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I am Jesé Retoño, and today I want to invite you to pray for all the sick in the world. I want us to pray for those who suffer from cancer or any other disease afflicting them, and for the pandemic that’s hitting us all throughout the world. I reside here in California USA, in the county of St. Stanislaus; I’m a Catholic from the diocese of Stockton, and although we’re so distant from each other, living in different countries throughout the world, I want us to join in prayer to the Queen of Heaven. Firstly, recognizing our sins and then pleading with the Virgin Mother of God to have mercy on all of us in the Church and throughout the world.

If a nation, society, group or community unites with me in prayer…indeed, with this mangy little pup…the Lady of Heaven will listen to us, and because of your sincerity before God, she will listen to you, and take pity on those who trust in her.
If anyone needs to be cured and/or delivered from any evil or illness and wishes to get closer to God, please pray together with me; I too will pray to the Virgin for you and your loved ones.

Preferably, we need to fight for the cleansing of our souls because God listens best to his children who lead holy lives. To the Virgin, let us offer our most sincere desire to be righteous before God from now on. Let us rectify our lives before God and never sin again.

On our knees brothers and sisters, on our knees…and with total faith and trust, let us pray to the Queen of Heaven.

Let us pray, brothers and sisters, for the situation we’re all experiencing in the world. Let us pray for those who are suffering from illness, for those who are terminally ill, so that God will grant them healing and for peace to be regained once again in their lives. Pray, so that we can all, once again, rectify our lives before Christ.

Let us pray to God and ask forgiveness for the offenses towards Christ, and pray for those who are suffering the ravages of the disease today, and for those who have already passed on as a result of this world-wide tragedy.
Let us pray for those who mourn the loss of their loved ones, pray that God will one day grant them to be in his Glory, and that they may find the peace of God. Virgin, mother of God, listen to us.

Let us pray for those who stay at home and are quarantined, but who promote the lusts of the flesh. Pray, for those who promote, dishonest fashions, bikinis, sex toys, and domestic violence of all kinds. Forgive us Christ, and have mercy on everyone, Heavenly Mother.

Let us pray for those who are only waiting for the pandemic to pass to continue doing more business, make more money, and squander their life away. Let us pray, for Catholic priests and Christians who misinterpret Christ’s salvation with living a good life and giving glory to God because, in their way of thinking, everyone is already saved. Let us pray, for the mistakes made in the Church: for affirming that everyone is already saved in Christ, brushing off Christ’s Cross; for promoting Gnosticism, better known as Manichaeism of the third century, which was once fiercely attacked by the Apostle Paul in the early, nascent Church, which this mangy pup continues to battle again, as the Apostle Paul once did in his day.
For these errors, forgive us Christ, or Mother of Heaven: have mercy on everyone.

Let us pray for the Catholics who, without being Catholics, call themselves Catholics, desecrating the true Catholicism with their pagan vices, pagan beliefs, etc., etc…those who do not practice the holy Catholic religion but, rather, defame it with their falsehoods. Pray for these enormous sins in the Church. Mother, take pity on everyone.
Let us pray, for all the kinds of abuse, insults, unjust dismissals, abuse of money collections, and deceptions of all kind covered up by the priesthood throughout the Church, for Christ is very offended. Forgive us, Christ. Forgive your Church.

Let us pray, for the priests who affirm during Holy Mass that everyone who eats the bread and wine becomes a Christ, yet not seeing the sacrilege committed in not recognizing that it’s the bread of the strong, the bread which prompts us to face the fight against the forces of evil in order to be like Christ. Rather, with such affirmations and the way they express their erroneous messages, they destroy the true meaning of the body and blood of Christ, resulting in the condemnation of the multitudes, as they are trapped in a viscious cycle of sacriligiously eating the body and blood of Christ while believing the false messages of these priests. Forgive your Church, oh Christ, have mercy.

Let us pray for priests throughout the world, since they affirm that all those who help in one way or another during this pandemic are all united in Christ but, in fact, are misleading the world and peoples when referring to such philanthropic works; for they deny Christ and his true Gospel. Let us pray for the Church, which misleads the nations and peoples with a gospel that’s different and opposed to that of Christ’s gospel. O God, have mercy on your Church!

