Whats Happening to the Laity?

Catholic Laity in Church

The Church’s inefficiency in evangelizing and indoctrinating the laity turns Eucharistic celebrations into pagan observances and Christ dies.

The Laity Are Deficient in Doctrine

Many decades have gone by now where something is happening to the laity in the Church, and keeps happening to them, since they defend their faith at all costs but without reasoning and without sureness in their own religion.

Money for Salvation

They are Sunday Catholics, Catholics of Quinceañeras, of exuberant weddings, Christians of Rosaries and frequent prayer, Christians of many baptisms, etc. The laity are diehard Catholics, steadfast in their religion.

They give their life for their Church, but each time and every day is worse. No one cares to receive instruction in their own religion, and it’s not even of interest to our priests. All that matters is going to Mass, giving alms, registering in one’s parish and not ceasing to pay money for this, money for the Sacraments, money for everything…

The Sacraments Are Pretexts for Pagan Festivities in the Church

April and May are the months for celebrating many First Communions, godfathers, godmothers, and many festivities, but Christ is not present in these crowds. That is to say, it’s only a very few who are cognizant of what they’re doing, and the grand majority are only there for the party.

Catholics Seek God in Protestant Sects

All of a sudden, however, we have more of the laity that are now new members of different religious entities, that is, Catholics that are now part of another religion yet not knowing why. Where are these diehard Catholics then who defend their faith at all costs?

We may keep closing our eyes if we like and let the Church take any path it wants. The economic situation is highly urgent and our priests…this is all they see, rather than ever seeing the need to evangelize. But of course, what’s priority is manipulating the multitudes and seeing how the money will be collected.

Catholics Aren’t Finding Christ in Their Own Church

Members of the laity who discover the necessity in finding themselves with Christ, laymen who suddenly feel Christ’s calling, never found Him in their own religion, but of course they were able to find Him in another religious denomination, where there was someone concerned for them…because their Church abandoned them; it shut it’s doors on them.

Leaders and Evangelists Become Careless with the Church Because of Money

It’s quite easy to look the other way, if we want…no problem, just bury our heads inside some cavity like ostriches and forget about the whole situation. But when you decide to come out of the cavity or hiding place, you’ll discover that everything in the Church is still the same or worse each and every time.

May the peace of Christ be with you all.
Let us obtain instruction, so that we can meet Christ.
Blessings and greetings,
Jesé Retoño, your lowliest of brothers.
Editorial Piedrecita.

Author: Jesé Retoño - An Apocalyptic Wolf
Jesé is a Retoño (plant shoot). From birth he was marked by the Most High. The two stars that descended from the horizon have stayed in the soul and roots of the Retoño, and they have marked him with an indelible character. But the Kingdom of the Heavens suffers violence and the violent seize it. Jesé is a predatory Wolf. By morning he devours his prey, and by evening, he scatters remains. The son of man speaks to the multitudes; Jesè shreds and scatters everything in his way. Like a Wolf, he becomes enraged and gathers everything for his owner…Read More »

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