The Mechanic



Hi! How are you?
May the peace of Christ be with everyone.
I am Jesé Retoño.
Greetings to you and a warm embrace in the name of Christ.

I wish all of my audience the best in their lives and the hope of reaching eternal life in Christ our Lord. I haven’t forgotten my mission, the one that Christ and my heavenly Father have entrusted to me; it’s just that I’ve taken an involuntary break due to some life circumstances.

I especially thank those who’ve signed up for the Piedrecita newsletter and who remain active and attentive of my gospel. I appreciate you and hold you dear in Christ.

After this hiatus, I’m ready to continue with my evangelical mission, since it’s necessary that I deliver the message from my heavenly Father to the world and to the Church, the message which Christ also entrusted to me. I’m aware of the pandemic that’s striking us throughout the world, but, even so, I know that I must obey Christ.

Please note that this ministry is not financially supported by any ecclesial community within my diocese here in California USA, nor does my diocese have any sort of interest in this ministry. It is I, only I, Jesé Retoño, who remains faithful to Christ through my own resources to evangelize in the world. My wife and children are my only support, especially my eldest son since he dedicates his life together with me to proclaim the gospel here at Piedrecita. His pseudonym is León Jesuita, which translates to “Jesuit Lion”. He is my right arm, and through him, thousands can read my gospel in the English language.

This is the obligation of every Catholic, and it’s the mission that Christ entrusted us with in the Church, that is, the mission of extending the Kingdom of Heaven so that others can come to Christ.

I’m a mechanic, and I haven’t forgotten about you nor Christ. I have tools to implement and bring you to the glory of my heavenly Father.
After having been absent for a while, I’ll continue with the next part of my introduction this upcoming week.

It’s time to start again; I’ll pray to Christ for you and for the poor of the earth.
Stay tuned.
Greetings in Christ.
Jesé Retoño.
My son, Léon Jesuita: I send greetings to you in Christ.

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