Who Is Good? Message to Pope Francis

Who is Good?
Who is Good? The responsibility that Christ gave to Peter (Pope), head of the Holy Catholic Church, was to never betray Christ himself.

Who is Good?

Being good is a formidable topic because everyone is good in their own life or in their family circle. You are good when you speak well of others, but you are bad when you say a truth that makes everyone uncomfortable.

But let’s get to the point, who is good according to the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ?

I know the world and I know well what it means to be good, but I want to save my life in Christ. I want to be good so I can reach God.
So: Who is good?

I wonder: Am I good because I’m a good Catholic? Am I good because I don’t judge anyone?
I wonder: Who can answer this question for me? Yes, I’m Catholic, but in the Church there isn’t a priest or a soul who has the competence to answer my questions.

The Pillars of the Church

I wonder: Was it not for this that Christ formed his One Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church?
I, Jesé Retoño, the Apocalyptic Wolf, the mangy little dog of the Church, dedicate this topic to the Holy Pope and all the bishops of the world, since they are the pillars of the Church. They are responsible for eradicating doctrinal doubts for the faithful in the Church and for all those in the world who seek their salvation.

Peter is Ashamed of Christ

Today, I, Jesé Retoño, knowing that I’m nobody in the Church and that my prestige dwells below Hell, and being that I’m inferior to demons, I wish to take the scepter of “Peter,” head of the Church, and address a word of eternal life to all the faithful in the Church and throughout the world.

I know that the responsibility that Christ gave “Peter,” the head of the Church, was to never be ashamed of Christ nor His gospel. It was to protect the truth of the gospel, without altering a single letter of the gospel law.

The responsibility that Christ gave Peter was to never betray Christ, as well as that of not denying Him before the nations. That’s why Christ said to “Peter,” feed my sheep.

Being that today Peter and his apostles, in the 21st century, are very busy with their super great evangelical projects throughout the Church, and having since forgotten that Christ and the poor are a priority, I, Jesé Retoño, have thus decided to obey the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and fulfill the obligation which Peter had to do on this earth.

Message from Christ to Pope Francis

I, Jesé Retoño, being an evil person, the shame of society, enemy of all, traitor of the Church, am here to obey a word that comes from on high because Christ has found grace within me.

I’m willing to take the Scepter of the entire Church. Today, I release Peter of all his responsibility before Christ and the world, so that the entire world may, by the lips of a mangy dog, hear what Christ wants to say to Peter and to all the Bishops of the world and to all of humanity.

Peter, today, I relieve you of your responsibility before Christ. Today I, Jesé Retoño, take every right to address the entire flock: all the bishops, deacons, priests, men and women religious, and all the laity throughout the entire Church.

Christ Speaks By Way of a Donkey’s Snout

Today I, Jesé Retoño, bear witness that Christ can speak to the Church, to the nations, and to the arrogant priests of the entire Church by way of a foreign, wild dog’s snout. That is, Christ will be blessed and worshiped by thousands because of the words coming from the snout of a wild animal. Peter, Christ wants to teach you that He can speak through the snout of a donkey or any dog.

Peter Disobeys Christ

Peter, who is good? Today I, Jesé Retoño, exempt you in the name of Christ, and I address all the nations, bishops, priests and faithful of the entire Church.

I am, Jesé Retoño, and in the name of Christ, I bless all those who desire their salvation in Christ our Savior. I, Jesé Retoño, am sent by the Holy One, and it’s my wish that each and every one of you receive health of soul.

I, Jesé Retoño, tell you that the illnesses and bitterness of this life will no longer be an obstacle for encountering Christ. I am health and eternal life, says my Lord Jesus Christ.

Everyone who listens to me, Jesé Retoño, listens to Christ, the Creator, the one who lives forever. Today I, Jesé Retoño, by the will of my heavenly Father and Christ the owner of life and the Church, testify that I was hearalded and spoken of in the New Testament. Christ spoke of me in the New Testament, and on this very day, I testify that this part of Scripture is fulfilled today.

Scripture Has Been Fulfilled

Today, the Scriptures have been fulfilled and I, Jesé Retoño, the Holy One’s envoy, address Peter, bishops, faithful, and all the nations.

The glory and blessing Christ has given me, I share today with everyone and anyone who believes in my word. I wish you to have eternal life because in the same way that Christ gives life, I also give that very life which Christ has given me.

Peter, I’ve taken the Lord’s scepter, and I’m addressing the nations, the needy throughout the Church, the poor, those hit by the very Church itself throughout the world… Peter, Christ reminds you, everyone who exalts themselves, everyone who accepts self-glorification, everyone who loves their own celebrity and honor, everyone who loves the world, and everyone who stands at the balcony and denies me before men, shall be put to shame.

