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Hi! How are you?
I am Jesé Retoño.
Greetings to everyone. I have returned.

I want to emphasize that I wish to start my topic of “Journey to Purgatory” soon. I’m going to write up the doctrine of the Church regarding purgatory. As you know, I’m a mechanic, but since I was a child, I’ve been dedicated to apologetics and theology. I am one who likes to know and practice the doctrine of the Church, and I’ve always liked to obey the commandments of God’s law, ever since my childhood. The Commandments are my adoration, as much as being in front of my Heavenly Father.

In my topic “Journey to Purgatory,” I’m going to show you the path of my mission because before I had celestial visions, the Virgin of Heaven sent an angel who took me to purgatory. I’m going to tell you the entire experience I had there in purgatory, and you’ll share in this experience with me the reality of purgatory.

I was about twenty-five years old when I was taken to purgatory by an angel, who was sent by the ever-virgin of Guadalupe.

However, it’s necessary that I continue with the topic of “Catechists Preside” because there are countless errors and evangelical falsehoods taught within our ecclesial communities; Christ is very offended because the Church has strayed.
Images of Christ throughout the world reflect this pain, and the faithful Christians throughout the Church are even more confused by the errors from the clergy.
Nonetheless, Christ cares about his Church, and this here mangy pup also leads a life who’s aim is that of straightening the Church’s helm.

We all love to put up a good front, to always speak charmingly, to always think that everything in the Church is perfect…The favorite priesthood topic of discussion is “no one’s perfect,” and with such a proposition, we suddenly don’t look so bad when violating God’s laws.

I’m going to take you by the hand and show you Christ’s light with my tools—the ones God gave me. I wish that many people may turn their lives around and live eternally in Christ.
I assure you: the truth will set you free; for Christ assured us “If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8, 31-32).

Perhaps in the Church, the truth makes us uncomfortable and even offends us, but it is only then that we can be free, without falsehoods.
This is the word of Christ.
I hope you’ll join me as I present the continuation of my topic: “Catechists Preside.”
Jesé Retoño, the mechanic, and my son León Jesuita send our regards.

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