The Youth in Christ

Christ, Youth, and the Church  
The lack of mentors or guides trained in doctrine, theology, divine wisdom and the spirit of God, has fomented the absence of God in young people.

Loneliness Among Today’s Youth

Could it be that Christ has forgotten about the youth? The young men and women of today live without solace or light to illuminate their paths. There isn’t a person on the face of the earth who can give them a bit of hope in reaching their goals. Psychologists only can help you if you’re already fallen or if you have money to get professional help.

In the Church, all we have are but spiritual retreats and youth gatherings where the crux of the matter isn’t addressed. That is to say, the true cause and solution to the developmental problems in youth is never reached. Youth communities in the Church are simply a pastime, full of licentiousness and false theories of the Gospel. Young people suffer depression and abandonment from their Church.

Both the lack of lay-evangelizers committed to Christ and the bad example of those who don’t obey Christ’s religion serve to inject despondency and ignorance of their very own religion.

An enormous percentage of youth end up never getting married through the Church, never fulfilling their religious duties, and even end up without their Catholic religion, since many end up in the hands of Protestantism, outside the Church.


Greetings to all of my audience and a big hug to all those who’ve signed up to our newsletter. Blessings.
Hello! I’m Jesé Retoño, and I want to welcome all young people in the name of Christ. Greetings to all those teens, adolescents, and youth who want to meet Christ. Piedrecita is your ministry.
Welcome everyone.

The Church has Failed Them

The Church doesn’t have enough clergy or apostles who truly are fervent in the Faith and Doctrine of Christ. The Church has also been deteriorating and many youth have been losing the faith. Even many priests have faltered from their ministry and others have offended Christ and the laity throughout the world. All of this has debilitated the Church.

If priests and evangelizers teach only with words and reference materials, it’s an indication that the Church no longer teaches by example or with the Holy Spirit, but rather money has become its only interest.

A young man or young woman is a vulnerable being. They are a being, who’s in the search for their emotional, economic, social and integral stability of body and spirit. A young man or young woman is vulnerable because due to their instability and constant growth, looks for the correct path that leads to their aspirations in life. The absence of Christ in the youth makes them vulnerable in life.

Lack of Help for Youth

In our societies, the youth’s grave problem is that they are not finding the moral help nor the support from well-instructed persons to help them understand the events happening to them on a daily basis. The youth also don’t have someone to help them understand the stumbling blocks that we are to overcome in this life. Normally, a young man/woman will start to have difficulties at a very early age, perhaps beginning around 13 or 14 years old, and these problems, which exist in many forms, can be prolonged to even the ages of 24 or 27 or more.

Child-Minded Adults

There are millions upon millions of adult persons who ended up keeping a child-like or immature, juvenile mentality because they never were able to overcome the different stages of their youth. They are young people having reached adulthood yet carrying with them the difficulties of their youth, since what they lacked was the moral support from someone who could guide them with wisdom.

Nevertheless, let it be known to adolescents and the youth that Christ hasn’t forgotten about them. It is us human beings who, because of our inclinations, distance ourselves from the absolute truth, which is Christ.

In so many families, young men/women have been brought up in the world by parents or mentors, who— because of the diverse situations in life— have also been slave to ignorance and mistreatment. Consequently, their children have also inherited both this same foundation and affliction of not having parents or mentors apt for the duties or responsibilities in life. They, too, never got to know Christ nor was there ever someone to worry about them in their childhood or even when they were young adults. In other words, what we have is big children (adults) having kids who are also suffering what the parents (“children”) couldn’t resolve.

Parents without Christ Equals Youth without a Future, without Life

The chain of pain, of the abuse, of the death, and of the absence of Christ in human beings can’t be exterminated. It doesn’t cease making world headlines.

Throughout the world, it’s not only the irreligious parents who’ve neglected their children, but even the thousands of youth who are children of extremely religious people end up getting into the worst of addictions. There are persons who continually go to different religious functions or to biblical/pastoral communities in the Church because they’re people who are very dedicated to God, because they serve God, because they are there only for God… Yet they’ve left unattended their most important obligation: they’ve neglected their home, their husbands or wives, they’ve neglected their disciples in their ministries, and above all, their own children.