Christ has put his scepter in my hand, and today I address his One Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church and everyone throughout the world.

I’m going to answer: Who is good?

Does Being Catholic Mean I’m Good?

The thing is, I’m Catholic and I go to Mass every Sunday. Will this be an indication that I’m good? Our priests and deacons aren’t worth a straw, in answering or helping us with our doubts; that’s what my mother would say. They’re not worth a straw.

In fact, we all think that coming to Mass liberates us from Hell, and that’s why we no longer worry. We think that by being a Sunday Catholic, taking Communion, and confessing often, we no longer have to worry.
False, false, and false. You’re still in sin.

First, we must understand that being Catholic isn’t a sign of salvation or that salvation is collective. We all think that just by being baptized, we’re already going straight to Heaven and that we all enter Heaven as one flock. As our Protestant brothers say: All you need is faith and we’ll be saved.
False, false, and terribly false.

Am I Saved Because I’m a Traditional Catholic?

So, what happens? I come to Mass every Sunday. I’m attentive to the messages given during the homily. I take Communion often. I give alms to the priest. Then I go to the dance party and have some cold beers. Regarding my situation, I only come to Mass for weddings, quinceañeras, and funerals.

Who Is Good? I Wonder

In my house, I have an altar or shrine to the Virgin Mary. I’m Guadalupano. Regarding my case, I come to the parish prayer group every Wednesday afternoon and preach the Word on Fridays at 7pm in the community. By divine Gift, I pray in tongues. Glory be to God. I sing in the choir at the 5pm Mass over here, every Saturday. I promote spiritual retreats and convert many people from their bad lives. I’m extremely active in the Church and in my diocese.

Is this being good?
False, false, and false and terribly false. That’s why we’re the way we are. That’s why we never make progress.
Herein is the answer for our lives.

The Commandments of God’s Law

I, Jesé Retoño, say to you and to everyone in the Church: What good does it do you to listen to your priest’s homily, if what he told you was in accordance to your likes and not in accordance to Christ’s gospel? What good does it do you to come to Mass if you aren’t educated in your religion and you don’t know what it means to live Christ’s gospel? What good does it do you to come to Mass and you don’t know what each commandment of God’s law indicates?

What Are the Sacraments?

If you don’t live the sacramental life, or if you live it mediocrely and don’t understand the sacraments, what good does it do you to be Catholic?
What good does it do you to come to Mass, if your priest is an eminence in pretentiousness and his gospel is propaganda for the world, promoting grand football events, many goals and fame, but what he promotes is the happiness of self-serving Catholics in his homily?

Donations and Corruption

What good does it do you to give donations to the Church, if all you’re doing is financially supporting the corruption of the clergy and the gospel, supporting the spread of the corruption in the Church with your money and your religious ignorance? What good does it do you to be Catholic if, seeing the evil in your Church, you allow it to continue proliferating, not lifting a finger, and saying that God will bring justice one day? So who is good?

Being an Evangelizer

What good does it do you to be a great evangelizer at conversion retreats, but then you guide everyone towards keeping quiet and supporting the corruption of the Church? What good does it do you to take your children to catechism, if you don’t even know what this is? And being aware of this, you know full well that your bishop is going to confer upon you the sacrament, knowing that you and your children are not interested in God? Instead, all your bishop cares about is his money.

Being Catholic

What good does it do you to be Catholic if, when you come to Mass, you know and see with your own eyes how ignorant, irreligious, and ruthless the Catholics next to you are at Mass? For no one knows God, and everyone is there to conceal their sinful conscience, knowing that their hopes in Christ are dead and vanished.

What good does it do you to be very active in the Church, if you remain silent before the injustices of your priests, leaders and bishops? What good does it do you to have sworn before Christ that you wouldn’t lie but you lie at every instance to your superiors, to your own family, and to your own children?

The Church is a Contemporary Pharisaism

Is this being good? I assure you that the contemporary Church is a new Pharisaism, and everyone is there to cover up the falsehood. If the Jewish people were condemned in their time, the contemporary Church today won’t be left far behind. For it’s Christ who assures us that whomever says to me “Lord, Lord” won’t enter the kingdom of Heaven but only whomever does the will of my heavenly Father.

Who is good?

This message is also for the bishops and the head of the Church. Anyone who eats my body and drinks my blood unworthily is sentenced to death.

He who sacrifices himself is a sign of being good, but no one wants to sacrifice themselves. I’m ashamed of the priesthood because if they’re not good, who on earth will be good?

