The Wolf

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Hello! I am Jesé Retoño. “Like an angry wolf, I’ll pray.”
How are you?
I greet you in the name of Christ. May the peace of Christ be with you.

I know that even up until now you won’t believe me, and there isn’t anyone in this world who believes in me, only Christ and my heavenly mother. But I will continue on with my journey, as laid out by my heavenly Father and by Christ, who I carry in my soul and in my life.

I was called ever since my childhood for this moment and also for many other situations that the Almighty had already foreseen for both the Church and humanity, ever since the origins. I, Jesé Retoño, was visited by the Almighty and my heavenly mother, ever since my childhood, in my little hometown of San Luis Rio Colorado, in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

I simply want to tell everyone who’s following me: Listen to my message; stay tuned here at Piedrecita, and learn of the living God’s message, a message that the God who lives forever and ever has given to me. I am the one of whom Christ spoke of once in the New Testament, and for this, I have come into the world. My parents are human beings just like everyone, and I am a sinner; but Christ called me ever since my childhood, and I became an instrument of his Grace.

Because of my divine mission, I have been mistreated and offended by the Church. Christ is much too offended because the Church has distorted the Gospel, led many astray from the truth, and has insulted this here messenger. However, the time since my childhood has passed, and I knew that one day when I was full-grown, my time would come. And I tell everyone in the world and in the Church: My time has come.

Whether it’s the most skeptical or wise of individuals, whether bishops, cardinals, theologians and all those who believe that I’m a liar, know that the living God will show his power and his plans via the mouth of a mangy pup, hated by everyone in the Church and ignored by humanity.

I knew that my time had already come, but the living God had not yet allowed me to start and reveal his will and his manifestations. Indeed, this mangy dog has already been given notice to start revealing my manifestations and to show the Church and the world the Will of He who lives forever and ever.
Yahveh—He Who Exists and Christ, is my heavenly father; I was raised and assisted by my most holy mother, the ever virgin of Guadalupe, and I was prepared for this moment in the course of humanity. I tell you all: This isn’t the exact moment; it’s only the beginning.

I, Jesé Retoño, ask you to listen to the message of the Most Holy. I tell you all: The time has come. My time, that which Christ assigned to me ever since my childhood, has come, and I have to fulfill my mission as prophet of the Most Holy, despite being aware that the Church has already eliminated prophetism, since now everyone is deemed a prophet. Nevertheless, the Church must know that Christ is very offended for rebelling against Him and against my heavenly Father.

I want to invite everyone in the Church and throughout the world to pray and ask God for mercy, for our lives and for the forgiveness of so many offenses committed against the Most Holy at the altar, and for the insults to my heavenly father, and for the offenses that humanity has launched against my most holy mother, the Queen of Heaven.

The offenses and insults done by the Church to this mangy little pup have marked my soul, and I have carried them as nails embedded in Christ’s body; but God my heavenly Father has indicated the time, and the time has come. Let us pray.

I want to use my tools, the ones God gave me, for the salvation of many. I am a mechanic, and I want to fix many lives for God’s glory. I invite you to pray for the pandemic that we are all going through in the world and for the sins of the Church and humanity.

Like an angry wolf, I will defend those who hold fast to the truth, and pray for the faith of those who still seek to be saved. I will fight against the enemy of souls so that they may see the divine light.

You are all welcome to pray with me. I will ask my heavenly mother to have mercy on many, and many will be able to see their salvation if they love and obey my most holy mother.
The peace of Christ be with everyone.
Let us pray.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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