celebrate a wedding or the sacrament of marriage (although being aware and seeing what’s going on) to close his eyes and not see the deceased, foul-smelling crowds before God; nevertheless everyone takes Communion.

Yep! It’s easier for a priest to give out Communion to anyone, rather than rebuke and admonish the multitudes for being in sin. Yep! It’s easier for a priest to end his Mass with philosophical messages which prompt crowds to congratulate and applaud him, for to say one Gospel truth, as Christ did, would result in the priest’s rejection by the crowds, and he would lose out on the Sunday-collection coins (or the Sunday-service and parish event fees, that is), which would never arrive.

In his letter to the Hebrews, St. Paul is greatly justified when he says (Hebrews 10, 28-31), “Anyone who rejects the law of Moses – is put to death without pity on the testimony of two or three witnesses. Do you not think that a much worse punishment is due the one who has contempt for the Son of God, considers unclean the covenant-blood by which he was consecrated, and insults the spirit of grace? We know the one who said: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay,” and again: “The Lord will judge his people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Yep! The heart of my Mother! For whoever desires to serve and obey Christ will receive the heart of my Mother, the Mistress of Heaven. Luke 2, 34-35: Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, “Behold, this child is destined for the fall and rise of many in Israel, and to be a sign of contradiction (and you yourself a sword will pierce) – so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”

Piedrecita is the voice of my heavenly Father who rejects the offenses that are made against his beloved Son, which intrinsically offend him.

I cannot forget my mother, ever since the day she called me to cleanse myself and rise from the terrible discouragement and spiritual misery in which I had fallen…due to the many scorns, insults, dismissals and abuses of the Church towards me.

I, Jesé Retoño, deep within my soul, carry the heart of my mother because she has called me to obey her beloved Son; she has prepared me to listen and do everything that her Son wants me to communicate to His Church and to the whole world.

The heart and soul of my Mother have been pierced by the rejection and repudiation of the Gospel of her beloved Son, and this is the mission that she has entrusted to me. I, Jesé, the messenger of the Most High, carry the heart of my mother, for I suffer with her the pain of rejection, which is shown to her most holy Son; and I suffer the contempt shown to my heavenly Father. My heart and soul are broken like that of my Mother’s. I feel Christ’s pain. If He suffers, I suffer! If He is rejected, I am rejected! If I am hated, He also feels hated! If I am expelled from the Church, He is also expelled! Our feelings are one and the same.

No longer do I know how to make a distinction, that is, because there are times when I don’t know if it’s me or if I am Christ, or is it Christ, or am I myself. I see with His eyes; I know good from evil; I recognize those who belong to God, and I clearly see those who are enemies of the Most High. The multitudes, stained with sins, go to receive the holy body of my beloved. And I see the dishonor and wickedness of men; for unworthy crowds abuse Him and spit sacrilegiously, insulting his divinity and insulting his holy face.

Just anybody will approach my Lord’s table unworthily…children and adults who merely want miracles and want to live eternally in sin here on this earth, will approach it. Yep! Adults and children who merely want a life full of praises, community Sunday prayers, and parties or weekly festivities.

…Adults and children who only want a life of pleasures, riches, luxuries, successes, comforts, sins, miracles and the guarantee that they will be saved. Yep! …Adults and children who only commit adultery, sacrilegiously taking and manipulating the body of my beloved. …Adults and children—who belong to other pagan cults—eat, spit and sacrilegiously insult my beloved divine teacher and brother.

Just anybody will approach the altar and take Communion, even trampling over others. These zombies, who call themselves Catholic, run over anyone; for nobody has respect and mercy for others; no one yields to anyone else; no one sees Christ in others, since everyone only sees their own, individual interests…but of course, everyone receives the body and blood of Christ.

Piedrecita carries the Spirit of the Heavenly Father and proclaims the injustices that offend the Eternal One.

I bear the triats of the Nazarene within me; for I proceed like Him, I think like Him, I feel like Him, I am offended as He is when I see these insults. Psalm 69, 8-10: For it is on your account I bear insult, that disgrace covers my face. I have become an outcast to my kindred, a stranger to my mother’s children. Because zeal for your house has consumed me, I am scorned by those who scorn you. Indeed! I bear my Mother’s broken heart, shattered soul, and insults of those who insult the Beloved Son.

I, Jesé Retoño, bear the heart of my most holy Mother; I bear within me the face of the Nazarene and carry the Spirit of my Heavenly Father. I Jesé Retoño, am completely drenched in the Spirit of my heavenly Father. I carry the courage of an “Apocalyptic Wolf.” I reflect the Lion’s countenance of Judah’s tribe, for the Spirit of the Lord is in me. I am Jesé Retoño, and I have come with the fury of a wrathful “Apocalyptic Wolf” to snatch, from the Enemy’s hands, the souls of those who are to be saved, in the name of the Holy of Holies.