Let us pray. For no one who is not cleansed from sin can or should approach the Lord’s table. Receiving the body and blood of Christ while in mortal sin is eternal damnation. Forgive us Christ. Mother, help us.

Let us pray, for the priesthood, for the head of the Church, so that God will grant him the capacity to recognize these great errors and never be ashamed of Christ’s name, that is, by teaching a gospel that’s pleasing to the nations, to the multitudes, to the media…in hopes of fronting to be good and righteous before everyone but being ashamed of Christ’s name and of all that Christ commanded of Peter and his Church. O Christ! Forgive your Church.

Let us pray for those who don’t understand God’s message. Let us pray for the multitudes who prefer to violate the commandments of God’s Law and to mock the cross of Christ. Let us pray for the people who, instead of seeking Christ and his Church, prefer to forget about the situation at hand, secluding themselves with their games, trips or vacations, pornographic pleasures, video games, with their religions outside of Christ and his only Holy Church, with their sorcery or witchcraft, with fortune tellers and horoscopes, quackery programs or shows, with their cell phones, drugs, alcoholism, with their binge drinking, fashions, fame, sex or fornication, with their gluttony, food and drink, sports, pleasures of all kinds, and with everything that produces pleasure to the senses, and with everything that separates them from the search for God. Let us pray, oh Virgin of Heaven, help us and forgive us, dear Mother.

Let us pray for the impiety and the crimes that are constantly occurring in the world, so that God helps us all to change the hearts of stone that reside within human beings. Virgin of Heaven, listen to us.

It isn’t the time for laughing or to have a party. This isn’t the time for mocking the Church and the priesthood. This isn’t the time for mocking the Most Holy; it isn’t the time for making derisive jokes about prayer and priests. It isn’t the time for mocking the prophets of the Most Holy. Mocking and insulting a prophet of the Most Holy, regardless of whether it comes from the priesthood or whoever, incurs severe punishment from God. It isn’t a time for joy; it isn’t a time for poking fun at the pandemic with the intention of lightening things up, when many are crying and others are in agony.

The prophet Isaiah would say: On that day the Lord, the God of hosts, called for weeping and mourning, for shaving the head and wearing sackcloth. But look! instead, there was celebration and joy, slaughtering cattle and butchering sheep, eating meat and drinking wine: “Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!” (Isaiah 22, 12-13).

Let us pray, brothers and sisters.
This is a time for making amends; it’s the time God gives us to see if we want to rectify our lives and return to God. It’s time to pray to God for others, for those who are suffering and crying. We can no longer deceive ourselves and pay lipservice, and then tomorrow, when everything has passed, return to our pagan lifestyle, full of wickedness and sins.

Indeed, tomorrow when everything has passed, we’ll soon be back to joking around, back to pleasureful beaches, and we’ll make of those who had already suffered and died, as if nothing had happened…As if we were the strong, the conquerors; while the sick and those who lie in their graves had been the opprobrium, the shame, and that which was useless in the world.

Let us pray. On your knees brothers and sisters; on your knees before the Lady of Heaven, before my Heavenly Mother.

God gives us this opportunity to rectify our lives. Let us ask the Queen of Heaven to give us the ability to show mercy to our fellow men. Let us be honest with ourselves and before Christ. Let us not lead double lives and pretend to deceive God, when in fact we deceive ourselves.
That’s why the prophet Isaiah would say, “The Lord said: Since this people draws near with words only and honors me with their lips alone, though their hearts are far from me, and fear of me has become mere precept of human teaching” (Isaiah 29, 13).

Let us pray.
Christ wants us to return to his holy Catholic Church—the only one that he formed—and for us to seek his mother, the Queen of Heaven, and to sincerely implore her forgiveness and protection. Let us pray brothers and sisters to our Most Holy Mother, so that she may have mercy on us and on the world. This is the express Will of Christ to this servant of yours, Jesé Retoño. That is, it’s his Will that his mother be venerated and loved by all, so that from now on health and peace may return to the world.