It’s an indication that Church leaders, that is, those lay people most responsible for their ministries, haven’t really gotten to know Christ and merely lead a Christian life given over to their ecclesial vanities.

Christ Calls Young People

When a father or mother doesn’t know what their moral priorities are, their children will always be the ones to pay for their shortcomings, from both the past and present.

Let it be known to young women and young men that Christ is a divine and infinitely merciful being, and He hasn’t forgotten about these particularities. If there’s a reason as to why Christ sheds his blood on altars throughout the world, it’s because humans must be transformed. It’s in the youth where this transformation must begin so that there may be new generations that are healthy in both spirit and body. The youth’s unity in Christ is the cure and solution to the difficulties that the youth of today are experiencing throughout the world.

Violence in the World

Young people are living amidst a world that exposes them to sensuality, that exposes them to being violent and aggressive. Young people live in a world that exposes them to a vast number of stumbling blocks and unfavorable challenges, which are steering them to the abandonment of God and the most elemental responsibilities in their lives. The absence of Christ in the youth is a fact, since there are thousands upon thousands of cases where, definitively, the conscience in the youth has been lost hopelessly.

It’s evident that the Church has failed them. The priesthood and leaders without Christ, without an example of holiness, have left young people to freeze and weep from the absence of Christ in their lives. Let us pray for priests and for our leaders, so that Christ may have mercy on them and on everyone. Amen.

I invite all young people to stay tuned to our ministry Piedrecita so that you may be blessed by the presence of the one true God. I, Jesé Retoño, wish to introduce Him to you.
Blessings to all.

Social Pressure

The youth have many social, economic, and immoral pressures that bombard them, to the point of making them fall into the clutches of evil. There are millions of situations whereby a young man or woman ends up in jail, in the cemetery. And if not, they still end up in the prison of their own frustrations because no one was there to offer a light in their lives.

I, Jesé Retoño, Invite Young People to get to Know Him

Today, let it be known to all young people that Christ comes full of light and hope to the youth! And He promises to be your light and your solution within your lives.

In order for Christ to be able to stay in the youth, it very much depends on there being someone who can give them a solid foundation and true understanding of Christ’s plans. Christ cannot stay with a young man or woman if there isn’t anyone to plant within them the seed of life that is Christ. Christ can only be transmitted by someone who lives in Him, by someone who isn’t ashamed of being witness to the Most High. Christ can only be transmitted by someone who spends time with Christ.

Christ’s plan is to live in the entirety of humanity; it is to save it from death due to sin and from hurt. Christ’s plan is to fill us completely with peace and the happiness of God. There isn’t any reason to reject Christ when knowledge of Him is properly taught by the correct people: people completely filled of God, filled of God’s wisdom and filled with love for all those who want to be happy in this life and all of eternity.

Young people in Christ, I, Jesé Retoño, invite you to meet Christ in person.

Making a Decision

We know that the youth are prey to an infinity of social pressures—as is happening in schools and public institutions—and that living in these societies, they find themselves in the middle of an infinity of diverse opinions. These opinions seduce and force them to make decisions and take paths already determined by this same social pressure. It’s a pressure consisting of countless people who don’t know God, who—according to themselves—teach the right ways, and who intervene…hurting them even more.

One of the most critical challenges facing young men and women is that of having to make decisions that will affect their entire life, in particular that of knowing and being sure that if they don’t make the right choices, the result will be disastrous. The challenge that the youth face, however, is not merely that of making decisions, but it’s also, at the same time, one of battling the enormous monster that is human pressure, which influences in all aspects of a youth’s life.

Frailty of Youth

This social pressure that surrounds the youth is leading them to do what everyone does, and it’s not precisely what he or she would have wished. However, so as not to go against absurd social principles and rules, young people always end up where they never would’ve liked to be.

Our society is leading the youth to the incapability of being autonomous and the incapability of making correct decisions that could truly make them happy. Our society is leading the youth to being aggressive, oblivious to a moral life, and to being destroyers of society itself. The young person of today lives surrounded by multitudes, but their life is desert-like, such that they are living a unique kind of solitude where they excavate disgraces and ruin.

