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“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few.”

What’s your opinion?

There are many people who realize and see with their own eyes the following: In Protestant churches, there is order, silence, friendship, responsibility, fulfillment of their duties unto God and with their brethren. Women wear long dresses and seem quite sensible. Protestants read the Bible, pray as a family and as a community; they abandon vices, turn away from adultery, and get along as good brethren.

In the Catholic Church, they hardly greet you, especially leaders. Catholics see each other as strangers, since they coexist as strangers in the Church. No one knows each other, and if they do greet each other, it’s only for the sake of making a good impression. Catholics pray only when misfortune strikes. Catholics are divided in everything. Catholics do not read the Bible. Catholics do not pray as a family, at least the vast majority. Catholics are not free to opine in their ministries and must always make a good impression on their leaders, or priests, even if they are corrupt.

Catholics are partygoers; they follow pagan lifestyles, and attending Mass is merely the cultural tradition of a Catholic country.

During Masses, children shout and cry frantically, and cell phones blare like a wind band; the Sacraments are received because of cultural tradition, not for love of Christ or because they know what they do. Priests are not interested in silence nor respect for Christ, but instead, they impart Sacraments as if they were candies tossed in the air.

Ultimately, Protestants have and do many things that Catholics don’t have and don’t do, yet without God. However, Catholics have God in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, a sacrament instituted by God in Christ our Lord, but they do not dwell in Christ and are a mess and corruption throughout the whole church. If Catholics don’t obey Christ and aren’t faithful to God but only to their pleasures, prestige, and anarchy; and if Protestants are more responsible and orderly, but without God, then who can be saved?

For everyone proclaims God, but no one obeys. Indeed, Christ affirmed that he would be with his Church until the end of time but not with all the churches that he did not form. Because, although everyone proclaims Christ, not all were gathered by Christ and not all were given the keys to heaven to loosen or bind (forgive sins) here on earth; they were given only to Peter (that is, to the Pope of the Holy Catholic Church), as stipulated in the Sacred Scriptures and in the tradition.

How ironic! Catholics have what Protestants lack, and Protestants have what Catholics lack.

Obviously, the political system of the Holy Catholic Church is a disaster and a rebellion against Christ and our heavenly Father. Catholics abandon or desert Catholicism, looking for an orderly Church, outside the Catholic, apostolic, and Roman Church itself.

Truth be told of the Holy Catholic Church, basically, there’s so many valid reasons as to why more Protestant sects get formed. What a disappointment!

Wouldn’t it be better if, once and for all, we were to step up and reprimand all the stubborn priests and corrupt bishops of the Church? Because evidently, the priesthood has abandoned the practice of holiness. Now they lead a life of luxury and pleasure. Now humility has nothing to do with the privation of material goods but rather with the abundance of material goods and prestige. Now, humility simply means to put your hands together, pray to heaven, and feign a humble countenance and a fictitious poverty.

Isn’t it perhaps that priests and bishops spend their time counting the stacks of cash they collect during Masses, quinceañeras, and funerals…completely abandoning the flock?

We must continue praying to God, so that he may send more laborers to his harvest because our priests are already too busy counting the faithful’s money! (Luke 10, 2-3).

What do you think?

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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