Message to the Church

I’m addressing you: priest or Bishop, Deacon, or religious leader. Everyone thinks that being a priest or Bishop or Pope is being good and that it means seeing Christ. Is this true?
False, false and extremely false.
The multitudes have been deceived up to the present by the clergy.

Everyone thinks that the Pope, the bishops, priests, and nuns, and all those who go to Mass every Sunday are good and holy. Is this true?

I, Jesé Retoño, am now going to show you the reality, in the name of Christ. I won’t betray the gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ. The truth of God must be brought to light for the nations. The Church and the clergy must face their reality.

What is to Judge?

As everyone in the world says, “Who are you to judge?” As I, Jesé Retoño, say to all those who impose their own law: Nobody wants to be judged, but everyone wishes to be a sage in order to silence those who speak the truth.

The law was implanted by Christ on earth to judge sinners in the Church, and where there is law, there is judgment. Wherever there’s judgment, everyone is subject to God’s judgement, including the clergy and all the sages in the world.

Anyone who violates the law of the Gospel, whether inside or outside the Church, is subject to being judged in God’s plan, whether we like it or not.

I don’t judge, but I am sent by Him who implants justice in the Church and the world.

Who is Good?

Who is good? I want to know whether the Pope or a Bishop is good. I want to settle this doubt, but there is no one in the entire Church who can explain it to me. Frankly, in matters of apologetics, doctrine, and religious education, our priests are a fiasco. Every time I go to Mass, my grandmother’s message seems better to me than even the message given to us at Mass by our poor dear priest because all he wanted to do was talk about booth sales, sports, and money collections.

Money and Prayer

I ask you, Pope or Bishop: Do you think it’s right to lie to the crowds? Do you think it’s fair to ask for money, taking advantage of the religious ignorance of the people to collect thousands of dollars, pretending that by putting all the money they can give into an envelope, you will then pray for them before God. In other words, you’re going to pray for them, but first they have to put a hefty donation of money in the envelope. Do you think this is good?
You really are good, in fact, at deceiving Christ in the Church!

I ask you, Bishop: Is it fair to lie to your church, saying that you collect all this money to train more priests, knowing that you use it to pay the debts of the lawsuits against the priesthood? Million-dollar lawsuits that you don’t even want to tell or explain to the faithful in your church.

I ask you, Bishop: Do you think it’s fair to collect money for evangelization projects in the Diocese, when these projects really don’t exist, thereby lying to the members of your diocese? Do you believe that the faithful don’t know of your shortcomings, despite knowing that you’re the Bishop?

I ask you, Bishop: How much is your visit to our community worth? Doesn’t each of your visits cost about $10,000 or $50,000 dollars? Are your visits for evangelizing or offending God’s people?

Pope’s Prayer

I ask you, “Dear Pope”: Were you called to teach politics, to give children kisses, to receive adoration and applause, and to live a carefree and super comfortable life? Were you called to evangelize the truth of the gospel of Christ or to hide Christ under the altar? Is it right to talk about politics and ingratiate yourself with humanity, while denying Christ?

Would the “head of the Church” be called to speak the truth of the gospel, not to please the masses, but to please Christ and take pity on the poor? So why is the Pope now a public figure but without Christ? Was not the Church instituted by Christ to save the nations? So why do the Pope and the Bishops want you to pray for them?

Aren’t you, the Bishops and the Pope, who must evangelize and save the world? Now you want the world to pray and save the Pope! I don’t understand!

Peter is Ashamed of Christ

I ask you, “Peter:” If you’re not fit to instruct and teach the gospel of Christ, do you really believe that it’s right to take Christ’s place? If the chief is ashamed of Christ, do you think you’re worthy of Christ?

I ask you, Bishop: Do you think it’s right to merely educate priests with basic knowledge, so as to only transform the bread and wine into the body of Christ? If that’s the case therefore, they don’t have to say a single truth. They’re all limited to your rules, preventing them from evangelizing Christ’s truth and forcing them to cover up sins and abuses throughout your diocese.

Does this seem right and just to you!? Do you think that doing this is good…pretending Christ doesn’t see you?

Peter, who is good?
You know it. Shouldn’t you be like Christ!?

Are Priests Just?

I ask you, priest: Do you think it’s right and just to dismiss the faithful in your community, simply because they discovered you red-handed and because you have an authority which Christ never granted you? Do you think it’s fair to take money from the faithful for your own purposes and prevent everyone from seeing what you do behind everyone’s back in the ecclesial community?

I ask you, priest: Do you think it’s right and just to deny the truth of the Gospel in the homily, as you tell your stories and fables, and lead the faithful’s souls to the punishment from God, simply to cover up your distorted gospel?
Do you think this is good?

