What do we think about our Ministry?

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Christ and our Ministry

We know that trying to fix things in our Church is basically next to impossible. Piedrecita is merely a dream in the world.

We know that in the Church we have made many mistakes and taken many steps in the wrong direction; even the clergy has deviated from the path of Christ our Lord and we the laity—compared to them—are practically nothing. Our voice isn’t worth a dime, and following Christ is our task; he is our goal, yet at the same time He is our Calvary.

Who doesn’t dream that the Church could fulfill its obligation here in the world? Who doesn’t wish for peace within families? Who doesn’t want peace in the world?

We ask that everyone else work for peace. We ask that there may be good priests. We ask for evangelizers. We ask that the Lord send us workers to his crop fields. We ask that people pray for peace and also that God may send us new priests.

We would like for illnesses to no longer stalk us, nor for death to exist. To be honest, we think that perhaps what we should all want is for God to be here today—this very instant—and for Him to be present with us and all the pain we go through to never exist again.

However, the only man that came to this world to offer us his Eternal Kingdom wasn’t accepted by anyone, and we preferred to sacrifice him like a thief, just as we keep doing so in the world today. On countless occasions, His own Church has turned its back on Him and continues to reject the prophets sent from the Most High. In countless situations, the Church has been ashamed of its ministry, along with His ministers and workers—who are supposedly the people of God.

We Piedrecita, by the calling which Christ has made to us, continue dreaming in a day when the men and women, outside and inside the Church, should all be united as one people and one Church, just as Christ has wanted it. When a family is divided, evil infiltrates everywhere and discord tears them apart with immeasurable consequences.

We think that everyone in the Church should place our hands firmly on Christ’s plow and never ever look back. We think that if we haven’t known how to accomplish the task which Christ has entrusted to us, it’s because we haven’t permitted Christ to sanctify us.

We think that our heart and our eyes have wandered off into vain ambitions, confounded by the illusion of economic power or by the debts in this world, leadership, Bishops seated at their thrones, parish priests mounted on their lofty leaderships, the fame of the priesthood which exceeds that of artists, ministries full of arrogance that inhibit others, the grand diocesan events, the desire to control large masses of people, our selfishness, the large cathedrals and multitude of sumptuous and very artistic religious buildings, dads who are not the example that children should follow in order to learn the values of our holy Christian religion, large masses of Catholics…but not one of them trusts in others, and they claim to love a God that they don’t know and despite everything, they live in solitude and in absolute division, etc., etc., etc.

If we looked for the simple things, if families were truly Christian and educated their children in the values of the gospels, and if we all looked for Christ amongst the poor, and if our priests and Bishops coexisted and suffered together with the people of God, then perhaps they could comprehend what Christ our God was talking about.

To serve and to serve is our mission, not to be served; this is what our God has commanded. We think in Christ our God, and we think and think and we never stop thinking eternally. How beautiful it is to be like Christ!

If only we could change the world with our thoughts…! However, there’s no other way and we’ll continue to think in He who called us since eternity, in He who made himself present in our lives and touched our hearts. He spoke into our ear and caressed us, yet he didn’t want to forget us or any of those who are still looking for him in the world.

Yes! What a pity for our Church to be distancing itself from its owner. What a pity that we the laity are only worth a few coins in the collection for the Clergy…because our priests do not carry with them the power of God’s Spirit. Instead of showing us Christ, they only let us down with their coldness and their poor, miserable faith.

What a pity! We feel like shedding a tear for Christ and lament so much loneliness and so much coldness in our bodies because they are like dried bones amidst the walkway of life. Our lives get lost in the fables and illusions of this world and in the false hopes of humanity. We feel like shedding a tear and asking Christ to not stop having mercy on humanity and his Church. Yes! This is why Christ’s visage sheds tears of blood, and he laments the sins of his Church and of humanity.

Yes! We think that the world needs to be caressed by Christ for it to understand that God lives and hasn’t forgotten about humanity and even less so about his Church.

Piedrecita is but a thought and a voice lost in the desert. It is a roar and a calling from Christ to everyone. Perhaps one day men and women and the Church will want to walk together in Christ. This is what we think.

May the peace of Christ our Lord and our Eternal Father be with you.
Regards from your lowly brother Jesé Retoño,
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)