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Hi there! I’m Jesé Retoño.
How are you?
Greetings to you in the name of Christ. May the peace of Christ be with you.

I’d like to remind everyone that I’ll be presenting my new topic very soon: “Journey to Purgatory”. It’s the start of my heavenly mission.

Today, I’d like to elaborate some more about my life story. As you’ll see, I don’t carry my Bible with me, and I’m not a priest. I’m neither a deacon nor an important leader in the Church, nor do I look like an evangelist; I’m a man with a family and a life dedicated to serving God within the limits of my resources. Of course, instead of a Bible, I carry a tool bag wherever I go.

After getting home from work, I always find time to sit at my desk, and I start writing and reflecting on God and on my ministry Piedrecita. Today was a new day, and I fixed two commercial refrigerators for some customers; but on my way, as I drive my work truck, I’m always thinking about Christ. I can’t get God out of my mind, my soul, or my blood…neither by day, nor by night. I love Him more than life itself.

I remember the words of Christ: “Amen, I say to you, tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you” (Matthew 21, 31). I feel so insignificant. I think a sinful man like myself can’t really be worthy of being better than pagans and prostitutes. I think that pagans and prostitutes deserve much more than I do.

Nonetheless, one thing that I’m completely sure about is this: I know that it wasn’t so much me seeking God as it was Him looking for me, ever since my childhood; or rather, He called me ever since I was in my mother’s womb. I’m not sure how, but I loved Him without even thinking about it. Really, it was God who found me; he came to me and offered me His love. I never won the lottery, nor am I interested in material things or in anything of human value; my soul only lives joined to my heavenly Father. My eyes see beyond this life, and I only dream of being back at my eternal Father’s side.

I want you to know that the most beautiful things I’ve encountered with God have happened in this life, while residing in this world, and what I’ve experienced and learned about, before the presence of God, is true life. I never died, not even for a minute, as many do; after which, they come back telling us about their experiences from beyond. I’m alive here, among you, in the world. I’m not sure how, but without being worth anything, yet still being alive in this world, I’ve experienced what no human being or Christian, in the history of the Church or of humanity, has been allowed to experience while living in this world.

The unthinkable, the impossible, what no human being or any priest of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church ever believed possible, happened to me and continues happening to me. And I’m referring to the Holy Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church because it’s the only one formed and instituted by Christ. But after experiencing glory upon glory, I wish for many to be blessed and for thousands to rejoice, and that they may all be saved one day. What Christ said in the New Testament has been fulfilled in me, and I’ll soon bear witness to the truth.

Indeed! Not by my will, but by the love and longing of my heavenly Father and my divine Brother Jesus Christ. Indeed! Also because my heart only beats by the grace of my eternal Father and my brother Jesus. Indeed! Also because it’s my Heavenly Mother who has prayed a lot for me and because I love her very much. Thank you Mary, dear mother, for always being by my side. Thank you for worrying about me because, by your intercession, I will show the world and the Church your holy will. And let it be known that “Peter” is included in this; this message must reach the head of the Holy Catholic Church.

It’s true; I’m a second-rate mechanic; I’m a mangy dog, yet in my poverty, I’m happier than thousands of human beings. Furthermore, I know that I was called from eternity to live next to my Heavenly Father and next to Christ my brother and also next to my Heavenly Mother.

I am Jesé Retoño. I love you, and I won’t stop showing you the way that leads you directly to God my heavenly Father, and you’ll be able to see Christ, as I see him today.
Be sure to visit Piedrecita frequently, for I hope that God may be with you always and that you, too, can all be very happy at God’s side. I know…I don’t consider myself better than anyone in the world, but I’ve seen the glory that my father has given me. I don’t feel greater than anyone; but rather, God has put a thorn in my side, so that it don’t get conceited. God has given me the grace to bless all of you and to show you how to be holy, as He and Christ like.

I’m going to use my tools to show many multitudes the glory of my Heavenly Father. From now on, I’ll show you how to use the tools that I’m going to give you, so that you may be holy, in the midst of the storm.
Christ my brother, sends you greetings and blesses you with his Peace.
My Mother, the Queen of Heaven, always worries about everyone, and I’m a messenger of my Most Holy Mother.

Once again, I would like to remind everyone that very soon I’ll be presenting my new topic, “Journey to Purgatory,” the beginning of my heavenly visions. Everyone is invited.

Until then, stay tuned here at Piedrecita and await the voice of Christ, my divine brother.
Kind Regards.
Sincerely, the least one of your brothers.
I am, an instrument of the Peace of Christ. I am a mechanic, and I have come to repair your life. May the peace of Christ be with you always.
Jesé Retoño.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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