Many youth end up being refuse of society’s inhumane actions. They’re the fruit of the sins of a society without God.

Religious Education

In our ministry of Evangelization and religious instruction Editorial Piedrecita, I, Jesé Retoño, will always make room to give a message of encouragement and life to the youth in the name of Christ, the one true God. Young people of today, let it be known to you that the world cannot steer you onto the path of eternal life, but in Christ there’s abundant life and the possibilities of knowing Christ are but around the corner. It’s just that no one who knows Him has come to introduce us to Him.

Today we have decided to give them a bit of that living water, which could motivate and bring clarity to the life of a young man or woman of our era. The main challenge that the youth face is firstly that of “Christ doesn’t live.” The youth of today find it impossible to prove that it’s true that God, Christ lives.

Christ Isn’t Alive: First Challenge for Youth

The whole world looks for the unequivocal miracle, but God doesn’t grant it. The clergy says that God doesn’t grant miracles nowadays because the Church has already been formed, and that’s the reason for which no miracles happen. False! Christ is true God, and if He doesn’t grant or doesn’t want to do miracles, it’s because no one loves him. It’s because no one searches for Him with an upright heart. It’s because everyone only looks for Him when they’re in a bind, only when there’s tragedy or only when we feel like it.

Christ is sought only when someone dies or when someone wins the lottery.

Believing in Christ

Christ has said, “Ha! Tomas, you have believed because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe in Me without having seen me.” Christ is clearer than water. Christ tells them that he is a spiritual Being, that He cannot be seen with these human eyes. He tells us that he is God and that He is not an object of human experiments. We may only get to Him by simply believing in Him, trusting in Him, and doing what pleases Him.

Christ is more real than what we imagine. Christ tells the youth that He must be believed in, that they must believe in Him, and we must search for him with an upright heart. According to the tradition of God’s people and according to the hagiographer of Genesis: Heart, refers to the center from which human thoughts proceed. Christ has never referred to human or animal feelings or to simple hearts that pulsate and fail, ceasing to pump blood.

One may believe in Christ by obtaining religious education and fully knowing their religion, since nobody loves what they don’t know. The first commandment of the God’s law orders us be educated in religion in order to know and love Him. Christ is true God.

God has always looked and intended for the youth to love Him with all their heart, that is to say, from the very depths, the most intimate part of the human being, from the place where all thoughts and hopes originate within man.

Confused Youth

This is one of the reasons why the youth cannot know Him, but Christ tells the young men and young women throughout the world: Believe in Me, trust in Me. This is the voice of Christ that resonates like enormous oceans in the ears of all who want to meet the All-Powerful. Jesé Retoño tells the youth: Be my imitators as I am of Christ. This is the Great Apocalypse of the century. This is the Church’s great challenge. Our tenebrosity has covered Christ’s light, and this is the reason young men and women still haven’t met Christ: Because they haven’t asked for it with an upright heart.

The Church has distanced itself from the true Gospel. Sometimes the Gospel coming from the homilies during Mass is distorted by the corrupt priesthood. The Church has transformed it into a democratic opinion and social convention. The world is increasingly stubborn and plagued with weaponry against God and against the innocent.

Young people are ever more confused.

Faith in Christ

Albeit we’re in the middle of the twenty-first century, Christ shows himself more gallantly, and his voice is felt among those who are bold enough to hit the ground running like a furious wolf and who look for him with all their might and with their entire mind, assuring us with eternal words: “I shall be with you until the end of time.” If you, young man or young lady, had once thought you were alone, know that from now on we’ve been wrong all along. The only thing we’ve been missing is Faith in Christ in order for our most cherished dream to become a reality.

The world must know Christ in person. That’s our challenge and our ministry. That’s the will of He who has sent us.

Best regards and peace in the name of Christ.
Pope Francis and the youth in Christ are the hope for the Church and humanity’s future.

“Jesé Retoño”—My Messenger.
Editorial Piedrecita.
Translation by León Jesuita.

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