What is Virginity?

Virginity Free of Sin
Virgin means being perfect before God, not sinning, obeying God’s laws, and it means having an unblemished soul.

Humanly speaking, being virgin would mean to not have sinned in the humanist way of thinking. That is, it means not having had sexual relations or remaining intact from a sexual standpoint or according to whatever paradigm shifts or interpretations are given from the different points of view of the different cultures and races throughout the world.

Virgin Means Being Free of Sin

But for us Christians or children of God, it’s very different. Said another way…was Christ virgin? And what is the requirement for being able to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens? Couldn’t it be perhaps that the requirement is to be like Christ or how He was?! That is, being virgin means being cleansed of impurities, of sins, and not having blemishes on one’s soul in accordance to the express Will of God. By getting baptized, we are reborn as virgins for God.

If you wish to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens, you must be virgin and be born again. Virginity is an indispensable characteristic and unique Gift from God that he gives to all those who seek him with sincerity and to all those who commit themselves entirely to his divine ways or to being a part of his Holy people.

Virginity is Obtained Through the Sacraments

Then, what does it mean to be virgin? It’s merely and quite simply being free of sins and having a cleansed soul before God. These are Gifts solely conferred by the sacraments that come from the body of Christ—His Church. Virginity is obtained by being reborn through Baptism and is preserved with the help of the Sacraments of the Holy Church.

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May the peace of Christ be with everyone.

Virginity is to be like Christ. It’s being holy. It’s being loyal to God and his laws.
Best regards from your lowly brother Jesé Retoño.
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.

Author: Jesé Retoño - An Apocalyptic Wolf
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