Is It Just to Dismiss Families from the Church?

I ask you, priest: Is it right and just to dismiss me, my family, many in the community, simply because we brought to light your thefts, your threats, abuses of authority and because you’re now a consecrated person above Christ?

Peter Must Be Like Christ

Peter, is it right for you to expel me from the Church because you deny Christ and because we expose you and your injustice? Peter, I ask you: Should you be like Christ or should Christ be like you? Because if Christ is like you, all of us are already excommunicated from the Church.
I ask everyone: Is this being a good head of the Church?

Daily Bread in the Church

Peter, because of your priesthood, my family and I and thousands upon thousands of Catholics faithful to our ecclesial communities are continually dismissed and discarded like garbage. Your priests tell us to our face to go to Protestantism, without any mercy.
Peter, who is good?

This is the daily bread in the Church, and you don’t even care.
We lay people are continually mistreated and dismissed by your priesthood, while you’re deemed the saint in the Church.

The Church Collapses

Peter, I’m watching you, says my Lord. I know your sin, and I take pity on those whom you offend daily. Peter, I know that you don’t lift a finger for the poor. You pray so much, but your works are so paltry that my Church is about to collapse.
Peter, my Church is collapsing, but where are you?

Who is good? Message to Peter

Now I’m going to give Christ’s message to his Church and to you “Peter.”

Why do you call me good, Jesus answered? No one is good but God alone.Mark 10, 18

Christ Relinquished His Power

Peter, Jesus Christ is not much like you, almost nothing at all, because Christ claimed that only God is good, and Christ didn’t even compare himself to God. Although he was true God, he humbled himself by denying his own divine power and becoming a sinner like us, when he wasn’t a sinner.

I, Jesé Retoño, bear witness to that, now in the 21st century. With your eyes, you’ll see it because today Scripture is fulfilled. Christ wants you to see the message in my upcoming article, “The Battle and the Sun.”

Peter is Sitting on His Throne

Peter, Christ knew that we sinners could never reach Him. However, He came down from His throne in Heaven. He took on our human condition, and He concerned himself with taking us to Heaven. I ask you, “Peter,” would you be able to come down from your throne and your fame, to simply visit a poor “filthy dog,” knowing that you would lose your millions and your fame?

Peter, if God humbles himself, how can you be righteous? Do you think you could make amends and incorporate me, “Jesé Retoño”, into the Church of my Lord?
I’m mistreated by your church, mistreated by my Bishop, and mistreated by your leaders in your church.

Christ’s Judgement is Upon Us

Well, I tell you “Peter:” I’m a “mangy dog,” and I’m not worthy of you. I’ve already been offended, mistreated, and insulted by your priesthood. I have no part in your church here on earth, but don’t worry about me anymore. Worry about the thousands who have already succumbed to the errors of the church, for the judgment of my Lord is upon us.

Peter, Christ Calls You

Peter, it’s hard for me to tell you, but I can’t change the future of the church or the world. I just want you to know that “the time has come.” Christ has asked me to invite you to see my visions and the message that you must know.

The Lord’s Scepter

I have taken the Lord’s scepter, but no need to worry, “Peter.” I’m not a leader of your Church, and I don’t bicker and squabble over who gets appointed to the Church’s offices or posts, as so many leaders do because everyone wants to be important; everyone wants to be the feudal lord.

Christ Has Purchased Me With His Blood

Don’t worry about me, Peter. My time has come, and I’ll be at my Lord’s side again, where I’ve been before. I’ve begged my heavenly Father to come for me, and I know that He’ll take me to Him. My Father loves me, and I want to be with Him.

Blessed be my Redeemer, for he has purchased me with his blood and reunited me with my heavenly Father. Also, I tell you, “Peter,” I’ll bear witness to this today, in the 21st century, so that you can see it with your own eyes. This is how my Heavenly Father has wanted it.

Jesus, I love you. Christ, for many years I dreamed of evangelizing in the Church, but Peter and his apostles prevented me from doing so. They threw me out of my diocese, my parish, and my ecclesial community, like a stray pup. Jesus Christ, I want to tell you that I love you, and with my soul in my hand, I bless you for allowing me to take your scepter for a moment and for allowing me to speak for you before the world and before the Church.

The Disgusting Dog Speaks In The Church

Peter, just as one day the Lord spoke through the snout of a donkey, today Christ is speaking to you through the snout of a disgusting dog.

For everyone who has listened to me and has believed in my word, Christ I ask you that they be saved as I am, as I am now in your presence. I want them to also be with me where you are. Amen.

Who is Good?