The God of Israel has given me His Spirit in abundance. Ezekiel 36, 23-27: But I will show the holiness of my great name, desecrated among the nations, in whose midst you desecrated it. Then the nations shall know that I am the LORD—oracle of the Lord GOD—when through you I show my holiness before their very eyes. I will take you away from among the nations, gather you from all the lands, and bring you back to your own soil. I will sprinkle clean water over you to make you clean; from all your impurities and from all your idols I will cleanse you.

I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my spirit within you so that you walk in my statutes, observe my ordinances, and keep them.

Indeed! I carry the heart of flesh in my soul, and it is the heart of my Mother; I bear both the Nazarene’s traits and those of my Heavenly Father’s Spirit. I have been sprinkled with pure water since the day of my baptism. I have been purified and cleansed by the act and grace of my Heavenly Father. I ask myself, “Who obeys my Father’s laws and precepts?

The new heart of flesh that was proclaimed by the prophets is the heart of my most holy Mother. If anyone in this life wishes to find their salvation and come before the very presence of Christ and my heavenly Father, such a person must accept and carry, in their soul, the heart of my Mother, the Lady of Heaven. This person must accept both Christ and his Mother, as well as his only, Holy Catholic Church instituted by the Redeemer himself.

Piedrecita is a prayer intended for the nations and for all the poor of the earth.

I am called for a mission, and I will not fail to fulfill and obey the beautiful, sweet voice of Christ my beloved, and I will not disobey the incredibly powerful, eternal voice of my heavenly Father. The world does not know my heavenly Father or the Son, for no one has ever seen them; But I am the littlest one, and I have come to fulfill the Will of the Eternal One. Countless bishops, priests, and leaders would wish me to be mocked, despised and ashamed of my follies and “false” mission.

Yes indeed, especially Satan, the enemy of God and those who seek their salvation: He, who at the moment of learning my mission, has become more violent; He, who has bribed thousands of corrupt priests and leaders with his lies; He, who has created more hatred among the nations. Indeed! I will be mocked and devastated, but first, I will not fail to fulfill the eternal words of my heavenly Father and I will never be ashamed to be Christ’s brother—my eternal adoration. Indeed! I say to everyone (Matthew 5, 18): Until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.

Indeed, before the day of my defeat arrives and before going to my heavenly Father’s side, I will not fail to proclaim that my Mother, the Lady of Heaven has loved me, and that she herself has been concerned for the salvation of many in His Church and throughout the whole world.

May God and my Mother bless the world and His Church. The Lord Jesus, the owner of life, wants absolute conversion throughout His entire holy Church.

I am “Jesé Retoño,” the messenger of the Most High. Change your lives to God. Live the sacramental life, and do not sin again. Honor the Most High and fulfill His precepts. I, “Jesé Retoño”, tell everyone in the world: Christ is the eternal and true God. God, my heavenly Father, is a reality that is above all reality. I also tell you: You do not know what I’m talking about at this exact moment, but the day is approaching, and it’s getting closer and closer.

Piedrecita is a lion’s roar from the tribe of Judah.

I am praying and crying out to God my heavenly Father, and I beg Him to have a little more patience and mercy. My heart suffers and pleads continually for the salvation of the holy church and for the whole world. I pray to my heavenly Father for the forgiveness of Peter’s disobedience. My heart suffers because the Church is not the bedecked bride, but rather it is entirely disheveled and prostituted. My mother can no longer detain her beloved Son’s arm because of so much disobedience and insults from the Church and the whole world. Such is my life of continuous prayer, second by second.

I, Jesé Retoño, want to offer the heart of my mother to all the poor and those who suffer on earth. However, in a very special way, I also wish to offer the heart of my Mother, the Lady of Heaven, to the poor of the entire nation of Russia. My mother wants all the priests and bishops of this nation to join the only holy Catholic Church of her beloved Son, for my mother wants to show her compassion to the nation of Russia and to all who hope, worldwide, in Christ her Son.

I am Jesé Retoño, and I am the lion’s roar from the tribe of Judah, and I want to give my Blessed Mother’s blessing to the priests and bishops of Russia, so that they pray and humbly put themselves in the hands of my compassionate Mother. Christ and my mother want for Peter to show his mercy for those poor: “I call you Peter,” so that the glory of my Father may be poured out on all the souls thirsting for justice and divine peace.

Christ, my Lord, wants a single Church, a single Heavenly Mother, a single Peter—Head of the Church—and a single flock. Christ, my brother, does not want sects or creeds but only one holy church, and only one will be his Church the day of its liberation. He wants for Russia—the Orthodox Church, Protestants or sects, and other non-believers of Catholicism to join His only Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. The sacramental life within the holy Catholic Church is the only guarantee of our salvation for everyone in the world; outside of it, there is no salvation.
Wait for the day of His revelation; I am Jesé Retoño.

The time has come. May the peace of my heavenly Father be with you.
Regards from your brother—the littlest one: “An Apocalyptic Wolf.”
Yours sincerely,



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)