The Mechanic

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Jesé Retoño

Hello! I am Jesé Retoño.

How are you?

I greet you in the name of Christ. May the peace of Christ be with you.

From now on, I want to start introducing myself to everyone, just as I really am. Evangelizers and priests all have distinguished credentials and Church recognition, but I have nothing.

The great evangelizers, those who move mountains and perform great miracles…yes, the great priests who speak with authority; and who appear before the great diocesan assemblies; and those who introduce themselves as representing some bishop or diocese, yes…those who step across the altar and feel like gods, speaking to audiences; they all have the approval and authorization from the Holy Catholic Church. But, I only have Christ, and I live before my heavenly Father.

Actually, I am a simple air conditioning mechanic. I don’t look like an evangelist and possibly not even a good Christian. I’m practically a vagabond who has nowhere to rest his head. I’m something akin to stray dogs. My livelihood consists of repairing mechanical problems for many people. I always use my tools to make the air conditioning and refrigeration units work again. Sometimes I have to replace them because they no longer can be remedied, just as Christ does with our lives when they can no longer be remedied.

I am Christ’s brother and son of my heavenly Father. I am a simple little man, eternally in love with my heavenly Father. I spend my time only thinking about the day when I’ll be in my Eternal Father’s arms again. But God my heavenly Father and Christ my brother have given me a mission, and I have come here to fulfill it, visiting my people and God’s people; but these people of mine: my brothers and sisters, those who supposedly love God and comprise his Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church…indeed, those whom I’ve been sent to have insulted me; they’ve wanted to bring charges upon me and have dismissed me from the Church!

I want you to know that, little by little, I will be telling you about myself and what goes on in my life, so that everyone knows that I’m a simple human being with many deficiencies but with a great longing to obey Christ and my Heavenly Father. I’m a simple layman of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church.

“Yet, I’m still a pitiable sinner.”

I want to invite you to keep searching for Christ, and I want you to know that everything I write here in Piedrecita is given to me by divine motivation and inspiration, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. I don’t like to give my opinion so much because if I start giving my opinion, then like the majority, I will start becoming arrogant and teach doctrinal errors.

I prefer listening to Christ and using reason in everything that he assigns me so that we can all freely come before Christ. Indeed, how I wish that some of you could hear the voice of Christ my brother! I assure you that whoever comes to hear it, as I hear it, they would never stop loving and worshiping Him.

For Christ has sent me, so that you may know Him as He is. This is my mission. Know that I love you, and I care about the salvation of all those who seek Christ with an upright Heart. I have come to “make a breach” and bring many to the Glory of my Father. For today, I say goodbye, but soon I will return with more about my personal life.

Stay tuned here at Piedrecita and keep searching for Christ; he calls you and searches for you with all his might. I am an instrument of his peace, and I am completely united to Him and my heavenly father. I’ll show you very soon, who I am, actually.

May the peace of Christ stay with you.

Sincerely, Jesé Retoño.

I love you, and Christ loves you much more.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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