Good is only one, only God.
I, Jesé Retoño, testify that Christ is true God, and it is He who is Good.

Good Is Whomever’s Inferior

Good is whomever’s inferior to everyone. Christ has made himself inferior to everyone in the Church and you, Peter, have become the superior one here on earth. That’s why Christ said:

Yet the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John the Baptist.Matthew 11, 11

The Least

Christ is and always was the least.

Priests and bishops are the lowest ranking in the worldly Church’s hierarchy, but since they’ve despised Christ and haven’t wanted to sacrifice themselves, I remind you, “Peter”, of Christ’s words.
Addressing his apostles, Christ spoke of His Church’s future:

But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.Matthew 19, 27-30

Christ Speaks to the “Head of the Church” 2000 Years Ago

Peter, your contemporary Church has assumed that this passage from the Bible referred to the Jews, but I tell you, “Dear Pope,” that the righteous Jews have already entered Heaven first in the first resurrection, since Jesus descended into Hell to rescue those damned by their own ancient law.

Dear “Pope”, what you, “Peter,” and your apostles don’t understand because you’re blindfolded, though you say that you see, is that Christ sent you this message more than 2000 years ago.

Francis, Christ spoke of you more than two thousand years ago, when He had recently formed and trained His apostles and had given rise to His Church. Francis, Christ sent you this message, when you spoke back then and Christ knew that they, the apostles, the “first,” would give up everything for Christ. Christ knew that “Peter” would give up everything to die for the Gospel, and the same would happen with everyone else, up until the end of the Age of Martyrs.

Dear “Pope”, Christ spoke of “You” in the year 30 or so. Today, I “Jesé Retoño” will give testimony of myself, just as Scripture indicates. Christ, being physically present here in the year 30 A.D., spoke of our time, including the technology and sports fantacism that would lead the Church astray. Christ knew about the priesthood’s corruption that would be occurring in these recent centuries of Church history.

The Pope and Bishops Are First

It is you, the Bishops and Popes, who’ve been named as the “first,” ever since the beginning of the Church, that’s why now you’ll be the “last” in the Kingdom of God, and the “last,” the laity, will be the “first” in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, Christ actually referred to and spoke prophetically about the current disobedient apostles. It is you, the current bishops, and Christ spoke of you more than 2000 years ago.

Peter, I asked you to take care of my sheep, not to trample them, get rid of or dismiss them from my Church. Peter, I remind you of my words, and by the lips of a mangy little dog, I remind you of them again: Feed my sheep.
Peter, today, I Am, I’m speaking to you.
Francis, I, Christ, assure you, that my words do not expire.

Good Is Everyone Who Makes Themselves Inferior

Who is good? Good is anyone who is inferior, and a mangy dog in your Church, in your diocese of California, is below the laity and all the lay people in the entire Church throughout the entire world. This filthy little dog, whom you’ve despised, says to you in my name: “Peter,” the little ones, Indians, children, dogs, adulterers and prostitutes are entering the Kingdom of Heaven before you priests. And to you “Peter,” I remind you of my words, the “first” will be the last.

The Little Ones

Dear Francis, the children that you hug and kiss, those, the ones that you bring onto my altars, causing disorder, are not my little ones. My little ones are all the adults, young people, women, young girls and boys, and priests who make themselves inferior and give up everything for love of the Kingdom of Heaven. The children who cry and who you seat at my Masses and on my altars are not my Gospel. They’re your incomprehension; they’re your disobedience.

I Am at the Right Hand of Christ

The mother of Zebedee’s sons prostrated herself before Jesus to request that her sons sit, one at his right and the other at his left in his Kingdom. Jesus answered:

My cup you will indeed drink, but to sit at my right and at my left [, this] is not mine to give but is for those for whom it has been prepared by my heavenly Father.Matthew, 20, 23

I, Jesé Retoño, was called to be at the right hand of Christ and to be in the presence of the only God, of God our heavenly Father, but Christ knows that I don’t seek honors. I’m very happy loving my heavenly Father with all my heart. I’m immensely happy just to love Christ, and Christ knows it.

I, Jesé Retoño, bless the world and I bless the Church. I invite everyone to see the face of Christ in heaven, just as He really is.

Blessing to Francis the Pope

Francis, Francis, my dear Pope, by the will of the Most High, He has asked me that you come to me and see what the Owner of Life wants you to see and wants you to do, for the glory of God our heavenly Father.

Francis, receive the blessing of Christ, and feed my sheep.
I, Jesé Retoño, the Apocalyptic Wolf, the most inferior one in the Church, give you, Francis, my blessing in the name of Christ. Francis, get up, receive strength, there’s still hope for the world.

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