Indeed, brothers and sisters throughout the whole world, I, Jesé Retoño, this mangy pup, reaffirm to you once again that this is the express Will of Christ my Lord, that his mother be venerated and loved by everyone in the world. Christ wants us to plead to her for healing and for the salvation of everyone in the world.

Let us pray sisters and brothers throughout the world. On our knees, brothers and sisters; on our knees, let us pray.

Let us pray to our heavenly mother.
Dear mother, mother of Fatima, mother of God, listen to this here littlest one among your sons, dear mother, listen to this here stray pup, who, with his heart in hand, I beg you to listen to my supplications, forgive your Church; may the world, once again, have the opportunity to repent, and convert by way of your holy name, for the glory of Christ our redeemer.

I beg you, dear Mother, for those who pray together with me; I beg you to listen to them and to remedy their sufferings; do remember this here son of yours, the littlest one.
Heavenly mother, dear mother, you know that I love you. I, Jesé Retoño, ask you with my heart in my hand for the sick in the world to begin healing and for peacefulness to return; so that thousands may venerate you and recognize Christ, your beloved son, as the redeemer of humanity, and so that they may know that you are the mother of the one and only true God.

Virgin of Fatima, bless the Pope, instruct his bishops and show them your will, so that the entire Church is prepared and can receive your blessings and the love of Christ.
Mother of Fatima, have compassion for thousands upon thousands of the sick and ill; listen to their pleas, and by your great motherly heart, may multitudes be cured and may the disease be eradicated from the entire world.

Dear mother, bless and heal Italy, China, our country the USA, the state of California, my county of St. Stanislaus, all the countries of the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and all the nations where your children reside, and any nation that calls out their supplications to your holy name. Indeed! Mother, grant us that we may be delivered from this pandemic. Dear Mother, show us your motherly love, both compassionate and merciful. Mother, I pray to you, so that the devotion to your immaculate heart may grow and flourish throughout the whole world and may everyone recognize that you are the mother of the son of God.

I, Jesé Retoño, your littlest of sons, place my heart and my love in you, dear mother. However, now many more accompany me in this prayer through this ministry of mine, Piedrecita, and altogether we ask this of you, with our hearts in our hands.

Mother, embrace us with your arms and take pity on everyone in the world. May many be blessed; may they be cured of their illnesses by your divine love; and may they come forward repentantly to be fervent faithful of Christ your beloved son; and may they become an active part of your holy Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Dear mother, listen to the prayers and supplications of your children who suffer throughout the world.
Mother, allow many to be saved and to be cured of their diseases, and may thousands come before you to proclaim their faith in Christ and in his holy Catholic Church. Through your immense love and mercy, may thousands venerate and love you as I do…indeed, in the same way that this here mangy pup loves you and trusts in you!

Mother, from now on, may thousands venerate you at your altars throughout the world, for the glory of Christ, your beloved son.
Mother, you have asked me to pray to you, and to pray for others, to intercede for others, and today, I am doing this, praying for the faith and healing of multitudes, for the salvation of many who now trust in you and are seeking their way back to God. Mother, through your immaculate heart, this here littlest of your sons, I beg you to stop the pandemic, for the virus to be exterminated, and for many to come back to you. Most Holy Mother, I put in your hands those who, through me, will be saved, and I ask you to lead them to your glory; I wish for them to share in my faith, my heavenly inheritance, and my trust in you.

Dear mother, I pray to you for those who have trusted in me and for those who put forward their supplications using me as their mediator…for them, dear mother, I, Jesé Retoño, the smallest one of your sons, do I beg you: hear them, listen to them, and help them.

Dear Mother, Virgin of Fatima, listen to all the inhabitants of the earth who invoke and trust in your holy name. Dear Mother, listen to their laments and remedy all of their miseries, sorrows, and pains.
Through Christ our Lord, we ask you, dear mother, listen to us. Dear mother, I always trust in you; I love you with all my heart. Amen.

Let us pray, brothers and sisters, so that the mother of God may heal us all.

I, Jesé Retoño, put our prayers in your hands. Mother, bless the world and have mercy on all your children on earth.
Mother listen to us! Mother, take pity on everyone!
Blessed are you mother, queen of Heaven. Amen.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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